Sunday, February 1, 2015

Seriously Siri

I likely should not, but I am going to tell one on me.

I had just learned something about the new location of my workout center and on my way home, wanted to tell it to a good friend.  So (and no lectures please) I whipped out my iPhone and pressed the instant on to Siri button.  All I had to do was say "send message to-------"  When she asked what did I want to say, I started my message.  I got one sentence in. I said "Carolyn, you were right......" and Siri said "Do you want me to send it?" I said No.  I started again.   I pressed the instant to Siri button again (you can do this from the lock screen) and said the same thing. "Send message to Carolyn." Again, I got about one sentence into it when Siri said "Do you want me to send it?" I said "NO" emphatically!  I pressed the button again.  I started saying the same thing when I got into my message.  I got as far as one sentence, perhaps a word or so after that as well and no surprise....  "Shall I send it?" "NO" shouted I.

She and I went through that two more times and finally after she asked if she should send it on the sixth and last time!!!!! I said loudly in frustration "What in the @$%* is the MATTER with you????" No, that was not nice language of me.  It was the H-E-Double Hockey sticks word.  Do you know my friends,  she answered and said to me "I try to look on the bright side of things".  Gotta laugh.  I was still laughing when I got to my destination.  A fight with Siri.  Good grief!

PS That is a magnolia I took a picture of.


  1. OMG Sis.. to be there hearing that in person would have had me in tears laughing,. Glad I don't have a phone to talk back to me.. it would not last long, HA!

  2. Dear Sis! it was a beautiful Magnolia Thank you very much in this morning
    we still having a raining now will be all days!
    Have a nice day for you!
    Sis,Katie,and Victoria,

  3. LOL that's too funny! I think Siri has got good sense of humor :-)
    Love the header photo. The magnolia close-up looks gorgeous!

  4. MOL! Did Siri send the messages anyhow? She did that to me. First mistook what I said for something far more suggestive than that I actually said, then when I instructed her not to send it, sent it anyhow... to a coworker! Siri has a wicked sense of humor, and you have to watch out for her!

  5. HAhahahah! Sometimes The Staff thinks that Siri is her only friend! You gotta be nice to your friends! ;)

  6. Rosemary B here:
    Yesterday my dad asked Siri
    "what is the best cell phone"
    "I think you already know that, Johan"
    Then he said, "No, I did not know that" and she said
    "I don't understand"
    Siri is snarky.
    I hope you are having a great morning. We have rain and drab.
    As always, too much to do
    Love always, Rosemary and the boys

  7. I have no idea of what you are talking about. I have stayed away from many of the technological advances of phone service. Many of these things just complicate things instead of making them simpler. I have certainly had issues with my computer but truth be told I couldn't live without it. Ok I seemed to have covered both side of the issue.

    Just curious, need any snow?

  8. Hi Sis!
    Konnitch-wa! just perfectly in the spot Mom has to sweep other vacuum with everyday. Mom is going her hire cat.I'm going today afternoon too..
    When you said of tiny derk with small house..I though was lovely house in back where all the wild Animals told meerlt siri got?
    love me with all your Heart love me tonight!
    Sis.Katie.and Victoria.

  9. Arguing with Siri is a bit different that shouting at your monitor when the computer crashes. I dont have Siri (but I'm getting interested).

    At least when I yell in the house, the walls don't talk back. LOL!

  10. Funny. Siri seems to have no patience. You lasted longer than I would have, and I'm normally a patient person.

  11. I've had a couple of run-ins with Siri myhself and she does want to cut everyone off to keep the message to two sentences. So frustrating. That is the funniest story tho. I love what she said back to you!!!! ha ha