Friday, January 17, 2014


The weather guessers keep saying snow every other day in varying intensities or amounts and here where I am, thank goodness, nothing.

The header is in the University Arboretum a couple of miles from my house.  It's where I go to get tick bit, totally sweat logged and oily enough to slide off my car seat.   Mosquito bites are part of the action.  I love it there.  I go whenever I can starting early Spring.

By the way, to my unending surprise, here come the daffodils and hyacinths..waaaaaay too early.  This is the 4th year.  We will have a killer cold and some killer frosts and their poor little bodies will suffer. I always feel actually sad about that.

I am still hopping along here. Hope you are too.  About to go take an early shower.  Guess I won't say come join me.  That would be embarrassing for all concerned.  :-)


  1. Yes, there was no snow, but the wind certainly made up for it! Man, it was cold out there today! xo

  2. I am always happy to share my snow with you Twin. :-)
    The header photo is beautiful!

  3. No snow so far here, either. It's cold but not too bad to sit out on a deck :-)
    Have a lovely weekend xoxo

  4. We get an inch or two every few days, and more every week or so. This has been a horrific Winter. Bill is going past you as I type this. I will be trucking with him in February, for three weeks or so. I love your header!! Stay safe and warm! ~xoxo~

  5. Still hopping Carole, and the same mild weather here in the Midlands of England too, (elsewhere is rain, rain and more flooding) the poor birds and plants will be caught out when the Winter Chill comes in earnest. wamest of hugs to you n' L'il Kate. xxPenxx

  6. Another cool heading at the top of your page. You take the prettiest pictures. Makes me want to climb those stairs and see the view from the top. We'll share some of our snow with you.

  7. It is sad when they start to show signs , and then along comes the bitter cold . We have had a awful lot of rain , lots of bust river banks and houses flooded terrible.Very sad.
    Hugs Sheila