Monday, May 26, 2014

Should I say it?

Well, this is what happened.  And a friend sent me a picture of what I will be talking about, so I will use that to illustrate the garment I am going to tell you about.  Thanks Mary.

After working out last Friday, a friend and I were sitting in McDonald's having coffee.  A quite older lady walked past us on her way to the ladies room.  I am guessing at least her 60's and past the middle of those years I would guess.

It was quite startling as she was making her way past us (took a little longer as someone was blocking her path).  She wore on of those men's muscle shirts with the exaggerated arm holes down to the waist.  She wore nothing under it and it was terribly embarrassing to see.  I don't think she really knew that her entire upper anatomy was exposed to all.   A young man and a young woman were with her. Maybe their mother.  I wish they had persuaded her to wear something else.

Meanwhile, tomorrow I get my hair done and then I will come home and bake my oldest son' birthday cake.  Chocolate with chocolate icing.  His birthday is the 29th but he will be in town for a doctor appointment---just the GP.  So, he'll stay here and entertain Miss Katie Isabella while waiting on his brother and his sister-in-law to arrive and his birthday will be celebrated a day early as he heads home on that day.

I am so disappointed that the arboretum has nothing I can take pictures of that interest me even a little bit.  This is the third year in a row.  I want wild flowers and they were an excellent source until these past several years.  I will try the municipal garden, but driving past, it looks dull.  Looks like I will have to head to the Big City and their gardens.  My camera will get dusty.

I am starting to eat a lot of protein and counting calories.  Hoping I stay with it. xxoo


  1. Just a thought. Dementia can sometimes come on earlier in life than most people think. Maybe those were the most clothes they could get mom to put on when she was determined to go out. Or maybe they were nudists and that seemed "all dressed up". LOL!

  2. I guess the lady is young in her heart....but I think it's important to wear age-appropriate clothes. Happy early birthday to your son! Chocolate cake with chocolate icing sounds good! Yummmm :-)

  3. My first thought was tacky to the extreme, my second dementia. Mark did make a good point.

    It's legal for women in Ontario to go topless, has been for some years, but you know, I've never seen anyone do it. I've seen some tacky attire, but nothing quite as extreme as your view yesterday.

  4. I do not understand these shirts, on anyone. I think it is a shame that no one advised her not to wear it! Good grief. I had cake for my birthday, so now back to healthy eating. HUGS.

  5. Rosemary B here:
    Guess what? there is no accounting for taste.
    Do you think that was more frightening than what the younger generation wears --I mean 27-35 year olds. I always wonder when they are going to stop dressing like that and be real, wear normal clothes.
    Did she have a bra on?
    I think she was trying to be hip and swinging.
    Have you ever been to West Virginia??? lolol
    Have a happy wonderful day, pretty lady.
    I am taking the oldsters to the dentist today, then I have to make three doctor appointments for them, two heart doc check ups, and one internist check for dad.
    Then I have to pack a picnic lunch for the travel trip tomorrow in the horrible weather to the house in Annapolis. Two moving estimator companies are coming....
    Oh and some other stuff.
    Love always
    I miss my old life.

  6. Ohhhhh........ :O

    "Happy Birthday Oldest Son!! " Chocolate cake sounds Divine! ;) ♥xo♥

  7. Really you would think an old woman would have more sense

  8. Well as they say in Yorkshire " there's nowt so queer as folk"! The Staff and I wish the happiest of birthdays to number one son :)

  9. Whew, it sounds like the fashion police certainly blew it! Ugh! I sympathize with you on the picture taking drought. Fortunately or not it's our storm season and that is one of my favorite photographic subjects.

  10. Yikes. I'm not sure *anyone* should be wearing that shirt anywhere other than the beach, or maybe at the pool.

    Happy birthday to your oldest son!

  11. Oh my Happy Birthday to your son and that chocolate cake sounds wonderful. I laughed about that dear Lady , perhaps she was just having a fun day. lets hope so.
    Hugs Sheila x

  12. That poor lady. I am smiling just thinking about her!

  13. I'm embarrassed to even see a fashion models or actresses with that much naked torso--like you see sometimes at the Oscars--let alone somebody obviously that much past their prime--LOL! I know the fashion model has that little bit of fabric taped to her slender body, but it still makes me nervous that something is going to pop out of place. That woman in her 60s would really make me anxious. You have to admire the deep denial some people are capable of, though, don't you? ;)

    Happy belated birthday to your son. :):)