Monday, November 11, 2013

That White Stuff From the Sky

Ladies &  Germs, I do believe we will have a smattering of snow tomorrow evening perhaps. The temperature will plummet to the 20's and no higher than 43 I think it was for the day time high.  However, by the weekend the high will be 60.

So no one can figure out why so many folks except the ones over, say, 50 years old  are out there in shorts and flip-flops and tank tops in freezing weather.  I guess it will still be a mystery till I die!

Took my oldest home today.  He showed up after work yesterday.  We went out to eat last night as a treat with a gift card that my Twin gave me for my birthday.  :-)  We may have never met but she is just as much family to me as any member of the family right here with me is.  Love her dearly.  My son and I chowed down-- and I had the chicken fingers platter (had to bring some home) with mashed garlic potatoes and coleslaw.  HE had a pasta dish with some form of chicken.  It looked great!  He was a happy camper!  :-)

In that topic, I have several bloggers I consider family.  Twin, as I just mentioned, Michiko, my Japanese Sis living Australia right now. My Michigander Sis Caroldee whose addy I cannot find.  My brother by another mom in Montana,  Joe.

After all of these years, we feel close.  To others as well, of course but we four have talked on the phone.

Anyway, just checking in.

My middle and my youngest sons. One is a Master teacher and the other a Software Engineer. 

Oldest son with Hopping John, our kitten. He is a computer programmer.


  1. Thank you Twin for the lovely mention. You are as dear to me as family too. I am so glad you two enjoyed your night out! xoxo

  2. Forgot to say that I love those pictures of the boys and Hopping John.

  3. Dearest Sis!
    Good afternoon I was so happy to hear about from you also Beth was getting a very well all the times.
    One thing was WooHoo (while jumping up and down for your feet was ok with Katie?) I'm so happy for you after all time wolk so hard in your home?
    Your oldert son has computer programmer as you know very much my son's too. We both has beery happy with our son's Sis!
    One days will be nice to talking with you Sis!? I remember was ones time
    a long years ago in your place...
    You having a good night Sis!
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki.and Victoria.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time, Carole.

    This just isn't the year for the Vols. Hopefully there will be a different story next year. They have had a rough schedule with playing so many ranked teams.


  5. Nice pictures of your boys and what a cute kitten.

  6. Well, at least our TBT bundles up to account for his furlessness when HE goes out in snow. He has an appreciation fer warmthification that WE appreciate.

  7. Your pictures of your sons are adorable. They probably won't think so, but I think they are. Love the one with Hopping John too. We're sending you that snow - sorry about that. Will try to be more selective in the future.

  8. Fine looking sons you must be very proud , grown up now and doing well.
    Flip flop and shorts in winter , no I can't understand that one either.
    Enjoy your week.x

  9. Love those photos of your boys! :)

    Dinner sounds yummy! Any day i have mashed potatoes is a great day! :D

  10. Nice picture of your boys. Hope the white stuff stayed away. It missed us but it sure is chilly. Hugs.

  11. You sure have accomplished children! You must be so proud!
    I know what you mean as far as choice of clothing on a cold day. It seems it takes a bit for some people to realize that the seasons have changed. Or they're stupid.