Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Where's the Snow?

"They" said snow (the weather guessers) and I would swear he sounded defensive this morning when nothing but 40 degrees and sun showed up!

Now half of the day is passed and I have hardly had a chance to sit down and read the paper.  I like being busy so that is a plus.  Got my getting-long-again hair shampooed and set and brushed out.

The house had a welcome and fun visitor this morning for awhile and now, we are eating lunch.

I still need to call for hers and my Vet appointments. (I am kidding,  I don't personally go to a Vet but I call my Dr. that.) She needs to go to get her claws trimmed and probably a blood test.

Just checking on you...see you laters.  xox


  1. Love your header today. Very powerful photo. Nicely done.

  2. Thanks for checking in, Carole. Sometimes it seems as though the weather folks spin a big roulette wheel to come up with their forecasts...

  3. The header photo is gorgeous! Makes me long even more for a warm summer day. xoxo

  4. Hi Sis!
    You are weather was same as mind home ..this morning I don't writing in here... Your photos are very beautiful Sis, Tennis was relatively in the sport which reminds espercially these today in hot days.....
    I think of after good weather ..I might not writing for a month then I will be back to my time.
    Have a nice day Katie!

  5. You want snow? We'll be happy to ship some to you. 7.5 inches two days ago, now 1 coming tonight and another tomorrow night, and on and on and on! Glad you and Katie will get your vet appointments out of the way. he he

  6. Why would you want the snow? I think only skiers want snow.
    Now stick out your tongue and say meow.

  7. Three cheers for the weather guessers! You make me smile, friend Carole. Glad you had a fun visitor today. Hopefully you'll have more than a few upbeat (and snow-free) days ahead!

  8. Iffen we visited you, would you shower us with yer long hair? That sounds kinna innerestin. TBT doesn't have much so we cant esperience that here..

  9. I sure would send you some snow if it were possible. Half way through winter and I'm wintered-out.

  10. We certainly are getting snow up here this Winter. I feel like I am shoveling every couple of days. We got a couple yesterday, and expect more this weekend. Hugs.

  11. We had forecast for snow floury in the morning, but never saw it. It's a bit warmer now and I wonder if we ever get snow this winter!
    Katie san is going to the v-e-t! My boys need to go as well and appointment is made in February. I hope both her vet visit and yours will go well :-)