Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

A special meaningful day today for many of us.

Happy Easter friends!  I am fortunate to have an extra son here in town.  All three within 15 miles of one another.  That's really great for ME1  :-)  Man, I am on a diet whether I like it or not and there are times when it just ain't easy.  I do NOT like salads at all.  BUT I am having one each noon but with added chunk chicken to it..makes it more palatable.  The first 24 hours I lost a lot of water weight.  That wasn't fun in the middle of the night!  Sigh.  Had to get up. I never get up.  Sure did that first night and hit about every fire hydrant (figuratively speaking) the rest of that day.   The other meals I am eating small portions of foods I like.  I have a goal of 20 pounds.

Katie is getting the short end of the stick these past several days but things will settle for her before long.  This below is why.  A tiny usurper of her domain.

Meanwhile, I am not cooking today.  The son who is staying with me and I made a decision to eat out.

I just wanted you to see one of my tulips although it turned out too large in the header.  I thought it would display better than that.  But you got the point.  :-)

I also wanted those of you who allow it-- to wish you a Happy Easter.


Me and Her


  1. Happy Easter to you and the family Sis.. and the new little one too!!!

  2. The tulip is such a gorgeous color. Now how did that kitty in the bouncer get a paci in its mouth?

  3. I hope you achieve the goal for diet. I've given up long time ago...haha.
    Your tulip is very pretty. That's one of my favorite flowers :-)
    Happy Easter and have a great new week!

  4. Happy Easter! ~xo~

  5. Happy Easter to you all, too. NOT cooking is a bonus. LOL.

  6. Happy Easter ! Have eggstar FUN !!!!
    Yeah..why cook, My pawrents went out too :)

  7. Happy Easter to you and your family, Carole! :)

  8. When I saw your comment on my blog, I didn't know this was you!!! Ha! Just signed up to follow you. If you ever want to talk about Weight Watchers, let me know...(I have WAY more to lose than 20 lbs, but I have lost almost 31 so far) is the only weight program that works for me and translates easily to "real life!" xoxo

  9. Happy Easter to all your family! and beautiful tulep you had all ways lovely Sis! You had work so had with small weaght now, next time I need to watch to you how much defended your way!
    Sis,katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,

  10. Glad you had a good one...ours was tough this year...go figure.

  11. I hope you've had a great Easter, Carole xx

  12. I had a great Easter, it was mostly quiet and I loved it, yours sounds like it was a good one