Sunday, September 29, 2013

HOO boy!

Well, all seems all right for me regarding my malady, but I managed to pull muscles in my lower back a few hours ago.  Oh well, it will pass.

I managed to clean house today.  Something I haven't really done in close on to three weeks.  Oh, I got the very necessary things done, yes, but not what the house deserved.  I feel much better looking around now.  Good I hurt my back after it was all over and not before.

We won this football game of ours yesterday but we will surely lose the next four Conference games.  We are too "young" in players, barely any experienced ones, BUT we do have a great set of recruits coming next year.  Those players who were battered this season for us will have experience for certain and training.  The new  folks will add more talent which we certainly need.

I must say, no one here in the Vol Nation are lamenting Lane Kiffin having been fired.  Not after what he did to us..sneaking out of his contract/stay/coaching job here in the middle of the night, literally.  Tried his best to get away without anyone knowing but he was seen and made to have a media conference which lasted all of a couple of minutes.  WE have had four coaches in 6 years I believe it is.  THIS one will stay and he is good.  BUT he needs time.  We are at the bottom and you can't get SEC Conference important wins out of a bottom placed team in a few months.  The lunatics already calling for Coach Jones head should just go sit and read a good book.  Maybe on "How to Think".

Who, if anyone watches besides me, likes DWTS new format?  I don't.

Just stopping by.  See you soon. xo


  1. I wish i knew something about football. Alas i do not. Even after 22 years with a serious football fan. lol. There's football on now, but hubby is working his office, and i'm watching Dial M for Murder on TCM. I'll take a Hitch film any day over a sports game.. whatever it is. :) Glad your malady has cleared up. xx

  2. Oh hon, I hope your back gets better quickly. I just hate when people call for someone's head without hardly giving them a chance. Good football teams don't happen over night. We place much too much importance on sports in this country. I know it's a nice escape sometimes but it doesn't change the average persons life. They must all remember IT'S JUST A GAME!

    Did you agree with who left DWTS? I thought it should have been Bill Nye.

  3. So sorry about your back. Glad you got your house cleaned before you hurt least you can sit and enjoy your clean house. Sports are so crazy. Our area is ALL about the Packers and the whole community is crazy over football. xo Diana

  4. Pigskins, fun to kick around and so are the coaches.

  5. Sports are really just athletic soap operas. There's plenty of drama to keep you hooked. I can relate to back pain thanks to my job.

  6. Yeah I think Lane Kiffin got exactly what he deserved. You know the AD fired him and would not even allow him back on the team bus. Wow that was a bad firing.
    So glad you are feeling better!
    In the SEC looks like Alabama will Roll Tide again this year...sorry if this offends anyone but just don't like Saban.

  7. Glad you're feeling better, but hope the back recovers quickly. Sports and I are like oil and water. ;)

  8. Oh no so sorry you hurt your back. I hope it gets better soon.
    Congratulations on the win of your team on the last game! The new coach sounds promising. I hope your team will do better and better!

  9. I've noticed lately that many people I know are having one struggle after another with sickness or injury. Our household just had a bout with some kind of stomach flu...thankfully it's passed but I am sick (pun intended) of it.

  10. You pull muscles in your lower back doing house work right................not doing stuff in

  11. Hi Sis!
    I look forward to seeing the photos that you will taking during your stay with Katie it was very nice one Sis!
    I agree all mums are supper mums involvement with your Katie makes such a difference in how then turn out funny ..
    How much attitudes change in just a couple of generation.
    Well organigd Mum.
    How has your week been? I hope you have been getting a better Sis!!
    pointing that out might have you incling towards staying home.
    I love you so much Sis!
    Have a good time today love you Sis!!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,

  12. Hi Sis!
    I has writing to you only few time!

  13. I hope your back gets better. We like football but we're into the Baseball Playoffs now.. Goooo Braves..

  14. Sorry to hear about your back, Carole. I hope it heals soon!

    I was happy to see Kiffin get fired, too. He's done a lot of not very nice things, with the way he quit on the Vols at the top of the list.