Thursday, October 24, 2013

Over the Mountains and Through the Woods (to my son's house, I go)

I am headed off to see my son over the mountains.  It's a good time before I get very busy again here in a few weeks.  I'm looking forward to it.  Just got some gas (almost forgot for the first time ever!)  I know there are gas stations everywhere along the route but I don't like stopping except at the border of TN and NC so as to use the little girl's room.  Then, it's non stop the rest of the way.

Someone here who is small, will miss me terribly.  So it's good to be gone though she would not agree with that.  Being here every night for a long time doesn't prepare her for being alone at night as well as in the say.  But she will have an excellent pet sitter.  Who LIKES her.  (and Katie like her as well).

I have most things packed.  Just an overnight change of clothes really as I will be home mid afternoon Sunday.  Plus all my vitamins and minerals that I take.  I take my own vitamins and mineral mixture meaning no one a day for me.   There's a reason.

Now.  If I know what's good for me I will go into the living room in her recliner and park it.  That way she can sleep on me.  I owe it to her as I had one of my infrequent nightmares and I was hollering' up a storm during the night.."Get Away"! and "HELP" were the words of shouting choice and I heard 11 pounds of sweetness hit the floor!  She came back later. (some woman of all things was trying to get me.  She got thru my locked door and was leaning over me when I started shouting. I hate bad dreams.

OK.  Off to do my recliner duty.

See you when I get back from my son's place.  Oh, and that is a cone flower with a bee of course in the header  I took it last summer.


  1. The header photo is AWESOME!!
    Last night was not a good night to sleep for me either. I hope tonight is a better one for us both.
    Have a safe trip and enjoy!! xoxo

  2. Have a very safe and happy trip! Love the header photo and oh how I know Miss Katie will miss you!

  3. Gorgeous photo....spent a good while awake myself last night....tried to make use of it by praying. Hope you have safe and happy travels.
    Love, Snoodles

  4. Wishes for safe travels! Miss Katie will be fine. xo

  5. Great photo once again Carole. I'm so happy you are going "over the mountain" to see your son. You need the break and you'll have a good time there. Don't worry about Miss Katie, she'll probably make you pay somehow for leaving her behind. She will be well cared for while you are gone. Mario plans on tunneling over for some big party that he thinks is going to happen.

  6. I am so happy that you are going to see your son. I hope you have a very safe trip. "someone" will be just fine without you. Now, nestle down in the recliner and enjoy it while you can- xo Diana

  7. Safe trip over those mountains, Hope your time away will be good and restful too. Nice to come back home again I do know that. Wonderful close up of the bee. Take care :-)

  8. I love the header! I hope your trip is safe and that all goes well. Hugs!

  9. I hope you will have great time with your son! Katie san sure will miss you but it's great you have a baby sitter whom she likes :-)
    I've woken my kitties after having bad dream and screaming, too. Sounds like your dream was very scary!
    I hope you have a safe trip. And have fun!!

  10. Beautiful header very good shot!
    Have a great time with your son, sounds like fun.
    Dreams always seem so real st times , don't like the scary one's though.
    Safe Journey
    Sheila x

  11. Hi Sis!
    I can see Awesome bigast bees photos just gorgeous Sis!!
    almost forgot for the first time someone with you? but she will an excellent pet and ketie like her as well.
    You are take oun vitamins and mineral tabelt was good for you Sis!!
    Some woman of all things to trying get out you had bad dreame after when you see your son's life is to short to be so seriuus ...joyous time.
    So I still remember with Katie and Admiral!
    Sis,Miyuki and Victoria.

  12. I hope you have/had a great time! I'm sure you are always greatly missed by the fur-queen! ;)