Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Son got the all clear of everything and he is healthy as the proverbial horse.  No problems other than mundane so-so ones were found despite all the dire warnings.  God is good.  I knew He would be.

The weather has finally gotten chill...downright cold.  Others have had it worse to be sure.  But we will steadily get colder and snow will come.  I just hope when it does that I can still get down my hills and to the workouts I enjoy so much.  I got somewhat out of the mainstream by missing a good several weeks due to not only my absences but my back and knees were killing me.  They will get better.  I will see to it.  Work injuries that have never healed.  Most occurred on the Range qualifying with weapons.  You do have to get into some interesting positions, and in a hurry.  So you do it and hang the consequences.  After years pass, there always are consequences.  :-)

One of my colleagues passed away from a dread disease last week.  We others attended his Friend Visitation several evenings ago.  Old home weekin a way; you know how it is with all of us together.  We remarked that years don't pass and these things (death) don't happen to those we know.

You have to know that we all of us know better than that.  I am illustrating that it is always a shock.  And no one ever ages.  If they were 22  years old when you met them, they still are 22 years of age despite the current 54 years of age that a piece of paper says they are. Who?  Me age?  Nonsense.  Can't happen, doesn't happen, won't happen.  However you do (me) wake up each morning and move a bit less enthusiastically into the kitchen and when kneeling feeding the cat, you think that there must be some ultra strong gravity anomaly pressing down on you as you try to rise from kneeling.  Knees screaming for help..your back in a pretzel twist as you make your way upwards again.  But me?  Age?  Hurt joints from work?  Who? ME?  Nonsense.

Here's my side yard, a bit of my deck, the privacy fence up  on street side to keep the honking and stuff from the street down.  This was Sunday last.  Still lots of leaves there and still some color.


  1. Fabulous, fabulous news, Carole, I'm so happy your son has the all-clear.

    Condolences to the family and friends of your (presumably former) work colleague. I know...we like to think we're immortal somehow, that others age and we don't. The entire beauty business is built on the shame of aging, but that's another topic.

    I hear you, though, re: the aches and pains! It's actually rather funny, in a way. Because if you don't laugh about it, well, there's not much left!


  2. That is such wonderful news about your son's progress and prognosis. Gorgeous fall colors there.

    Take care of your knees and back.

  3. I'm so happy your son is doing so well! What a great news :-)
    When I was teenager, I never thought I would turn 30! I thought I'd be young I'm facing reality, haha.
    Your side yard looks gorgeous. What beautiful autumn colors! We are expecting 20's this week. Brrrr...winter is coming.

  4. So glad to hear your son is progressing nicely! Time passes, and children age - but WE don't.:-) xo

  5. That is some wonderful and happy news, Carole. God is good, indeed!

    Yes, time does pass, but in some ways, age is a state of mind. My body sometimes begs to differ, though. ha ha.

  6. I am rejoicing at the news and thank God for His mercies!

    This getting old thing is not something I subscribe to. However, my body is at odds with the rest of me and there is much creaking and squeaking and aches and pains. I hope you will get your old bones to cooperate 😉

  7. Rosemary here:
    Incredible news about your son. What a battle, and he won. Now we want to keep him healthy as a horse, I hope he has an overdose of fun haha now that he is all better. I am really happy for both of you and your whole family. The next holiday gathering I suggest all of you go bananas with happiness.
    Losing friends is hard. I think it is harder when you are young like we are, we think this is a short life. It is a slap in our faces: life is precious, love and hug everyone.
    I am getting decrepit too. I am not even 60 yet.
    I just keep moving. Sitting a lot seems to not be such a good idea for me.
    I love you Carole. YOur yard is pretty. today is cold, tomorrow is going to get colder. Hubb's sister lives in Marquette Michigan and they got 2 feet of snow a few days ago, it is not melting much. I think Marquette is pretty but I would not want to live there.
    I hope you have a happy peppy day today
    Love, Rosemary

  8. SO happy for him Sis..Prayers are surely answered.. We still pray for our Beth and know that God will answer those for her too. Things are covered in white here this morning.. first cover of the winter so far. Kids love it,,parents not so much.. same old. All my friends are older and so am I we still laugh over the same old things.. it's all good. Would not trade them for anything...

  9. God is good beyond what we can ever think or that! We've been below zero with's begun.

  10. Carole: awesum news about Erich !!!! I will tell the tabbies to do the trout towne shuffle for him ~~~~ ♥♥♥ Laura

  11. Hearing the "all clear" is one of the dearest gifts possible! Your friends and family have been pulling for - and praying for - his recovery. Blessings to your family. And pain relief for those young knees too

  12. Hurray for your son! Doctors, nurses, and modern medicine help a lot. Looking back on my life, I could well have died at 18 months, 3 years, and 18 years from specific problems. And that doesn't count the near-misses I was just lucky about tht had no consequences (but could have).

    The years catch up to us all. There was a time when I could just stand up from kneeling. Now I need to put down a hand for a push.

    On the other hand, when my grampas were my age (64), they were "old". They looked and acted 84. I am grateful for the progress that healthy food, medicine, and better care as made in just 2 generations.

  13. That is good news. My friend and were having "old man talk" the other day. It all started after I said, after recent oral surgery, that I could finally chew my toast. And off it went from there.

  14. We are happy to hear this news!! Good, good!! As for the "aging" thing, it's inevitable. Enjoy what you have! xoxo

  15. Prayers answered. I am so happy to hear this good news!
    Aging, happens. I don't mind. It brings wisdom.

  16. Hi Sis!
    I has wrotting for you ..but I can't read anymore? I just wondering about why?
    Thank you Sis!