Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Young Woman's Interaction With Fiction

That young woman would be me quite some years ago.

As a rather poor quite young newly married couple, and having no funds to do much else, we went to the library frequently and I would check out as many books as one would be allowed to check out in one day and brought them home to read.  Then return them to check out another ten books or so.

I am getting to the point.  Be patient.

These choices were fiction mostly.  Some became dear loved friends in a manner of speaking, that I have read and re-read even unto this day.

One day I happened upon a romance that was set in Victorian times.  Not a "bodice ripper" per se but one that was intricately written (as well as could be in that particular genre) with an abundance of to-the-brink situations and crisis both personal and business that could go one of two ways and inevitably went wrong way in my young opinion!

 I had no experience with this type of literature and no experience in life either.  And now I will finally journey to my point.

I was an intense reader as a young woman and  I still am.  The particular romance I spoke of above, the one  that pushed me over an edge--- soon to be told to you here, was a depiction of a meeting, the courting and inevitable misunderstandings each of the characters entertained about one another.

As intent as I was in my reading I could not stand seeing the characters always at odds when a simple solution was always glaringly simple. And all their problems would be over, would they ONLY listen to me.

 Listen to me, you may well say?  Why yes!  I was so irritated at the way the characters reacted to one another in some of the fictional situations that I will confess to you now my friends that I re-wrote the fictional situations down on lined notebook paper and polished the scenes  to my satisfaction!  Sometimes there would be as many as  seven to eight pieces of paper with my re-writes (!!!!) carefully folded into the books so as not to fall out I hoped,  to be there for the sure to be grateful next borrowers of the novels.

I took care of the characters and their problems in the books.  It seemed to be important for me to "clarify" and "fix" their situations. I took the books back (not all of my borrowed books got this treatment thank goodness.  Only the ones that frustrated me the most).  This little venture lasted perhaps two or three months and then I grew tired of my corrections!

I had no knowledge of how one wrote a book and I did not realize that techniques were used to create tension and drama, poor little girl that I was.  But those techniques worked on me, as I was drawn in as though it were happening in the here and now.  I was a perfect audience in that the novel was so well written that a reader, me, became a part of the story while reading it.

It makes me smile remembering those few ventures into learning and maturing, finding the line between truth and fiction, pretend and real.  I did, and thankfully it was not an arduous journey, that growing up I had to do.

Young people have to gain experience and that part of my learning process makes me smile now.


  1. I sometimes want to rewrite a story I am reading too but I never went so far as actually doing it. Isn't it wonderful how books take us away from ourselves and our problems? I have been an avid reader since I first learned to read. To this day reading is one of my greatest pleasures! xoxo

  2. I love the way you became involved in the books you would read! When I was in school, I would read a book a night! Can't say too much about how diligently I may have worked on homework, though.:-) xo

  3. Sometimes I would try to figure out endings to the stories if I didn't like the one I was reading. I never wrote them out though. I finally moved to biographies and such when I was young. Beth is right it does take us away from our own lives and troubles. Nice post. :-)

  4. Some of the first books I really remember enjoying were "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. It was fun to re-read just to make different choices. Those were simple books...I wonder if they even make them anymore or if I could even enjoy them...imagine if they did that with more complex books...

  5. Even though you got frustrated, it must have been fun after all to be involved in the story like that! Long time ago, I watched drama that was like your book, with lot of misunderstandings. I got so frustrated that I stopped watching..haha.

  6. I can so relate to this. I find myself saying, why do you just etc. etc. My Danielle actually joined a fan fiction sight for the Stephanie Plum books and the girls she's in with do their own ideas for each to read.

  7. It is so aggravating, the way the author creates drama but it sells books. I see the same thing in shows/movies and it drives me up the wall.

    The real irritation is how some people accept these dysfunctional people as being normal.

    now where is me quill

  8. It's like you were telling my story also as I read. I wanted to do that but never did pen it on paper. Some needs to be wrote again until they get it right. I just can't read those kind anymore. If I get really into it enough to want to change it I put it away. LOL

  9. I'm a streaky reader. If I read a book and enjoy it I'll got to the next one if I don't like it I won't read until something strikes my fancy. (That can be quite painful).
    I didn't write novels but when I was in the seventh grade I used to make my own comic books. I had a low grade super hero called The Green Finkopluster. He had a muskrat hide costume and a toilet paper mask which at the time I thought was hilarious.

  10. Very cute image of you arduously rewriting!

  11. No wonder you have a way with words. I'm giggling thinking about what the next person thought that borrowed the book - if your notes were there. I read a book recently that went on and on and never got anywhere. I would have liked to rewrite that book - I could have eliminated half the book.

  12. Hi Sis!
    The problems in the booksand fix situation not all of your burowed books this treatment only the once truslated you most , not realige that technigues were used to tension and drama. Poor little girl that is you!
    But those techncgues worksd on you are happering in the now....
    The nover was so well you because a part of the story while reading book sis!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,

  13. I learned about good "romance fiction" via the "Angelique" series by Serge and Anne Golan. Still my favorite.

  14. I felt the same way too, Carole, my mum used to read Mills and Boon, and boy oh boy, when I did finally read them , I sometimes became so irritated, they seemed to tie themselves in knots, for no reason, as far as my young eyes could see (just as you) Why oh why couldn't the hero just say what was on his mind, or the heroine? urely they could share? I sigh for the straightforward young person I was, short cuts seemed so needful. Your words above have given me a thoughtful time. so thanks for that .. hugs aplenty to you and L'il Katie. xPenx

  15. I was hoping you would say the title of the book? lol You and I are so alike in that respect. I was always sure I could do better ;) xx