Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Go Figure

Here I put the heat up by 1 degree to 70 instead of 69 this morning as it was just chilly seeming in here.  Time passed and early afternoon despite my thick socks, long sleeved heavy knit Disney shirt, warm pants...I was cold.   My face felt chilled, my hands were cold and I felt chill through that thick shirt.

I paced around back and forth to all of the thermometers scattered around the house (one in each room) and looked at the programmable thermostat to see if it died or something.  IT said 70 in the back of the hallway.  Everywhere else it said 67 to 69.  NO way.  I did all I could not to,  and succeeded in not turning up the heat.  Good thing.  Suddenly later in the afternoon the heat came on and I swear that thing has not hardly had a rest since. (It is a 1 yr old system)  I am warm..have been warm and about to push my sleeves up!  I wonder if the furnace part of the heat and air system was taking a vacation?  Was it dreaming of Hawaii?  I really mean it, it has hardly ceased since mid afternoon!  The poor cat was huddled in front of any given vent in the house.  Now she is relaxing in her recliner.  (yes, hers).

I was about to fight her for that big sun puddle that appeared on the spare room bed.  But she got there first and fairly.

Washington's Crossing Park on the Delaware River two years ago


  1. Brrr...I loves me some warm weather! But we are in for the cold, now! Take care!

  2. Been freezing myself all day. But then this is Wisconsin. It seems like the heat comes on, goes off but doesn't take too long before it cranks on again. Think it may be a long uncomfortable winter. Katie is smart and quick I see.

  3. I've been cold in the house today too. I finally got nice and warm, now am feeling chilled again. I hate to turn the heat up at 7:00 at night because at around 9:00 I'll be turning it down for the night. Can't win for losing.

  4. It has been so cold here today. 15 degrees to start and only warmed up to 30. I keep my thermostat set at 72 and I am cold all of the time.

    The header photo is beautiful Twin!

  5. It was good to be back home in a warm house after being out earlier this morning! That wind just grew colder and colder! xo

  6. Hi Sis!
    I just like to the winter time in here only 13 degrees out time weather 13.c-cold 10.c cold raining day from 17 days and 18 days 26-17 one days.
    After that stated rains again.
    You has the thermometers in the room are good idea Sis!
    I know you like at the Hawai..I don't think it not yet going yet Sis?
    Katie's has a nise in warm bed room and never opens her eys....
    Always your photo are beautiful Sis!
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki.and victoria.

  7. I am glad your heat is working okay! You both stay warm and safe!

  8. My heat has been on for a few weeks now. This is an expensive time of year around here.
    Love seeing photos with historic significance! Thanks.

  9. The thermostat is always wrong. I bet it is near the air intake to the heat pump (or furnace whatever). And BTW, put all your thermometers in one place for a hour to see if they agree. If they do, great, but I'll bet they don't.