Tuesday, September 23, 2014

You Never Know Dept.

The header would be pink asters.  I took that a few days ago.

I had gone to the grocery store three days ago.  While I waited in the check out I saw a woman ahead of me (duh) who was as short as I am.  She was of a certain age as they say, and she was stretched as far as her arms and tip toes would allow to reach a selection of t shirts that were displayed WAY too high for anyone to reach unless you are six feet and over.  No, you were not supposed to ask the cashier, you were expected to get them yourself.

This is the same store that had THREE times put a low heavy framed steel basket at knee level over by the milk to allow cookies to be displayed there as well.  A customer is looking at the shelves and absolutely KILLS their knee on that heavy steel thing jutting out about one foot from the cabinet where milks are displayed. I ought to know as it happened to me that many times.  Who dreams of something being there that is hard, sticking a foot outward at knee level as you walk on by looking for your product? Obviously, not me.

ANYway, she kept at it. I couldn't help because I am equally as short.  Within a blink of an eye she fell to the floor in a heap.

I bent to assist her but she would have none of it.  I asked her to be sure her arms, legs, ankles were not cracked or broken.  Meanwhile the oaf of a cashier just kept on ringing up her purchases!  I was astounded! She was finally able to rise and told me she had gotten dizzy.  (probably pressure on the nerves at the back of her skull from keeping the pressure on from her tipped back head).

At any rate, I told that man cashier that she had fallen (like he didn't know) and he finally said after she had risen in a small barely audible voice, "are you ok"?  Me, I would have called for the store manager at LEAST never mind help her up!  She stood to pay for her purchases and ol' hero there got her T-shirts down that she wanted. She was shaking all over as though she had hold of a jackhammer. Not much exaggeration there either.  I asked repeatedly could I assist her to a bench,  No.  Could I follow her to her car.  No.  So, I contented myself watching her through the plate glass window.

I wonder how she did.  I know the bruise would be a huge painful one.

Well, my oldest son will be here soon and just overnight.  So I am looking forward to that.

Happy Autumn my friends.


  1. The store cashier is an idiot and the store could be liable if she decides to file charges.

    The flowers are a gorgeous lovely color! xoxo

  2. Many retailers are highly trained professionals. Unfortunately, they can also be idiots.

  3. /Apparently all cashiers are not all created equally or should I say behave equally. Fall colors are making themselves very much known..gotta love that!

  4. Listen I work in the supermarket business so I have dealt with many hair brained decisions. Unfortunately they don't offer degrees in common sense.

  5. Beautiful picture! It seems ignorance and unhelpfulness is not just a European trait!

  6. Oh, this is a horrible story! I truly hope the lady is all right.

    I know you will enjoy your overnight visitor.

    I've missed some of your posts! I'm sorry to be behind on commenting. xo

  7. Management sure should hear about the lack of concern, they would have from me. Glad you were there Sis. Prayers to you and yours. XoXo

  8. Rosemary here:
    Hi good morning smooches to you.
    I just rolled out of my nest...

    Forget the management of the store. I would go straight to corporate.
    This store is a disaster area and some tall person that went to college on a basketball scholarship that went nowhere.... and somehow got a degree in Grocery Store management.... does not have a brain.

    I hope the lady is okay.
    I am 5'6 and I am always helping short people. I just barge in and help them.
    I also have long monkey arms, another shining asset to assist the challenged.

    Have fun with your boy. I hope the weather is nice enough to get out and frolic.
    I am grocery shopping, little bit of sewing, gym, parents for a while, then home for dinner.
    I have so much to do. oh well
    I love you Caroleblossom, hugs to you and Katieflowerblossompants

  9. Oh my! People never cease to amaze me. I hope she is okay. I also hope the cashier at least learns customer service. That is just heartless. But, bless your heart! ~xoxo~

  10. The header is beautiful, Carole-blossom. The story you tell is just such a sad testament to uncaring and self-absorbed folks who seem to surround us. So, the cashier couldn't have stopped ringing up her purchases to help her OR to call over someone for an assist to get the derned t-shirt? This would have prevented the whole painful episode. Some people...

  11. The abundant lack of civility and caring about others makes us so sad. Thank you for caring, Carole.