Monday, January 26, 2015

All of You

Thank you each one who replied to me regarding the last blog about FB--- that reaction from the woman I wish had not happened.  I have never been controversial on purpose. Oh,  I get preachy about rude people sometimes, and about cruelty to the helpless both animal and human.  I very much am emphatic in expressing my intense feelings about those topics.  That may offend those who are not of the same mindset as mine.  I am VERY strong in my thoughts about babies and children in general.  I am for them from the first second.  Others aren't, but I don't set out to state all of my opinions.  All of you who visit me are kind and loving people. I can tell from reading your blogs.  Sometimes I read and you don't know that I was there because I'm out in a public place with the iPhone  when reading and I don't comment because of time constraints. I know the face you show us all.  And I like it.

Now, with thanks given I feel buoyed up again after the embarrassment.

I feel so badly about those who are having to endure the snows again as they did last year as well.  What in the world is WRONG with the world?  Once again, for the fourth year in a row some of my precious wild violets have been showing for almost two weeks!  And there was a sole dandelion bloomed several weeks ago and sad to say, the narcissus and daffodil bulbs are already about 4 inches out of the ground,  Nooooo.  Not again.  The poor tulips and hyacinths will be right behind them within 3 to 4 weeks.  It's sad.  Here is my sweet violet whom I love.  Long story that I love them so much.  Some may remember.

I hope NanaDiana is much much better physically, and Paul, if you even read this any longer, I pray for your safety there in  Boston.  I will always be your friend and always care what happens with you.

Just checking in.  XXOO


  1. The snow has missed us again! Thinking about everyone in the path of this blizzard that is sweeping the East coast. Keep warm! Give Miss Katie an extra hug for me! xo

  2. weather is funny..... just can't control it.... so have to endure it..... last year we had a late growing season..... not until June did growth begin. ah well.... there will be blossoms.

  3. It's been warmer this winter here in Georgia and trees are getting green leaves. If the cold hit here, these trees will be very unhappy.. I hope those in the north stay warm and safe. That violet is very sweet and pretty. And the header photo is stunning!

  4. "They" keep warning us about snow coming to Blighty, but I am not holding my breath for it coming here!! But it does look terrible on the east coast US!!

  5. I see they already cancelled the travel restrictions...maybe things with the storm won't be so bad.

  6. A very worrying time for all concerned , saw here on the News in the UK.
    Hope aren't so bad and they stay safe out there.
    Pretty flowers , they do tend to rear their lovely heads far too early these days. I have to be careful of the hard frosts here.
    Snow drops do very well and certain parts of the country have a bed of them right now.

  7. Awesome flower and thanx for sharing Carole; I wont see any until march maybe april and by then I need to find a good rabbit deterrent as last year he ( they ) literally ate everything clear down to the soil.... Laura

  8. You are wonderful. I am so thankful for you. Hugs...

  9. When I see on the news about the bad weather in some parts of the world it reminds me how lucky I am to live where I do as we have pretty good weather most of the time, although today it has been wet all day and this morning driving Leo to school the car spun out but no accident as the car in the opposite direction stopped before it hit me.

  10. Feel so for those that got dumped on very hard. Weather is just crazy lately. Winter hasn't been too bad here so far. Some real cold days in Dec. and more expected next week, but the snow hasn't been as bad as it could have been.

  11. Well, we are thankful for you and your friendship, too, Carole. So there. :)

    We got about a foot of snow this time. Much better than the 2 to 3 feet they had originally forecast...


  12. Hi Sis!
    A violet and other flowers are always beautifuls! You get preacky about helpess animal and human some thoughts about babies and children in general. you can reading other friends blogs the face books.
    The poor tulips and hiacinths in cold weathers time after few weeks you will be happy for Dear Sis!
    Mind was getting a much better just like yesterday was I was back to premuch my golfing day!
    Are you wating TV with decided on nice introoder cats and remember them..I thinking of you all the time more in night times.
    Sis,Katie,and Victoria,

  13. You know, I would keep reading your blog if I didn't like the things you write. And I thing that reflects on the person you are...

    Love the violet picture, and knowing you have many wild violets.

    But, how is it possible to have "one" dandelion? Please tell us the secret.