Monday, March 2, 2015

It Was a Dark and Stormy Day.

It was dim seeming in the hallway yesterday morning about 1100 as it was raining outside.  I came from my bedroom at the end of the hallway and as I passed though on my way to the living room.  My eye was caught by an image on the wainscoting brought about by the knots and burls designed into the wallboard, for the first time since the wainscoting was installed by yours truly years ago.

I saw a head!  Of course it's not a head.  Just a fluke of design.  I didn't see any others but I was too busy looking at and identifying any parts of a face I could find.

Here is a picture I took with the iPhone.  Then, here the picture again is with arrows applied pointing to the facial parts I fancied I saw.  How about you have a look at the first picture and see if you see what caught my eye as I hurried past the wall on my way through to the next room.

Let me know.  xxoo  Biggafy for a better view.  


  1. Yes I see it!!! Even without the identifying arrows!! It's like one of those memes you see going around facebook!! MOL

  2. LOL- I see it. We had a door that had a face in it in one of our houses-it always kind of freaked me out it was so clear

    I did get your comment. I only wanted to tell you that you are a No Reply when you leave a comment but you probably already know that.. xo Diana

  3. It didn't "take"-You are still coming through as a No Reply. Did you hit SAVE after you changed the setting? Blogger is such a pain!!!!

  4. Watch out, soon you'll be seeing saints in your soft shell tacos! ;)

  5. I am glad that I am not the only one who does this. Great minds think alike!

  6. At the first sight of your photos, before reading, I thought they were some scenery, Grand Canyon or somethings :-)
    Now I see the face! That is cool! Once before I saw a "face" formed by clouds :-)

  7. Actually, I was thinking Grand Canyon too, or some other canyon. Didn't see a face until you pointed it out and even then, I still see canyon walls. LOL.

  8. I didn't need the arrows to see it

  9. That';s amazing that you have never noticed it before, but I suppose the light or shading was hitting it just right. Then too, sometimes we walk through our houses in a hurry, quite often carrying something or thinking about something and things just don't sink in. That is amazing. It looks 3 dimensional too - is it?

  10. Hi Sis!
    Is that was raining outside just you came from bedrooms. also your eys of first time since the wain scoting was years ago ...Is that right?
    As you said Just a fluke of desingn at your face ...
    I thinking of you that is not right Sis! Next time I will coming to look like when I get there show up will wear proudly wanna see me...
    Love you always!
    Sis.Katie.and Victoria.

  11. Took me a couple minutes, but then I suddenly saw it!

  12. Wow, I finally found you...again. I had found you before and forgot how I got to you. I can get to Admiral and Katie's blogs, but not you, Mommy. Now I'm following so I can find you anytime.

    I saw the image, sorta. That's so cool. I do that myself a lot, looking for images in wood and different stuff.

    I just came by to say hi. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

  13. Yes I see what you mean , funny how the eye sees an image here.