Friday, November 1, 2013

Comment Moderation

Sure am glad I have comment moderation.  I have it set up to catch the spammers as the day is 24 hrs old.  I don't have many, but one is more than I want.  I got one from some so-called dental place that was waiting for approval when I logged on.  SURE I will approve you, you pieces of flotsam.

About to go work out.  I'd better get as much as possible in while I still can.  Going to get very busy in a week or so.

Both cats blogs also have comment moderation.  Theirs is also as short a span as mine.  They love, the spammers that is, to go back into older posts.  IF you let them.  It's always an eye opener too to see what countries are coming to your site and the names of the sites coming to make a hit.  Scary.  There are some pretty scary people out there. Check  your stats.

See you later...workout beckons.


  1. I once got tons of comments in spam holder. Very scary! I also remember to change password from time to time. There sure are scary people out there.
    I hope you have a great workout!

  2. Have a good day there Sis.. this just posted for me.and here it is NOONtime.

  3. If you go into your template and set your comments on registered users you will never have to worry about spammers. It was a suggestion that helped me from having to close all of old comments. I hated the spammers went into years back and left comments.

  4. Yes, there are a lot of not-so-nice people out there, and comment moderation is a very helpful thing to weed out those stupid spammers.

    We hope you and Katie have a great weekend!

  5. I am just now seeing this post. Well barely seeing it because my eyes are still dilated from the eye exam this morning. I hate spammers. xoxo

  6. I kind of chuckle at the spammers and let em stay in the spam folder. Then these are the same people I will pass when walking down the street in the big city. They get paid, usually, for spamming..... so spam away..... i have nice open pit fire for cooking spam on.

  7. Hi Sis!
    This morning was so relaxing here at your post,after worrid about the spammers can finally aways.
    we having a hot 28th days..nomore raining ??
    Have a goos days Sis!
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki. and Victoria.

  8. I have comment moderation set too - thanks to your suggestion. It sure helps keep those nasties away. I don't understand what they think they'll gain from leaving comments on an old post - now really - who is going to see it except the author! I just don't get it.

  9. Bad here too. It's bad enough to be worried with scammers on the phone let alone on here. You take care.

  10. Sometimes I think I get more spam then legitimate're right thank God for comment moderation.

  11. Don't have a heart attack but yes it's me coming to visit. I've noticed spammers around too but having checked my previous posts, might have to do that.
    Take care gf!

  12. Too true. Had to put on comment letters and numbers back on again. I hate doing it, but in the end you get fed up of spammers.
    What did you think ? Good dentist :-) :-) :-)
    Don't answer :-) x x x

  13. Comment moderation doesn't bother me because I know how annoying spammers are but then don't we all.............