Monday, May 4, 2015

Beautiful Day

I am amazed.  We have had six beautiful days in a ROW!  That NEVER happens.  I am grateful!  Heck, I'm grateful for every day.  Doesn't have to be a sunny one but that is sure an added pleasure.

Headed to The Big City to visit grandson this morning along with his great grandmother in tow.  He is a month and four days old now.  And changes are apparent.  I think he will be, as a good blogging friend put it yesterday, a suitable contender for the Princess Royal's hand by and by.

I got the house cleaned up as is my habit.   Once a week it is a thorough drubbing; the rest is on an as needed basis.  I love to sit later in the thorough cleaning day and just look at the vacuum cleaner marks through the very trackable carpet.  The minute either I-- or anyone else including the cat walk over it, it's (steps) very visible.

For once the air conditioning was on yesterday.  Not terribly needed but delightful anyway.  The yard was mowed and weed eater was used so everything looks good out there.  I hire out the job as I have a steep hilly yard.  I had them cut any brush and weeds away from the back fence as it is facing onto the forest and wild things grown up to it and tries to take over the yard in back.  Have to keep after it.

Anyone know a good English Ivy killer?  Round Up Tough Brush and Poison Ivy Killer does not seem to have done the job.  It's still out there looking like it's ready to celebrate another century of living well!!

My poor rose tree (that's what  it's called) died.  It had come back well after the horrible ice storms and all, and then, two killing freezes killed it deader than a door nail.  My poor Gardenia had made a comeback as well and the ice storms killed it before the hard freezes could even try.  VERY sad for me as I love both.  The yard is too hard for me to dig in so I have to hire THAT done as well if I find a plant.  Ground is like concrete.

See ya over at your place...


  1. Enjoy your visiting time today! Yes, that grandson is the perfect age for Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana!:-) We use no weedkillers of any sort here. I think the only way to truly eradicate something is to dig down deep enough to remove the roots! Vinegar has been suggested for so many uses that I think it may be something for you to investigate. xo

  2. Hope you travel safe. I don't know about the weedkillers. You night want to try hot (boiling) salt water instead of a commercial product. That does the trick! xo Diana

  3. Hi Sis!
    Your new life in pasticulerly very goof in age..Sis! I'm glateful for our excellent our lifetime YES! but my knowlidge with english are very hard for me ...Your son's are same in school his work...and you like very interestiating and does explain so much about the life of such a spider it is fascinationg. I'm glad you had a good eyes too.
    My Japaneas ladys of about five ladys but after another five years? they may going back to japan? I can playing my golf are much better now. Our garden are will be back to beautiful life this time Just like ours Katie as well!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,

  4. Glad you're having a stretch of fine weather there. Today was 82 here in the New York City area -- so nice after the winter we had. :)

    We sure hope you had a delightful visit with your beautiful grandson.

  5. Our house is on a granite hill, but I suspect the gardening here is not so difficult, though we do get blokies in to do the hard stuff! Ahem! I think the Princess Royal might a bit old for your grandson. She's 65!! MOL I think I know who you mean! They'd make a lovely couple ;)

    1. Oh Carolyn, I so needed that laugh this morning. I had tears in my eyes over Beth's passing yesterday morning. You made me laugh with my misunderstanding of the names and titles. xox

  6. we are having such gorgeous weather too, almost TOO unseasonably warm, but we'll take it!

  7. Life is like that. Some things struggle to survive. Some are so beaten that they succumb. Those that survive celebrate, as should we for them. Enjoy your blessings. You have many, as you should. Hugs, my friend.

  8. We've been having such a nice weather, too. Getting bit too hot during day, but mornings and evenings are still very pleasant.
    I hope you had a great time with your grandson!

  9. I love what your friend McGuffy Ann Morris said and cannot improve upon it. Love to you. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Beth.

  10. Borrow a weed whacker to shred the ivy. The new younger leaves that grow back are more susceptable to herbicides like Roundup (the mature leaves develop a coating).

  11. I am taking a few days off from blogging. IF you have any news about Beth Marie would you please keep me posted? Thanks so much. Hope you are doing well- xo Diana

  12. Glad to hear you're having some pretty weather as well. It rained the whole month of April here and everybody is going crazy with their gardens. I'm sittin on my hinny just like last year but I'm truly blessed to have lots of help. Hope you had a safe trip. Hugs, xo