Sunday, February 16, 2014

Eeney Meeney Miney Moe, Will You Make this Snow Just GO!

Jiminey Crickets!  ENOUGH already.  Stop!  Quit!  No more!  Gads!  The daffodils as I mentioned are starting up out of the ground, their tender leaves blighted by the cold and snow.  Their watches must be wrong is all I can come up with.  And the Japanese maple has tender tiny red leaf buds showing on its branches.  The hyacinth buds are already pushing their way up too.  The Dogwood leaf buds are stalwart in all the snow and icy cold.  Everyone just stay where you are until some sun comes through and you might safely rise higher and begin to grow.

My favorite flower in the whole world (and I have seen  many in a lot of the world) is the wild violet.  Their heart shaped dear leaves are showing now as well.  Soon their dear faces will show and my heart will lift like a balloon to the skies when I see them.  I will smile all day as well as each time I see them. Their sweet purple selves, and the white ones and the yellow ones AND the pale blue ones.  All those colors for tiny wild violets.

Those who knew me back in MSN Live Spaces days may recall a blog or two where I wrote of  the playground we used when I was in 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades was awash with those precious little faces.  I would pick maybe a hundred or more and give them to my father for a bouquet.  Seeing them now reminds me of my Dad and those times.  Even now I am smiling with sweet memories of that time.  My dad reared me and my two brothers.  We loved him and were lucky to have him.  You know what?  I just thought of something.  He always made sure I had a baby doll each Christmas as well as other things, but a baby doll was a surety!

Goodness, I just remembered the Christmas present I wanted SO badly that I almost burst with wishes and longing.  I wanted a pair of white shoe skates.  I was so sad when all the presents (I was twelve) were opened and no skates.  Then my brother brought in a large box-like package and I opened a metal skate carrying box and inside were the treasured white shoe skates.  I almost flew up to the sky I was so happy!

Alright.  Enough back in the day stuff.  xoxo


  1. A great post Twin! I love your family memories! As for the snow, I am thoroughly sick of it!

  2. I love those wild sweet violets, too. They are my favorite small flower-and I loved picking them as a child. Great stories about Christmases...and I love that you got your skates! xo Diana

  3. I love this, I love this. All flowers seem to make me smile. They just light up the day it seems. What a sweet memory. I can almost see the grin on the happy young girl.

  4. We have rain, rain and more rain, (no swapsies!!) and looking outside now, Yup, grey skies with more .... water... I am growing webbed feet... ;-)
    I feel for your greenery, with their waking moments, looking out and seeing more snow. Sigh!! I do hope they recover, I know they will, (being forceful now) for Nature willout against the white stuff. Nature's strong, resourceful, and .... (where's my magic wand?) xPenx

  5. I hope snow will go away from your area! I love wild violets, too. They are pretty and I saw them around a lot when I was child. Your memory of playground is so sweet. And what a wonderful surprise you had at Christmas :-)

  6. Awe, I love your memories and NO I do not want the snow. lol

  7. Snow always looks nice and pretty in the pictures but I can get that too much snow would be a pain,

  8. Dear Sis! A Gads! The ground their tender leaves blightend by the cold and snow.And the Japanese Maple has tender tiny red reaf buds showing on it branches. and we have seen MANY in a lot of the world!
    Their heart shoped dear leaves are showing now as well you see them all those colors for tiny wild violets.
    We know each time in MSN spaces are lots of your sweet memory of Your
    dad with two brothers. Your always looking up the lovely to the skys!!
    I still remember so many things with Sis!
    Sis, Katie.Miyuki and Victoria.

  9. Lovely Memories to treasure , I loved that surprise you had Skates.
    I am seeing Daffodils poking through here , the Snowdrops are already here so precious.
    Enjoy your week ahead.
    Hugs Sheila

  10. We are very tired of the snow here, too, Carole. We will wish with you for it to GO! :)

    Love the touching memories you shared of your father. I remember wanting a new skateboard when I was 12. All the presents were opened ... and no skateboard. I was SO disappointed. Until Mom said that Rudolph left me something in the closet the night before. Yup, it was a brand new Tony Alva skateboard. :)

  11. We all have our memories that bubble to the surface every now and then. Another post I read concerning fond memories of people and places reminded me of going to my uncles cottage on Cape Cod. It was about a minute walk to the ocean. My six cousins and sisters and I. We had a blast!

  12. The daffodils have been peeking up here too. I was amazed to see them because of how cold it has been all year so far. Best they stay snuggled under snow for a while.

  13. I hope you post a picture of the wild violets when they pop up? I don't think we have such here!! Love your childhood memories :) xx

  14. Mary here - That is a beautiful picture at the top of your blog, but I'm sick of snow too. However, our ground is still frozen 6 feet down here, so I don't think anything will ever bloom this year. Sigh!