Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rainy Day as Always but Hey...It's a Day, Right?

Hello, Hi and Howareya?  Or is that Hawaii-- pronounced HIwawyee?  That's another way to say  howareya!

WE have had SO much rain that I have three HUGE fungi growing in the back yard.  They are not toad stools.  these are almost leafy looking, tan in color and they are about 18 inches or more in circumference and about that high!!! I called the mower and can't wait for it to stop raining so he can get here!  It's like a jungle out there with overgrown weeds and grass.

I am close to being all better now.  I see a doctor next Wednesday to hear his pronouncements and then, it will be history for me.  Well, not withstanding checkups.  :-)

Katie's favorite brother has been here six weeks and will be going back to his place next Monday or close to that.  Katie will miss him terribly.  They are very bonded.  About as much as she and I are bonded.  She has been snugged tightly into my midriff at night which precludes me turning over without disturbing her.  I won't do that so I suffer.  I can feel her using her feet on the mattress to push herself backward into my midriff all snug and tight.  Sweet girl.

Just saying a few words and Susie, I am thrilled to see you here.  Thank you so much dear friend.  I miss Beth as well and I still have her address in the computer contacts and her phone numbers in my phones.  Can't bring myself to take them out.  No harm that they are there except it's bittersweet when I see them.

Boston Boy, I will send you a quick email.  Hope you see this.  All of you...thank you for staying with me.  Tabbies, you are a smile making lot of fish chomping kitties!




  1. So proud of you and so glad you hear how well you're doing!!!!

  2. All sounds like good news, except for the rain and the fungi! We sometimes get big fan-like fungi (tan-orange) growing off the side of our trees. But our summer has been so dry, we don't have any now. Even the acorns are letting go when they are very small, so the squirrels will have a tough winter.

  3. Sounds like you're almost fully recovered, and that's fantastic. Fingers crossed you get the fungi taken care of soon. We need some rain here, not a deluge, just a nice, steady rain to really saturate things. Take care.

  4. Oh, so glad to see this post and know that you are continuing to improve! Hope the mower is able to get rid of the fungi before it overtakes him...and you...and your house. (Grin)

  5. We haven't had rain is so long that our fungi has long since dried up. Hope we get rain this winter. Glad you're healing up! Katie is such a sweet nurse and has obviously done a great job! So glad her favorite brother has been able to stay with you both so long. He's going to miss you both as much as you'll miss him!

  6. I should wait until those fungi move in to the house and then get Katie to do her thang all over them!! ;)

    Austin does that thing levering himself hard into my legs, though he doesn't spend the night. This is a morning thing when we cosy up :)

    You're doing great. Keep on keeping on! hugs, Caro and The Tux xxxx

  7. I know what you mean about a cat snuggled into your midriff at night. Iza does that. And when I try to move (I toss and turn), she lets her claws out slightly to discourage my movements. We settle it eventually.

    The rule is that, when I fall asleep, she can drape over my hip safely. But when I awake to turn, she has to keep the claws in or be moved slightly away. She generally accepts that. I'm always amazed to find that she has slept the entire night next to me.

    Marley looks for undercovers time more toward dawn. Thankfully, he likes to be near but not touching. On rare occasions, Ayla gets under the covers. It lasts only about 15 minutes. She eventually starts treading her paws on my stomach and finally the "Happy Claws" come out. As Ayla will not tolerate being moved even slightly, she leaves.

    Cats are all so unique.

  8. ugh. How terrible that you are living in a swamp now with all of this rain.
    Huge fungi? That sounds terrible.
    Hubbs and I are too old and tired for mowing, so we have mowers too.
    They have not been here in three weeks because it has been rather dry.
    Yesterday it rained copiously for hours that began the minute I stepped in the house at 5 from spending the day with my daughter and Sarah the baby. It was hot all day, but Sarah slept during a visit with a urologist about her kidney reflux and then we got in the car and ... Christina was itching to do something (really, I wanted to just go back to her place and lay around) so we went to the Leesburg Outlet mall and looked at baby clothes at Carters, Sarah got a new outfit.

    Miles and Pierro have their own rooms at night. Miles is too annoying and mischevious to be free to roam the house. Rex and I would never sleep.
    Pierro needs to go to his heated room and eat his food. He calls Rex at 5;30 and then he comes and sleeps with me, but mostly in his heated bed next to my bed.
    Long ago, Caesar used to sleep with me every night. Oh memories.
    It is good that we still have them.... until dementia sets in, then I do not know for sure what we have left.
    Enjoy your Friday. I will be doing the usual these days, sewing, cleaning, treadmill, lunch, go to the 'rents at Ashby Ponds, I will have to go early and talk to general services about their cleaning crew.... good grief.
    I love you Carole. I miss my olden life, the one that was different and different, but this life right now, is pretty good. I have a baby now. and she lives right up the road 5 miles.
    Have a fun week-end

    1. Oh, and Katieblossomflowerpants is so pretty. Just like her momma♥️

  9. So glad you have improved so much. Good to hear this update from you. Sis hummingbirds have been visiting me..I got a feeder to put up. I was soo surprised to see them. No one else around here has seen any. I do believe our dearest Beth Marie is sending them to me, anyway I think of her when I see them.I will be sad to see the summer end but know things must move on. Blessings to you Sis.. glad you are well. <3

  10. Sending you MUCH LOVE and am so happy you are on the mend! Praying for a good report!!!

  11. Carole;

    very happy to hear you are doing well, I've been asked to tell you that if you take several pieces of perch and make a headband//scarf out of them, and wear them; not only will you look stylish, smell great, have a ready snack close at hand, but your recovery will be full and complete..... ~~~ ??? ♥♥♥ hope all is well with the family ~~~ ♥♥♥

  12. We are so happy you are feeling more yourself. A lot of people have been praying for you. Take your time, relax, and follow dr's orders. Much love & hugs...❤

  13. Glad you are recovering. Katie is a sweetie and how sweet of you to not move so she will keep comfy in bed. I try, but I always end up having to move and poor Sammy gets all upset.

  14. Carole we go back a ways in blogland. I haven't checked my email in a couple of days because at this point it's a pain to do anything with this computer. The kitty in your header looks very much like one of the cats we had growing up. He was named Friskey after his playful nature. At the time we had 5 cats. We ended up keeping two of them until one disappeared. the remaining one lived over 20 years. She would take turns visiting my sisters or me at night. She would snuggle up against us in the same fashion. She was smart and sweet and would defend us if we were getting yelled at by our parents by coming in the room and meowing loudly at are parents. I will get to the emails as soon as I catch up with other bloggers and perhaps attempt one myself.
    I'm at the point where I may use a sledge hammer technique on my computer. If ya know what I mean.

  15. Oh and I am the same with Beth's email and phone number. I am working on a little tune in her honor. It has taken me quite a while to finish it. I will post a small video of it when I'm done. I do miss that sweet, wonderful woman.

  16. Close to being all better? That is fantastic news! You were never further away that a thought or a prayer. May your fearsome fungi be conquered soon. MOL!

  17. We are so glad that you're almost all better, Carole! We are purring and praying that your checkup is a good one.


    Moosey, Gracie and Zoe, and Mom and Dad

    P.S. - those fungi sound CRAZY!

  18. Hi Sis!
    I love so much of you Carole of scrf but your recovery will yourself!
    The Rose are perfect Jasmine bubd. when it was noy yet that Hot!
    Glad you"re healing up huge Hngs hunge fungi growing in the back yard!!
    You Called the mower, you had raining so much that like a jungle out with over grown weeds and grars.I need coming to your place to helping for long grars!!
    Your close better now you had bondel at night which precludes to you.turning over with out disturbring your.
    I will not much doing of bloggers that is not enjoyed in mylife at plasent of time. The weather was so cold raining days..May be back to few weeks...
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki.and Victoria.