Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Special Day

Today, I am elebenty squillion years old.  I really am.  I was there and I ought know.

It is a traditon these past years that on my birthday assuming it is a weekday, my son who teaches middle school in Charlotte NC will ask his class if they would like to sing Happy Birthday to me.  So if they agree they would like to by a majority, he fires up his cell phone and calls me three times total on my birthday so that three of the classes can sing Happy Birthday to me.  I got the first call at 0930.  I love it.  It's an honor as far as I see it.  🔆  Makes the day even more special.

Last night one of my sons and his wife and I had supper at my daughter-in-law's Grandmother's home.  Talk about delicious!  Now she can't read this so you know I am telling the truth.  I overate the broccoli casserole because I have never tasted one that delicious in all my days.  (elebenty squillion of 'em.)  I asked for the recipe but it didn't seem forthcoming.  That's alright.  Everyone has their secret recipe.

My next phone call with a song (if the kids want to) will be 1130.  Next after that about 1415.  I always get three.

Tomorrow, two sons and daughter-in-law will squire me to supper and stay a bit.  SO looking forward to that.  They can't make it today and that is fine as I have a class to attend tonight till 9. I missed last Thursday's class as I was still in Knoxville and could not make it back in time.

You all have a happy day today and be grateful for anything you wish to be grateful for.  xox


  1. I wish elebenty squillion blessings on you, Carole! Happy Birthday xoxoxox

  2. Well a big Happy Birthday to you! You are having a very good one!!

  3. Happy Birthday !!!

    I have always loved my day. I celebrate by doing things I want. Family, well, we usually do something that following weekend.

    So, for today, enjoy. Do the things you like.


  4. M saYs Happy Birthday dear friend. I'm sending Mario smooches to you and will talk for you! We know you are having a wonderful birthday and Miss Katie started the day off just right.

  5. Oh, M said I should tell you that the photo at the top of your heading has the WOW factor! It's beyond gorgeous!

  6. Happy Birthday Carole. Hope you have/had a wonderful day.

  7. Happy- Happy Birthday! It is great to be elebenty squillion years old- I am right there with you!!! xo Diana

  8. Yay!!!! happy birthday!!!! xxxxx ((hugs)))

  9. Well, A Great, Big Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had fun, fun. Hugs,xo

    I wish for you all things warm and wonderful, just like you. ~xoxo~

  11. Rosemary B here:
    I JUST got this uppiedate on your age status.
    Gosh, we must be the same age....... !!
    What a wonderful day. You are blessed.

    What kind of classes are you taking? Wait a minute, you can stay up until 9?
    I love you Carole.

    1. Ha! I was thinking the same thing about staying up until 9 pm -- and for a class?! Way to go, keeping your mind and body agile.

  12. So very happy you had a wonderful birthday celebration day and more to come. You deserve it and much more. XOXO <3

  13. Happy birthday to you!! It's really sweet of your son, must be so wonderful to hear his students sing a happy birthday song for you! I can easily tell his students love him :-)
    Have a wonderful birthday weekend xoxo

  14. Another year young! Cause for celebration and you did just that! Happy b-day Carole!

  15. Well I hope you had a good birthday...........I love my birthday and don't mind ageing

  16. I think the birthday songs for you is a wonderful idea! I would love to hear it. Were you able to record it?
    Sorry I missed this post yesterday on our birthday. xoxo

  17. I am so pleased your birthday was a really wonderful one! You deserve every good thing my friend.

  18. Congratultions on caring children. And I mean that.

  19. ALL of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are sunshine in my life.

  20. Hi sis! I has your happy birthday to Katie's space and I reall for your dinner time with all family. I was not perfect but the idea of same sort of personality we love life and our friends.
    Love you all ways!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki and Victoria,