Sunday, November 3, 2013

Busy busy

Got my Bible study done, then I had to clean the house.  Been two weeks since I really cleaned because of having been gone and because of other things in the way.  Got the furniture dusting and waxing done, vacuuming done, linen changing in the bedroom done, wooden kitchen floors buffed.  Took out all of the trashes in the rooms.  Brushed the cat. Cleaned the bathroom, changed the bathroom linens too, did the wash, drying and folding and putting away---and got a large amount of summer things out of the drawers and small cabinet I use for T-shirts gone, with three tops faded enough to throw away. And I got winter weight tops and slacks and got out my winter weight workout things again.  Oh, and I washed and styled my hair too.  And I went to the grocery where I spent an additional $52.00 and change over and above the other things I have paid for as well as a visit to the gas pumps.

Here are a few things I wish would just go away.  The phrases I hear  (too) many times i,e.  "Going forward".  News - entertainment and/or  journalists saying "We caught up with______"  "We sat down with______"  And from sales people on TV, the so overused word "phenomenal" to describe whatever it is I wrote and begged then to STOP it.  And those same folks are compelled to call everything "technology".  The new "technology" of ink flowing into the barrel of a pen... a flameless candle, you name it...  that word will usually be used.  So phenomenal and technology are the most overused words in the world by the television selling y channels.

I have to mention that I have no interest, not even 1/1,000,000,000th of a percentage in the so-called "stars" and "celebrities" marriages, babies, weight, affairs, after child weight,  pregnancies, drug usage, pseudo religions,  who rears their poor children or the un-ending supply of monies they have for over-the-top houses and possessions.  I don't want to read nor see the magazines (so I don't) listen to their shows (so I don't) or turn a page in a magazine such as LHJ or such like and get hit by an article about one of them.  So, I have let a lot of my magazine subscriptions go. I keep Consumer Reports, Good Housekeeping, FC and WD and I have to admit I LOVE Allure and I have read it since they first came into being.

Well, that came out of no where, didn't it?  Here I was speaking of housecleaning and wham..a mini rant.  :-)

Some of you know I have other things to be concerned with and have had so the flotsam and jetsam fall by the wayside.  :-))) I found that it was just easier without those things.

Here is a picture for you.  I took it of course.



  1. I just got back from our Sunday boy isn't feeling well sadly. It's a beautiful but blustery day i will walk soon. Have a blessed day Carole.

  2. I'm going to need some serious help cleaning in about 8 days...feel free to journey north. :-)

    BTW, the over-used work words I can't stand anymore are "transparency" and "accountability," because everyone spouts them, from the top brass on down, but no one makes a true effort to provide either. All lip service. And don't say "value-added" to me, either, though fortunately that one has fallen by the political wayside, it seems.

    Thinking of you and your family and sending universal Light.


  3. Whew! I am tired just listening to what all you got done! Go girl!

    I am your newest follower.


  4. The photo is very nice Twin!
    You have been busy today. I did a bit of cleaning and read a complete book, took a short walk and then nothing.
    I agree with you about the celebrities. I could care less which unmarried actress is having a baby, etc.

  5. Wow! You got A LOT done around your home, good for you.

    I totally agree about the celebrity gossip. I loved it when i was twenty something. For some bizarre reason, i fascinated me. Now i couldn't care less. I didn't know who Kim Kardashian is for the longest time... and still can't tell you how i know now. As for magazines.. i subscribe to Archaeology, because i love way back history and all the finds archaeologists make.. and i subscribe to a couple of literary journals because i like fiction and poetry. I don't miss any of the others i used to get at all...

  6. I don't even know who these "celebrities" are!! Lovely rant and lovely photo :)

  7. Carole that photo is gorgeous - again! You keep outdoing yourself with photographty. Whew, I'm tired just listening to your accomplishments for the day. Now I'm feeling guilty and lazy! Hope your Monday goes well. It should - you'll be celebrating with a nice clean house! he he that always makes one feel good.

  8. Durn words..... suckas keep buying them..... .... now where did i place my bad word killing spray.

  9. I really enjoyed your mini rant.. I hear it in the lines in the grocery stores too.. Makes me smile. .
    Im busy doing house cleaning also and just trying to keep up .and the best of all enjoying my time.

  10. You certainly have been busy. It is such a chore to move everything back and forth each season, but it has to be done, I know. I agree about celebrities, I dislike drama so much. Your picture is absolutely gorgeous! ~xo~

  11. You go Carole! Wow I bet your place is spotless! Clean feels so good doesn't it? I agree.
    I always enjoy your mini rants!!!

  12. Haha, in the middle of things you've done, I see "brushed the cat" and it made me smile :-)

  13. It must feel GREAT to have everything clean! :)

    And we are SO with you about the celebrity gossip and such. Ugh, who cares???

    Hugs to you and Katie!

  14. Hi Sis!
    I just thinking about you You got the furniture dusting the waxing done and changed bathroom much so many thing but your winters weight was are very good for you Sis!
    My Impotant thing was just my golfers will be good one!
    I hope you have a beautiful new time with Katie ....
    Sis.katie.Miyuki. and Victoria.

  15. I was bushed just reading all you accomplished - and that was before leaving home to do even MORE! You have the wind beneath your wings, that is certain.

    It seems that (no surprise) we are in complete agreement with the so-called news and endless superficiality of the cult of celebrity. Sure, someone cares. It just isn't me.

  16. Wow! You got a lot of cleaning done!! Whew!

    With the word usage--just remember we learn like the chimps and monkeys. One does something interesting and then they all want to do it. ;)