Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday and kittens

Face Book does do some good.  A friend of my son told him that our local animal shelter needed kitten food.  He passed that on to me and so I bought about $40.00 worth of cans of kitten food with some kitten milk to so as to dilute the kitten food for easier lapping.  They were trying to get the babies to eat KIBBLE! They are hardly weaned if at all from their mommy.  KIBBLE?

There was a teenager boy cat playing with a wand toy all by himself so I took up the wand and played with him awhile.  Man, he leapt so HIGH!!! And a ginger boy in a cage whose purr was like a trill.  Oh how sweet it sounded.

Does anyone reading this have a MAC?  If so, do you use Skype?  Every time I try to open Skype, it says it unexpectedly quit.  It gets reported it says, to Apple but it still, after a week does the same thing.  I can't get Skype to open and no idea why.  I wonder if there is a conflict with Mac's OS?

Horst, if you're reading this come on down.  I have a kitchen door with the doorknob set needing changing and the coast is clear!!!

Button, you too.

If you are reading this Carrie, thank you for the dear comment.  Wasn't that odd to dream that.  I had read your blog hours before and that is likely why I had you in that dream.

Well, mine eyes are burning.  I could use a good 24 hrs. of sleep.  Pain makes me keep turning over.  It must be pressure because once I walk off from the bed the pain is gone, but man it sure hurts while I am down for the count.  I turn like I am on a roasting spit.

That is a white bearded iris in the header with true rain water.  I stood out IN the rain to get the picture.  I took it a good three years ago.

Boston Boy, all my headers are taken by me.  I have yet to use anything else.   But my better pics are in Flickr.


Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday and the Weekend with Camera in Hand I Hope.

A little busy.  Worked out  which felt wonderful and I was glad to get to go, although this was the only day this week.  That's all right though.  It will get better. But I got to do the usual grocery shopping, go to the bank, the post office, paid a zillion dollars for stamps and pennies away from three dollars to mail a tiny padded envelope to WI. He said because it was padded, it became a package, not a letter.  I waited about 15 minutes to mail that envelope.  SIGH.  One person working in there.

Rained to beat the band and rained HARD too for quite a few hours.  Wind was very high.  I did go out afterward and pruned back all the way to the  very base, my dead gardenia bush.   The harsh winter got it this time.  I can't dig in my concrete-like soil so I won't get another until someone can plant it for e and no idea how to get anyone to do that.  I also need my kitchen doorknob replaced but no one to ask to do that either.  I have the money but no one to ask.  No one advertises for that sort of thing..small jobs.  None of my sons knows one end of a screwdriver from another.  So that's not gonna work.  They don't seem to "make" handymen any more.  This is where, when I tell certain friends, that they say " Oh, I do all that kind of work myself.  It's easy."  Well, good for them.  It's not for me.

Heck, I can't even smile and bat my eyes to get some help because there is no one to smile and bat at. :-)

Oh well...burglars..easy mark right here!

Oh, the picture is blown up too large for the header.  I didn't know how it was going to turn out so large via Google till I put it in here.  That's OK.  I will change it tomorrow.

Hey, I'm gone.  See ya soon.  Planning for my trip to Charlotte for Mother's Day.  Cannot wait.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another Day For Which to be Grateful

Nothing is wrong, just I really DO feel that way.  Each day is a gift whether you are 21 years old or 51 years old.  Age does not factor in here in gratitude for our lives.

Anyway, the header is not one of my "good" pictures  :-)  but I wanted you to see what the whole tree looked like.  Well, at least PART of the entire tree.  The little frame around it is to hide some of the distractions.  I'll leave it up a day or so.

Something wonderful happened to a member of my family here yesterday and we are in a celebratory mood!  :-)  That's a good thing as ol' Martha would have said.

Other than changing the header and saying that, I am done (my!  I think I felt the wind of all those gusty breaths of relief)!  I know I am usually pretty lengthy.  Especially on my rants.

Have a good day with some good things happening.Just getting to do your work is a good thing.  Think of those who can't.  No, not me.  Just saying'.  ❤

I am always so fascinated by this phenom!  It's very near me.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Have a Blessed Easter

I believe I will do as I used to do back in the day on MSN Spaces days.  I will state something I know, believe and glory in.

He is Risen.

Thank you my friends.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Oh fer pete sake!

Here it was a wonderful non humid day at 83 degrees yesterday and in the 70's the two days previous and freeze warning.  Rain to beat the band this morning and while it is still cloudy at the moment no rain.  Tomorrow however that will change and the ever present winds we have had this past week will still be there.  Snow in the Plateau and maybe a tad of it here where we are.  GIVE US A BREAK!!!  UNCLE!  AUNT!  Whoever you want. QUIT with the freezing temps but especially the snow!  And why do you always snow on the several days every few weeks that I MUST make a trip to the city?

Anyway, just saying'.

Two of my sons and the wife of one of them are at the Outer Banks in NC again.  I hope to see some great pictures when they return.  This is the Spring break of one of them.  Me...I did get out with the camera this weekend and that made me smile.  I didn't get much and the wind was blowing like a hurricane so the flowers were always in a tizzy.  I did the best I could to catch a shot in between vast movement brought about by gusts of wind.

Oh, I am fuller than a tick again.  I had a very early supper as I had no lunch and I was hungry.  One of the things I had was a baked potato.  I just add better and salt.  But that and the fish and veggie were enough to bust me wide open. *groan*.

I may change the header today with my red dogwoods.  :-)

Friday, April 4, 2014

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might

Someone in the past several days had a most excellent blog and in it they said if you could turn back time for a while, where would time stop for you? If I could only remember who wrote that I would give them credit right now.  I just cannot recall and I have tried hard all day.

The blogger then opened the blog comments to our thoughts on the matter.  I chose something not unlike me.  That would be when my children were one year as the youngest and three and four years of age for the other two.  That was truly a very happy time for me.  It was before I had to struggle so much and so long and when I could give all the nourishment to their hearts and minds I could possibly give them.  They learned, and knew they were loved.  The passage of an additional five years from then was also a beautiful time for me.

wind blown daffodils in my side yard. 

After some more consideration I have decided that the age of two years till five years of age were a wonderful three years for me.  Both parents, two much older brothers and being the baby of the family and a little girl had advantages in that I was protected a bit more perhaps.  I do know regardless of  the accuracy of my perception now that I was happy.  Lying on my stomach on the warm grass in the spring and summer sunshine, munching the tiny tiny flowers (from weeds no doubt).  Giving our long suffering tolerant bull terrier a  frequent mud bath with the wooden spoon from my little dixie cup.  Walking back and forth on the concrete barrier about ten inches high, that guarded the lawn from the street.  Listening to my brothers with their buddies and seeing their comic books, trying to make sense of them.  Playing with my blocks and being taught to make designs with them.  The ritual of being put to bed at night, hearing the same music that was played just for me.  Just all manner of things.  A happy time.  A nice home and neighbor little girl friends to play with.

After the age of five, things were not easy for me. Two things have been good since the age of five however.  A vast amount of travel outside this Country,  and having my children.  Perhaps I shall include my career as  it changed me completely except for the love of my family.  There, I remain the same.

MORE windblown daffodils in my yard

Enough of memory lane.  SO: I will stop the years at my age of two please, and again when I had my three children.

Were would YOU stop time or would you?  Many will say not ever, for any number of reasons.  But it is fun to think of an hour or a day of carefree happiness.  Some have that 7/24/365 and that is good.