Sunday, July 13, 2014

Busy Week and Another on the Way

I have the pleasure of a new FitBit.  I was going to buy one today but when I mentioned it to one of my sons, he said he was not using his and he would change its ownership and let me have his.  I really appreciate it too.  Tomorrow I will go work out so I am bustin' to see how much it said I did for burning calories.

This one can attach to your upper undergarment!  :-)  or lays in a pocket, clips to your belt.  It has a VERY strong grip and won't fall off.  Tonight, I get to tell it when I am ready to sleep and it will monitor that and in the morning it will tell me when I slept, when I tossed and turned (hear that, Katie???) and the duration of it all.  I have to tell it I am going to sleep and I tell it when I wake.  That's easy.   You wear a soft wide wrap on your wrist and slip the monitor down in its little cubby and it does its job through the night.  Missy here trots up and poke me three times on the mouth with her front paw and then bats the one lonely roller I have that I keep in my bangs to keep the hair off my face. And she does that at 0610 so that is when I will tell the FitBit that I am up.   Drives me crazy when she bats at my roller!

Thought you would like to see this picture of me done in pencil with an app on the computer.

If not, don't look.



  1. I didn't know FitBit could monitor your sleep! Seems a better deal than the sensors and glue of the adventure.

    Nik does something similar when it comes to waking me. He pulls at a rubbery bit on my CPAP mask where it sits on my forehead. Yes, buddy. I love you too.

  2. I like the picture and I have no idea what a FitBit is

  3. I didn't know there even was such a thing. Oreo will pat at me a couple times, then resorts to licking my face.

  4. Rosemary B here:
    I hope you enjoy the fitbit. My daughter and her hubbs wear them every day.
    I am too hyper, if I had one it would explode.
    I like this photo of you. You are very very pretty <3

  5. Enjoy that Fitbit! That was thoughtful of your son.

    That's a nice picture!

    Stay cool in this heat, and safe if severe storms come your way! xo

  6. I typed one comment, but I don't see it appearing.:-(

    Enjoy that Fitbit. That was very thoughtful of your son to give you his!

    I like that picture!

    Stay cool in this heat, and stay safe if severe storms come your way! xo

  7. WOW, that sketch of you is gorgeous. Sounds like a cool gadget. We're so in the dark ages over here - at least we have a computer! he he

  8. well fibit.... n katie goes bat it

  9. How nice your son gave you the FitBit! Sounds like it's a very neat device. I love your picture in pencil. You look beautiful!

  10. Well, blogger ate my comment, so I will try again. Haha!
    That is a really neat device, and I really like your pencil sketch. Now I feel like I have met you. Thanks for tuning in at the study blog...I was going to reply directly, but your settings are on no-reply. Hugs!

  11. You are blessed with great kids. I love the picture of you! Hugs!

  12. I think the whole idea of FitBit makes me have a bit of a fit!! MOL

  13. I love your picture and I also have never heard of a FitBit. Hugs Sheila

  14. Great photo of you Carole. Looks like your starting to get interested in photo manipulation. Great job.

  15. Hi Sis!
    A beautiful of lady's photos One of yours I remember you !
    I was very happy for you Sis! I enjoy the fitbit in end of the day it will be next some other time with Katie!
    We has raining day with more then a month I love to coming see you but you were concerned the cold of the Ocean with me....
    Sis,katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,

  16. Sorry I'm late. But, there are "upper garments"? I must be older than I thought. ;)

  17. I love the photo you did. Hope the fitbit helps to monitor you sleeping some.
    I spend way too much time playing with photos and doing strange things with them. But am learning so many new ways of being creative with it.

  18. What a lovely picture of you. And how nice of your son to give that FitBit to you ... we had no idea it could help monitor your sleep patterns!