Monday, March 31, 2014

Yello Everbodee

Well, I have comment moderation after 24 hours on this blog but I will have to go to immediate moderation here as well as Katie's blog as some of my friends have done.  The reason is some troll said some really ugly ugly things to Katie Isabella this morning.  There was no call for that.  I see s/he is making the rounds to many others in the CB (Cat Blogosphere) so I may as well be the only one seeing the deranged things.  Spare you all.

Spring has gotten here at last and toward the middle of the week, it will be 80 degrees.   The weeds are sprouting.  Good thing as they are the only thing I have that's green out there. Grass meets the kiss o' death here in my yard.  I'm beginning to think it's personal!  :-)

Is it me or what?  I am referring to something new here.  I want a canister vacuum.  At least a 12 inch power head to the floor.  ALL I can find to fit that bill are on-line ONLY.  That means shipping and handling but it also means you have to assemble it (I am NO...repeat NO NO NO good at that.  Never have been, never will be.  AND with it on line only I can't see it or ask questions.  I have checked so many places and online only for the most part.  The uprights which I don't want but would settle for are either terribly cheap only.

My back is killing me (it is in bad shape anyway) leaning over to vacuum with this little truly short upright I have.  AND it only has like a 20 foot cord,  MAJOR problem.

OK.  Had to complain.  Bye.

The front of this thing reminds me of a Star Wars Storm Trooper in appearance. Just saying'.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Oh MY!

Oh MY!  As I have mentioned before in my blogs all the way back to MSN Spaces days, there must have been a great theft of all the turn signals in all the vehicles in this State.  Has to be!  Why else do I never see one flashing at a turning place?  Burglars must have been well coordinated to get them all like that.  Luckily I had mine chained to the steering column so I am still able to use it.  It's precious, so I expect someone will creep in during the night while they can be unseen and steal mine too!  Little do they know I have a garage nearby where I can have another installed!!!

I think too that most drivers have had one of their two arms drop off.  This is amazing!! Why else do I see just one handed steering coming at me down the road or showing up right behind me?  Four knuckles popped up like four tiny suns rising over the curve of the steering wheel. And their fingers maybe or maybe not gripping the steering wheel.  Have to admit that the casual wrist placement only atop the steering wheel gets me  every time.  Wrist driving!  Whodda thunk it?

But meanwhile, moving on,  last night I dreamed I got married.  Yes, I did.  His name was George.  I never could see his face really well but I had enough of a sense that he was O.K. looking.   Not fat, not thin.  Average.  He was not easy to deal with as he was very quiet and rather puny seeming.  Wraith-like. Probably that signified that I do not wish to be married again (and I do not).  But somehow I found myself married.  As the saying goes,  "Go Figure"!

So.  I have told you my thought for the day of theft of vehicle safety features and my most peculiar dream.  :-)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Almost There...

 I miss the days that were like gemstones. Especially when I was a young mother and again later on after I started a demanding career.  Those endless seeming days still gleam to me like molten precious metal.  I see them so clearly.  Like droplets that have fallen from the whole of who I am.  I still stand, but spare and compact. 

Here is a little one whose skirts were spread out this morning when I stepped out to the driveway.  There were others as well and I sense a wonderful event about to happen.  I will be there to take their photos for them if they wish and if I am granted permission, you too shall see what they have planned.  I think it's a gala!  

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, I peeked out of the mini blinds and saw the rising sun beginning to mark the horizon with gold.

 Let's hurry!  The first order of the day is to be dressed, put on suitable shoes and have a bite of food  and some fragrant coffee while keeping an eye on the brightening horizon.

The time has come to pack the camera, add the mat upon which to kneel, the tripod "just in case" and a red bandanna rolled and twisted around my forehead and hair We all of us march out to the car. Joy!

I know just where to go.  The smile is back on my face in anticipation.  On arrival at the destination I so longed for all winter, I get out of the vehicle and start gathering things from the back seat.  I know I will be looking for insects, flowers and small miracles in the grass as well as on the bushes, so I only take the camera, the kneeling mat and the closeup lens.

Oh!  It is so humid and hot.  I can hear the "heat bugs" all around me as I walk to my choice of a first area of wild flowers.  They, the chorusing insects, add to the delight of the day for me.  They mean summer or the heat of spring.  The heat and humidity which are already making my scalp wet do as well.  I don't care.  My usual vanity-type concerns fade when I turn into the copse where my little ones are waiting for me.   The sun is gleaming with growing ardor down onto the cleared spaces of my magical playground. But my babies are all in the shade, still covered with their jewels in the form of pure dew.

I walk softly and respectfully to where they are gathered and listen closely to their murmurs.  I kneel down among them and whisper 'good morning' to the assembly right where I am at the moment.  If an opportunity presents itself I thank them humbly, (and I do indeed, my friends) and watch as bees come to feed and gather pollen.  We, the bees and I, are friends.  We do not become upset in the presence of one another and we always share the moment in peace. I watch them and occasionally make a  mental comment to them about their thick leggings of pollen.  I am always complimentary of their work. It pays to be polite don't you know?

 I engage the butterflies who stop by or land near me in a greeting, and  I remark on their help with the pollinating.  They like their pictures taken too, as do the bees and the wildflowers.   I ask their leave and they have posed very nicely for me on many occasions.  I rise from my mat and go to another group of wildflowers who have woken and begun their day.  I greet them as well and whisper to them of my hopes and ask that they  help me capture just a little of their magic.  They are lenient with those of us who listen, and who are respectful of the wildflowers and insects tiny world.  And I am here to say that I have learned a lot in my conversations with them.   Some of my conversations I have transcribed to my photos of these beautiful subjects, in my Flickr account.  One of my favorite conversations of all time was with a group of wallflowers who told me they were there to be chaperons at the springtime  dance of the dwellers of the meadow.  I was honored to show them in their beautiful pastel dresses and help them tell their story.

I can hardly wait friends.  I am so looking forward to being there with them again.  I hope they missed me?  Have they wondered where I have been?  Will they send a silent message to me as I approach?   I will greet them with my best smile when I see them soon.

One of the dearest little faces in the world.  This little one was in my yard today and the only sweetie open.  Everyone else was still closed tightly but this one said it was all right to celebrate her beauty and her simply being here.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The so-called flip side.

Many of us are pet owners.  Sometimes we are called pet parents and I think that happens when love for the pet is obvious and good care is taken for their welfare.  Katie my cat has a blog and it is very easy to see she is loved and cared for.  I am comfortable expressing that in the Cat Blogosphere, as there are many just like me.

That is the prelude. Here comes the point.

The flip side then is the very real love one develops toward pets and other animals.   That love happens because the pet loves us so much.  As has been written thousands of times, that love really IS unconditional.  When you are kind to them they look for that kindness each day. When they feel safe and loved, that is the turning point to unconditional love from them to us.  What a pure love.  They don't care or note our appearance or what our clothing or what ours and their home looks like.  That home can be a street corner with their person.  The owner and animal are just as loved by one another.

The second part of my point is that love we have for our pet many times extends to other pets, even if  we only see them on the Internet in the form of a blog or on Facebook.  That leaves us achingly vulnerable to the inhuman acts perpetrated on these blameless innocents of whom we are charged to be stewards.  If their innocent little face or body and their story is thrust on us all unknowing, many of we pet parents/owners suffer terribly.  We retain the picture of inhuman cruelty in our minds forever, seeing it again and again no matter how we try to "erase" it.  If we find we have read a description by the usually well meaning person--- that description remains  in our memory forever.  An exquisitely painful memory.

These well meaning persons posting these extreme pictures are "preaching to the choir" most often.  Those of us who see it are rarely the guilty ones who have become devilish monsters. (Yes, monsters, as that is what they are, those who do these horrendous things).  We who see the postings are the loving ones, the ones who rescue.  So are the ones who post these things.  I wish they would not show us the intense suffering as that only crushes those of us who happen on it before they can stop looking.  We do all we can to rescue and love all animals and birds we come across and we volunteer.  We give our money.  Those monsters who MAY see such postings revel in it.  It does no good to my way of thinking.  Please just rally people to try to have punishment at the civil level for the perpetrators and to support in ways that are doable.

Just my thought on the matter in the form of a blog.  I have tears in the backs of my eyes as I write because I just ran across one of those pictures posted by a dear friend.  I can't bear it.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

And so, Ladies and Gentlemen-----

And so my friends, I will announce that the ice and snow is supposed to be here again TOMORROW!  S-T-O-P!!  Every time there is an appointment not to be broken for myself or a family SNOWS!  Now snow AND ice????  STOP!  QUIT!  DESIST!! Give it a REST will ya?

If a feller could just sit about and drink tea or coffee or Pepsi or Coke..fine, let 'er rip. But some folks have very important things to do tomorrow (aside from my family of course)

Needless to say others in the Country have it far worse than we do.  I feel a little embarrassed to complain.  I will mention however that it seems to be a winter among winters for us here in my region.  More snow and cold than usual.  The past twenty five years have had freezing weather in it of course and snow as well but not like this winter.  There was a tornado in the next County a few weeks ago.  The past five or so years if not more,  we have had tornadoes in every month of the year, I am not exaggerating.   Is that not so Nellie? They call this swath of America  Dixie Alley.

I have to go tend to something..see you later gator.