Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Gloomy Rainy Dark Dark Day

Now if that's not an awful title, I don't know what is.  :-)

Seems to always be raining here regardless of the rain gauges at an airport miles and miles away that make the decision if WE have had rain or not.  I wrote several weathermen on our TV stations and asked why that is done. And I asked that the instruments come back to the town/City (Knoxville) that they are claiming the statistics for.  They didn't understand the question I guess because two that I wrote said because that is where the weather station instruments are hence, Alcoa's stats are supposed to be Knoxville's.  Oooookaaaaay!   Well, who woulda thunk it?  Sheesh.

Here is a picture of my room, without a flash.  It is grainy and taken with the phone.  It doesn't do well in such low light.  The whole house is lit with lights in the various rooms that I am mostly in...i.e. the living room and here, the computer room and the kitchen.  SO dreary and gloomy.

Meanwhile, I have the pleasure of my son, his wife and the baby grandson-to-be coming over for supper tomorrow night.  I'm trying out a new recipe, with thick pork chops, yellow potatoes and onion, other things including a bit of Parmesan cheese.  I so hope it turns out well.  I made an apple pie too.  WE are having some steamed broccoli and carrots as a side.

I went to work out this morning an hour later than usual and the owner had some type of exercise class going so I left.  Maybe I can go tomorrow and get there early enough not to run into that.

xxoo Have the best of days and the rest of the week too.


  1. Okay, if that pork chop recipe turns out as yummy, and is as easy to make, as your rosemary chicken recipe, please post. I make that chicken dish almost every weekend, but would love something else simple. I have a zillion recipes in various cookbooks and have a binder full of recipe clippings, but don't make any of them. It has to be one bowl/pot! :-)

  2. Love and prayers and the warmth of family are the only lasting remedies from the cold and dark. XOXO

  3. It's been very nice and sunny here for the last couple of days. I wish I could send you some sunshine!
    Oh, so it's a boy! I'm so happy for your grandson-to-be :-)
    Pork chop sounds good. Now I'm getting hungry!

  4. Our weather has been iffy. It was both sunny and warm and rainy today and the weather over our vacation was mostly rain.and clouds.
    Mmmm the meal sounds mouth watering.

  5. I use our own rain gauge to record rainfall, and we had 1 3/4 inches overnight! More today, too!

    Supper sounds like it will be delicious! Enjoy! xo

  6. Weather so so here. Sprinkles a little yesterday. Dinner sounds delicious.

  7. Rosemary here:
    Today the sun is shining.
    I have finally learned in my long long life, I have to make my own sunshine.
    However, this unsettled weather that comes from the southwest always gives me a mild headache. So I had that yesterday, nothing debilitating, just there. Your bed looks very pretty, a wonderful sleep nest.
    Have fun with your two big kids and the bun in the oven.
    Go to the gym. Rex and i will be going shortly. I hope to see you there.... yes, that would be cool.
    Love <3

  8. We have gloominess here too, so Austin is welded to my lap. I can no longer feel my legs! xxx

  9. It's bright as can be here...I need it, I'm totally solar powered!

  10. It has rained a lot here lately. Chloe Jo is sick, too. *sigh*

  11. Carole;

    I have included Erich & you in my prayers today; may the surgery be successful; may the evil nasty C be sent to hell, never to return; ...can I say the words... prayers and evil in the same sentence...and I hope he is on the road to recovery & health, and stays there...♥♥♥ Laura

  12. Mary here - your room looks lovely, even on a gloomy day. We've had a few of them around here too. Just don't get as many as you do. Hope sunshine is coming your way.

  13. @Laura...God bless you for that. We are so truly grateful for each prayer. xxoo

  14. The newspaper posts rain results for the 3 local airports. Fortunately, one is directly west of us by about 15 miles, so we usually seem to get about the same rain. The rain that falls there seems to be replenished as the clouds cross the Potomac River. In minor showers, my rain guage shows the same withing a 1/4". Even in massive storms, it is about 1/2" the same.

    I understand about lighting. I filled the house up with the daylight types of CFL and LED bulbs. It makes a difference, since the house is shaded by mature trees from about 11 am on.

    I need to add one to my bedroom closet though. I have some shirts I can't tell the color of unless I carry them to a window. Let's just say that a gray shirt looks hideous with green camo pants...

    I love yellow potatoes. I grew Yukon Gold until they became readily available in the grocery store. I grow Russian Yellow Fingerling now. I bought 1 lb last Spring and harvested 5 lbs this week. And they are slightly sweeter than Yukon Gold. Or maybe that was because I grew them myself.

    Have you tried baking alternating potato slices with green pepper and ham cubes in a herbed milk/flour sauce in a casserole?

    LOL! I missed the "out" in "work out". I thought it was something happening at your workplace... Yeah, I'd avoid that too. GROUP exercise was never my thing.

  15. Hi Sis!
    I thinking how your type of exercise has too bad ...I hope you don't keeping up eat ...Please take care of what you can doing yourway Sis!
    Love and hugs xxooxx
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki.and Victoria.

  16. Hope you have a lovely family gathering , the food sounds really good.
    Gloomy here today , not stopped raining .
    Have a good and happy week. x