Friday, July 25, 2014

Oh...where are the fans? The lavender water? The smelling salts?

Almost said "Kitties!" again.  Habit for certain.

So, instead...Friends, guess what I am in for?  Can't guess?  I'll tell you.  I live in a very very heavily treed area.  I have one last huge tall tall tall oak tree in the front yard that is poised on the edge of a bank.  There is not one level place except at stores and parking lots, in all of my town.  ALL the streets are at least gentle hills but I live in the hilliest part of town and my lot, as are all the others on the street is hilly, lumpy and goes straight down at quite an angle to the city/county line.

So, the oak tree is perched right on the edge of the bank in my front yard.  It is just a matter of time before it falls as we have many tornadoes of varying intensity.  The area is dubbed "Dixie Alley" by the weather gurus.  We  have lots of straight line winds, ample rain to loosen a root system in the event of wind as well, the tree is a horrible accident waiting to happen.  I kept getting estimates on it but finally caved and took one.  It will be $2000.00 to get it down.  It is towering over the city power lines and over my house.  If it fell forward it would cut me and the house in two.  Seriously.

So the cutter will be here either next week or the week following.  He wanted an additional $500.00 to grind the stump.  I said leave it.   The ants can have a picnic on it The special order kitchen door and storm door plus labor to install it cost that much as well.  I am about to enter the sweepstakes or the lottery.  Man.  But I must maintain and as always my anthem is I will do it all because no one else will jump up and do it.  :-)

It is  stately tree and loved by all of us but I can't justify continuing to take a chance and too, I am filled with worry whenever there is a storm (and we SURE have lots of those!(

Just wanted sympathy. :-)

Here's a bunch of pictures that I just took.

My front yard and the tree on the bank

Too tall to capture in one photo so breaking it up. This one is showing close to the canopy.

Next section going up

Ooops, here is the first section.  Out of sequence.

The canopy into the 3:33PM sun and over the power and utility lines.


  1. WOW Carole - you were not kidding when you said it was a tall, tall, tall tree. We have a few oak trees in our city too (not on our lot tho) and they are beautiful and stately. But our area is not a mountainous as your area, nor do we get an abundance of rain. It's a shame the tree has to go, but I'd be worried about your house or a neighbor's also. You are wise to take it down. Unfortunately when we are retired, we have no way of replacing that money because income is very limited. I feel your pain.

  2. I am sure that was a very hard decision to make, trees are precious and part of our lives. I go into tears when trees have to come down. I understand though. That huge tree would do a lot of damage if it falls.

  3. Oh it is the right decision. Hug B

  4. HOW MUCH???!!!!

    Gees, even I need smelling salts, and I'm in another country, not the one paying for that.

    It would be a difficult decision, I'm sure. I'm a tree-hugger, there's nothing like the energy and soul of an Elder Tree.

    But absolutely you have to put safety first, no question.

    Fingers crossed it all goes without a hitch.

  5. Hi Sis!
    I will be very happy to see you about your Oskes tree are very big huge! But untill your too much money to lot of your replacing tree...Well you have to do Sis! You are still doing in much old time ...
    Love your Roses in your garden was beautiful!
    I still be back to 2007 years ago at your home ...just remember with Hot day about five days ...
    Sis,katie,Miyuki and Victoria,

  6. There is something amazing about very tall trees

  7. I know how you feel. Though you hate to take down such a beauty, safety first. My sister has 2 (thoughh not as big) both leaning right over her house. You'll feel much better when it's all done.

  8. Rosemary B here:
    Awwwww too bad it wasn't a money tree.... then again, we wouldn't be cutting it down - yet.
    Home ownership is getting annoying and expensive. I wish I lived in a fancy retirement jail like Ashby Ponds so I would have no yard work.
    Seriously, I feel so old now haha
    We have some big trees across the street (north of our house) so I am not worried about those. That is on the "common area"
    Well, we can't take the money with us, so might as well spend it. We have to cut back on all sorts of stuff because of these expensive maintenance adventures. we are looking at a new shower for our upstairs bath. The plumbing finally gave out and it is ruining the floor in the kitchen.
    Our house is only 13 years old. It was built by dimwits.
    This is going to be expensive and I am not happy about it for various reasons, one being the mess, and secondly, the cost, third, messy men in my house for days, and lastly, the huge mess.
    Take a lot of photos of that tree, it was a treasure and is certainly going to change the lighting and landscape of your property.
    plant a rose bush there as a memorial. :-P
    I love you Carole. I want my old life back, do you know where it went?
    I do not even remember what it looks like
    Love always, Rosemary

  9. So sorry to hear about what needs to be done with that tree, but you really can't take a chance. Be careful! xo

  10. That's such a beautiful tree. But unfortunately, huge threat, too :-(
    We have tall trees in the area behind house, but not so close that they could cause any damage. But it's kind of scary to see them moving like grass when strong wind is blowing. Must be much more scary for you.

  11. Being oak, there should be more then $2000.00 value in it for firewood.

  12. the wood cutter tree chopper gets it. AND my 2000.00

  13. It sure is a lovely tree, but I don't blame you a bit for wanting it down! No point in taking chances.. you need to be safe! We have a lot of tall Douglas Fir trees in this neighborhood. They're huge and beautiful, but a Doug doe not have a deep root system. Very shallow. I worry about some of our neighbors....

  14. Oh My!!! That is one BIG tree!! I can understand your concern! I wondered about the firewood too. Pity you can't have it!! xx

  15. Oh, how sad that the only option is to take the tree down. It is so majestic. But you are making the right decision, for sure, Carole. Better to be safe!

  16. You HAVE my sympathy! I have an oak "just like that". But I'm going to try to sell it to a sawyer.

  17. Wow. Amazing, stately tree. I understand. It is sad when they have to go. They are so full of beauty and history. Your area is beautiful. Hug.

  18. I am so sorry about your tree. It broke my heart to cut down my cottonwood that lost a branch in a severe windstorm and crushed my car, even though it was half-dead with insect damage. It cost me almost $1,900, and that was on flat land. The whole process took over 12 hours, but it sure did entertain everyone who saw that crane at work!

    I had a mosaic planned for the stump but never managed to do it.

    William's mom.

  19. I am in denial about my oak, but it is not a direct threat to power lines. Last year I had all the trees along the power line removed, but the City did that for me and gave me eight new trees in return. I chose apples and cherries. I hope you will be able to replace the oak with a red bud or similar tree. We need trees, even though Mother Nature is not often kind to them!

  20. WOW Sis you are so right about that tree, I think you made the right need to risk your home over it. Stately, yes it is lovely.. I hope it all goes well for you. Worries over a home never end I guess...that's why I live in an apt. I updated my blog to tell you all about it. take care <3

  21. Oh Wow that is one Tall tree , and yes I think you have made the right decision. It is quite lovely but better be safe than sorry.
    Take care and enjoy your week. x