Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's Really Getting Colorful Here.

Happy Halloween.  No kids in my neighborhood so we are not at the door at all in the evening.  More time for me to read and be on this computer.

I stood in my yard and out on my deck to take photos of my immediate surroundings for us here.  It is all my property you that see here.  Just not usable except by the eyes to enjoy the beauty of the woods in all seasons.  :-)

The last two nights when I have gotten into bed, Katie gets up usually just to be a roosting ornament for maybe ten minutes.  The past two nights as I said a sentence ago, she has immediately laid her sweet head onto my cheek and closed her eyes and drifted off. So we are cheek to cheek and trust me, it is TICKLY! Long whiskers, while folded back against her little soft cheek are still there like nylon threads to tickle my skin.  Do I ask her to move?  Of course not.  When I am anxious after 15 or so minutes to turn out the light and turn over and sleep I have to just stand being still.  I have Katie up there, snoozing along, face to face.  I reached over last night to turn off the light and she slept on.  That is a first!  Lights out usually  mean "So long, I'm outta here!" but not this time.  I finally wriggled enough to rouse her and she left. WHEW!

Here's my view at my home.  As for the deck (you will see the privacy fence on the deck) that is attached to the house and is mine as is the house you will see in one of the pics.

Red Oak starting to turn

Poplar, Oak and Hickory Trees on my property.

On the deck here at my house which is a 1 floor home but all homes are built on the hills surrounding us all. So it looks like a 2 story house sorta.

One corner of the fenced in yard. We fenced for the kids. Property keeps on going on down the hills. 

My deck is on the left. Our fencing is there for the kids when they were little.


  1. Such lovely fall photos. Today I was struck by how grey and bleak everything here is now, with most of the leaves down. It seemed to happen overnight, somehow. I had been out taking pics over our Thanksgiving weekend, mid-month, and many of the trees were as yours are now. So in a short time we've gone from fall to almost-winter. Bleh.

    As for Halloween, I ignore the entire day and hunker down, lights off, for the duration. It's a rainy, windy night here anyway, which might keep the kids down to a minimum. I hope it prevents some of the older kids from setting off firecrackers in the trees a short distance away!

  2. Your view from the deck is magnificent twin!!
    No trick or treating here as it is still raining. xoxo

  3. Wonderful color around you! Yes, these hills around us certainly didn't impede those who wished to build on them! Happy Halloween to you and Miss Katie! xo

  4. We have lots of color this year, too and it is really wonderful! I love it when the sweet gums turn that mango/peach/cataloupe color!

  5. It is getting colorful there and our color is mostly gone now. Happy Halloween night-xo Diana

  6. We're pretty much past foliage peak around here. I wish the trees were this colorful all the time. I envy you having the woods to look at from the back of your house. Must be wonderful in the morning.

    Very nice shots!

  7. The maples are dropping their bright red leaves here too. I love those.

  8. Hi Sis!
    What a beautiful colorful of every where in this years again!
    I hope you have a weekend full of fun and hope you are enjoying the this summer with Katie too.
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,

  9. What beautiful shots! We are mostly colour, too. Our huge, ancient Mulberry tree always drops all of its leaves at the same time...should be any time now...

  10. Beautiful Carole...

  11. Gorgeous view Sis..I love it..Do you rake the leaves or cut them with a mower? We are doing both. Rainy and cold here..Winter is knocking on the door it seems ..waiting.. :-)

  12. We didn't have any kids coming to our door either. I think kids around here go to the mall instead of houses.
    I can imagine how tickly when you were cheek to cheek with Katie san :-) I get tickly when my boys' whiskers contact my cheek!
    The autumn color is really beautiful. Trees around here has changed nicely too. But it rained last night and this morning, so many leaves are fallen already. I hope autumn stays for a while. Wishing you a happy weekend xoxo

  13. You sure do live in a beautiful area Carole. Those trees are gorgeous. Our color is past peak now and half the trees have shed their leaves.

  14. I had not one treater, either. I can't move when Karma is up next to me but it's because there's so little room in a twin bed--ROFL! Beautiful foliage!! :)

  15. Do you see a lot of critters roaming around in the woods. I would spend the whole day sitting out there. It's beautiful.