Saturday, February 22, 2014

Trite Things

Media...TV and newspaper...calling all of you.  Can you cease and desist the following waaaay too old and very tiresome overdone  phrases:

  "We sat down with..."  and "We caught up with...." and "going forward..."

Just stop.  No more.  Please. Whatever happened to "We interviewed"  or "We spoke to" or "In the future" ??

Those three phrases above are so over-used and so hackneyed.  I feel a veil of despair falling over me each time I see or hear those particular phrases.  I am exaggerating of course in  making my point.  :-)

And using the word "busted" for broken and for arrested?  *shudder*

Proofreading and grammar are no longer used in newspaper articles.  Misspellings abound as do slang terms.  Oh well.  My grammar is lacking many times as well, but I don't write articles for broad general public consumption nor do I take my personal way of speaking to the airwaves.  I have heard some cringe worthy mis-pronunciations on local news and weather.

Well, I suppose I had better take my pet peeve(s) to its conclusion.  :-)

The header is a photo I had taken several years ago in summer.  That is a Grandiflora Magnolia tree and blossom.  I love them.  They are extremely tall trees and the blossoms are as large as dinner plates when fully opened.  Their perfume is very pronounced.  One blossom will fill your entire home with fragrance.

I hope it is a peaceful and perhaps even a joyful day for you. Be kind to your family.  xoxo


  1. I want a blossom, Carole I need the fragrance flooding my home, for I feel so ....what's the word? musty, lifeless, or should that be soulful? Somehow I've lost my sparkle, have you found it? It was so nice, twinkling bright, guiding me safely with it's light. Now you think I'm cuckoo , but it just seems that the sun has forgotten to come out today, (and all other 6 days of this week) Sighing here, for the grammar that seems to be mislaid too. If anyone finds either, please forward to my address, t'funny farm, England. :-) xPenx

    1. OMG, Carole, I found Maukie, and I'm laughing my head off. (pass it back ....pretty please?) He's gorgeous, and I've been playing... making him mew, and .... I know . he's virtual, but then, Mayhap I am too. :-) xx

  2. What gets me in this age of computers and something called SPELL CHECK that things can get that far. They have to write things out before they go to print.. it just amazes me. I was hired once to proof read for a newspaper.. I had to stop.. it made me nuts..there were more red circles on the page than I wanted to do. I moved on. Spring is out there but I think it is digging still out of a snow bank someplace. Love the days are getting's nearly 6PM when the sun goes down. Soon we will set our clocks forward and things will be better.. I can hope!!! :-)

  3. Part of my last job at the AFB was proofreading and correcting officer performance reports. I cringe at some of the written and spoken word.
    Your header photo is absolutely gorgeous. I am longing for warmer weather so that you can get out and take some more lovely photos for us. xoxo

  4. I woke up to something that bothers me a lot: more snow...argh! Now if only the warmer weather would catch up to spring's approach.

  5. You are right. Very tired phrases indeed. One i'm especially tired of these days is 'game changer.' It's a GAME CHANGER!' is usually screamed at an audience. Geez. Make it stop.

  6. Yes. Lot's of clichés and going forward I hope I can be above board and do an about face and rectify the situation. I don't want to be asleep at the wheel because then all bets are off and it's back to the salt mines.
    Just sayin,

  7. I have been accused of being a grammar nazi. I love words. I appreciate southern expressions, regional expressions, and such. However, poor grammar and lazy slang makes me a bit crazed. Run on sentences, over use of commas, etc. make me crazy, too. Hugs, my friend.

  8. I have declared war on "that" used instead of "who". We are people, not inanimate objects. I see this substitution made everywhere and it irks the living spit out of me! Proliferating currently on Facebook and newspapers and magazines everywhere in little inspirational graphics, e.g.: It's your sister that . . . and too many other examples to list.

  9. The media has contributed to the dumbing down of America, and now the children are being hired.

  10. When I go back to Japan once in one or two years, there are always new made-up words. I looked at magazine and it was filled with those made-up words...I had no idea whet they meant. That drives me crazy sometimes...haha. The header phot is beautiful! They must smell heavenly :-)

  11. I hear you I so agree we have things like that here too and it becomes annoying

  12. Hi sis!
    Your special time with photos all of with beautiful Sis!
    Sorry for the litany at last I feel decent enough to write the lititany:-)
    I hope some thing really good your happy day Sis
    Your header photo for few years ago that is the Magnlla tree I reall for your dinner time with all family...
    Love the thinking about yourlife....I was not perfect but the idea of same sort of personality we love life and our friends...
    Have a lovely day !
    I will started my golf 26th but Let hope with nice day?
    Sis Katie,miyuki and Victoria,

  13. Instead of "tried and true", it's become "trite and trope". I feel the same as you do. Be more creative in your language use. It enriches us all.

  14. Just catching up!! My pet peeve is "reached out" as in "The editor reached out to me .." What is wrong with saying "contacted" or got in touch"? ;)