Saturday, March 28, 2015

Long Time No See

Been busy as all of you are and  while Katie insists on keeping her blog up (to a point) I am not allowed to be the same.  Seriously though, I am extraordinarily busy with several things going on, not the least of which is my grandson will be born VERY soon.  He's a whopper too.  Over nine pounds! Can't wait to see him in person.  His last scan which was done because he is so large was to determine his weight which they can do within a few ounces.  He is over 9 pounds and his due date arrived already.  That scan (they do very few of them) showed him in two pictures.  One was him looking casual and about to put his great toe into his mouth.  The next one seconds (if!) later showed a very frustrated furrowed brow grumpy tiny face trying to get the toe into his mouth.  It was just at the start of its journey.  It was SO fun to see.  :-)

I have been keeping up with most of you.  If not here, then in Face Book those of you who are on it.  There are two pressing things going on and those will be finished soon.  The birth of the baby if the most important to us.  But I am keeping up with you.

Teacher son will be here for his Spring break so as to be able to enjoy the baby. Can't wait to see him as well.  These are dear times for all of us.

Have a great weekend.


  1. How exciting to be awaiting the birth of your grandson! He has certainly been busy growing before he makes his appearance! xo

  2. Good luck to mom re: the delivery, 9+ pounds sounds like an epidural to me. LOL. Hugs from me and purrs from the boys.

  3. Enjoy each other and your blessings. xo

  4. Rosemary B here:
    Oh goodie. You are gonna be a gramma!
    I am going to be one in June. Isn't life grand!
    I hope you enjoy this week. I have way too many things to do and no time.
    Love always

  5. I don't blame you for being excited!

  6. Oh Sis I do know you are excited.. Sending luv and hugs to you all.. GRANDMA to be!!!

  7. Wow, he is a big baby! How exciting he will be here very soon. My coworker had grandson recently and she was quite excited, too :-) Looking forward to reading more about him!

  8. Over 9 pounds is indeed a big baby, I love babies I wish there were more babies in the family and that the only one we have in the family didn't live so far away.

  9. I know the feeling. I'm a month gone by without a post to my OWN blog! LOL!

  10. Carole

    CONGRATS on the new gran baby !!! ♥♥♥

  11. Hi sis!
    I had been keeping up when will be lovely baby...He had 9 pound Wow he had gorgeous baby!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,