Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More rain...old TV and more

My goodness.  You see a bit of watery sunshine in the early part of the morning and you foolishly think, ah, a nice day to-be.  But no. And too, I wonder what there is about me going out getting groceries and as soon as I head home I find it's raining within a mile of where I live as well as where I live.  It's like it's watching for me or something.  Look!  There's Carole..let's rain on her! However, vain as I am about my hair and it's propensity to turn to brillo pads the minute humidity of a high order :-) hits it, I have learned to carry a plastic thingy to put on my head/hair when I have to really be out in it and I carry a very small umbrella in my purse. Nay Mother Nature, ye'll nere catch ME unprepared.

What is the deal with: if ANY grocery bag is going to slip from your nerveless fingers it WILL be the one with the eggs.  This time 2 eggs broken and I buy the expensive ones called Eggland's best.

While I was brushing the cat, I heard a very familiar sound on TV.  It is the origional Hawaii 5-0!  I absolutely LOVED that program.  It was always interesting, it always had me on the edge of my seat.  They really knew how to horrify with some of those story lines and they got a days worth of action into one hour.  Now those were the days of truly good TV.  Yes, I know.  Sounds like an old lady.  I appreciate the effort of the new Hawaii 5-0 but it can't even come close. And then, back in the day, ol' Jack Lord and Danno were lookers!

Just got out the canvas-like cloth that is about the size of a so-called area rug and spread it out from its folded position to brush the little girlcat! She knows she'll get brushed as soon as I go to the bathroom closet and carry out the folded square.  I get out a lot of fur and she gets a good "scratching" if you will with the Zoom Groom. Stimulating to their skin and really does a good job of cutting down on hairballs and shedding plus more gentle than  Furminator.

Our Beth is home.  Isn't that superb news?  She said today that she's been having a "rough" time.  No surprise what with all the injury her poor mouth had to endure.  I pray that she will  be more comfortable quickly.  I can't stand to think of her in pain.  Sending love and hugs dear Twin.


  1. and there are sprinkles..... let it grow.... let it grow.... oh me oh my.... umbrella time.... lol

  2. One loved the opening theme of Hawaii 5-0

  3. I always liked that show too. Not a lot of good tv to choose from anymore.

    It has been a lovely cool sunny day here, with a high of 75.
    I am contemplating whether to have cream of chicken soup or mashed potatoes for supper. Just about all I can swallow. :-) xoxox

  4. It certainly is great to begin to hear from Beth again!!

    You have had some interesting times, Carole. One never knows the path the rain is going to take these days. I buy the Eggland's Best eggs, too. I try my best not to scramble them before I get them home!:-) xo

  5. Yes, it's good to hear that Beth is back home.

  6. Hawaii 5-O the original is a absolutely awesome show! And you're right.. the new one doesn't come into the same 100 mile radius. Even the same theme song doesn't sound as good.

    We really need rain out this way. :) (I won't be saying that in November.) So you can send us some if you want!

  7. Your lucky it's just rain Carole. My sister Jodi always has to be leery of birds. Yes, they seem to think she is their own personal target.

    I loved Hawaii 5-0. Use to watch that and 77 Sunset Strip. Remember that one. Well I am old.

    I was so glad to hear Beth is home. Being home can make the healing that much easier.

  8. I've never seen Hawaii 5-0, original nor new version, but I'm sure the original is much better. It's often the case :-) As a child I enjoyed Knight Rider but seriously disappointed with the new one.
    I hope the difficult time will be over soon for Beth.

  9. Loved Hawaii 5 0. The new one doesn't compare, but it's okay to watch. Actually, I loved all the old programs, but that's probably because I'm old and can't stand this new stuff that isn't even funny. Sorry you keep getting rained on - I do wish you could spread it a little north. he he - we're starting to dry up here.

  10. I have not been able to watch Hawaii 5-0 all the way through- it is nothing like the original to me. I am keeping Beth in my prayers. xo Diana

  11. We could do with a bit more rain here... haven't seen the new Hawaii 5O but do remember the old one. It was fun!

  12. Hi sis!
    I don't remember Hawaii 5-0 thinking for next time.
    You having a rained on and we having from last month still all more of days.
    I realy not happy with all the years but I will be happy for tomorrow in my teeth.
    I'am very happy with Beth!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,

  13. I will have to check out this Zoom Groom. With a Maine Coon, very long haired cat, and a Sheltie (the short haired girlcat isn't a problem), we have a lot of fur!
    Hugs for Beth!

  14. I must be the only person who didn't watch the old Hawaii 5-0. But I still recognize the music in the opening--LOL!
    My hair is so straight that it just gets flatter to my head and hangs in tiny strings of baby hair in the rain.
    I'm glad Beth is home and resting and done with the radiation. :)

  15. Hawaii Five-O was awesome! :)

    So glad that Beth is home. We will continue to purr and pray for her comfort and healing.

  16. Hawaii 5-0 ah just great , the music sprang to ears as I read your post. Book them Danno .
    It's rained here all day Long , I always carry a pack a mac in my bag. Hair no matter what I spend on it , it always looks the same a few days later LOL.
    It was so good to hear from Beth I do miss her posts. I wish her a pain free and a quick healing ahead.
    Sheila x

  17. Those small folding umbrellas are great. I always stick one in my cargo pants. And I tend to wear hats anyway.

    I always check each egg in the carton before I buy them, and make sure the cashier handles them like china. Because EVERY time I don't, there is a broken one. GRR!