Thursday, August 14, 2014

Having Trouble Again With Comcast...

You know, just when you think things will be all right again, along comes the time when one must call the Comcast  service phone number.  I got someone from one of their, Comcast's, out sourcing Countries.

I admire that someone has a command of my language.  But what I find exceeding difficult is when I cannot understand ONE word you are saying despite the English you are speaking.

I am simply saying if Comcast wishes to outsource, I only say please please please please have the representatives take training to help with their accents.  I have only in the past week become cognizant that there is such a service.

We have a National Lab here, and many Scientists from all over the world.  Classes are given/offered to alleviate that heavy incomprehensible accent.

I even handed the phone to one of my sons and he too could not understand a word she said.  This was at 1600 hrs. 14 August, if it matters.

The phone and the internet were out and truly--- I asked for her to repeat each and every sentence or spoken "paragraph" as I could not understand a word.  Nor could my son.

I pay too much money per month to go through the hades I went through for half an hour straining and straining to understand even two sentences in the entire ordeal.  Is it "fixed"?  Yes.  But I myself thought to reboot to get the email up when only Safari was working.  She DID get the modem's lights to start again.  There were only 2 lit when I called. with no phone and no internet.

I think it is almost cruel to inflict a helpless million or more of Comcast clientele to this abysmal incomprehensible customer service.  It was awful to go through.

The girl is blameless.  It was her impossible accent and speech that resembled a machine gun in rapidity that got in the way.  Her hiring personnel failed her.  And me.

Rant over.  For now.  Thank you for "listening" to me friends.



  1. I have the same frustration with AT&T! I understand how infuriating it is. Compound heavily accented English with poor customer service, irrespective of the location, and all you're left with is the need for an adult beverage to calm down.

  2. My apologies for the troubles you are experiencing. We will look into this. I work for Comcast. If you still need help, with your Comcast service, please feel free to contact me. I can reach out to my local colleagues to assist further.



    1. Thank you very much. I will contact you. Much obliged.

    2. Rosemary B here:
      Could you please send out the professionals to Ashby Ponds Virginia (in Loudoun County)?
      Older folks already get wigged out by perplexing internet problems. It really is cruel to have such lousy service at a nice retirement community where the oldsters are learning to deal with this technology and especially just moving into the place and having such a nightmare to deal with - the inability to communicate via emails, and look at television. My dad is very hard of hearing- so I can imagine most of the folks there feel helpless.

  3. That was nice that they saw your blog and responded. Renews my faith in Comcast/TimeWarner since they are now one. We've had a problem with Time Warner's service again too. But at least their help is here in the US - or at least it was the last time I called them. I hate it when the help is outsourced to some other country and you can barely make out what they are saying.

  4. You are pushing against an open door here!! For years I had the same problem with our national telephone service (BT) as they outsource customer (don't) care to somewhere in the middle of the Bay of Bengal!! Eventually I was brave enough to try another service who don't outsource from the UK and life has been a lot easier. However, their customer service is based in Glasgow, Scotland and for these London ears the accent is very broad!!! lol

    I am impressed that Comcast found your blog!!!! xox

  5. Another one of my online buddies is having trouble with Comcast. I am thankful it's not even in our area.

  6. A couple of years ago, we switched to Verizon Wireless for phone and Internet. Still have to have Comcast for the cable TV, though, as we have become fans of some of those cable channels. Dare I mention Weather and Golf?:-) xo

  7. I prefer communication by writing for this reason. I have hard time understanding English with certain accent and I do have accent, too, so the person on the other side of the phone sometimes has difficulty understanding me. Often phone is the only way to communicate, though. I'm very impressed Comcast found your post and commented!

  8. We have charter here and I have had trouble with the phone going out on 4 occasions. I am glad to say though, that I have always been connected to someone from the good old USA. Very helpful and taken care of each time. Though it did take 4 trips from from a service person to find out the modem them had installed was faulty, lol. They even helped set up the wireless printer as we are tech challenged, sad to say.

  9. Rosemary B here:
    We gave up on Comcast years ago. we have verizon. They are just as crummy but at least you can understand their service people. And they have nicer music when they put you on hold to connect you with someone else that is more focused on your problem, and then there is the hanging up on you thing. All in all, I am extremely impatient and intolerant of this. My hubbs on the other hand, is incredibly patient and could sit for a long time listening to their music, being on hold. He really loves making peole WORK and never gives up.
    This is why people "snap".- as my dad says.

    Mom and dad have Comcast now in their new place at Ashby Ponds. Every one complains about the slow speed. we live near Dulles Virginia -- the Silicon Valley of the NE -- server farm city. Today hubbs is going to knock some heads together over there -- it's a little bit nicer than swinging bats.
    Have a wonderful chilly willy Friday Caroleflower. I just rolled out of bed and have a billion things to do.
    I love you more than cookies

  10. Even better news: the Comcast Time/Warner merger...they'll control 30% of cable\communication.

  11. We gave up on Comcast, and went with AT&T and DirecTV. I must say, we don't regret it! I have a bit of a problem with "Pressing 1 for English" in my own "English as a first language" country. *sigh* ~xoxo~

  12. I always dread calling about Internet problems. No matter what the issue you always go through an ordeal.

  13. Hope it's been fixed for you. We have the same problem only with another Co. Hugs, xo

  14. I hate to say it, but I would be very suspicious of the response from "Comcast." I would not respond to the e-mail provided. When a company cares so little about the "customer service" that they don't check on the quality provided . . . don't do business with them. They're not going to do anything about it. Wonder if their Spanish is any better than their "English."

  15. Your comcart service in the US? I find my friend from more in Australia thank you goodness. I understand you some reast never find for you ...
    love and hugs. I hope you ae feeling good dear Sis!
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki and Victoria.

  16. I understand completely. I listen very carefully to "outsourced" tech representatives, but sometimes I simply can't understand what they are saying.

    And I agree it's not their fault. After all, I can't speak any of THEIR languages even horribly bad. On the other hand, I don't have a need to. There are advantages to being at the top of the economic/language-pyramid.

    But its also true that if I am a customer of an English-Speaking company, I should be able to talk to service representatives who also speak English fluently.

    I'm in a bit of a "world-view" quandry here. I don't expect the whole world to speak my Americn version of English or ever English at all. But I also can't get useful service from people who don't speak my language.

    There has to be a balance between "business costs" and service reps who can communicate in my local language.