Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Life Sure is Good, Ain't it?

Howdy.  Sure am glad to be up, doing well and back to normal.  I have been for several weeks but I declare it official myself now.  I've been dragging in bags of groceries after putting them in the vehicle to come home.  I clean house (sorta) and I take decent walks in a new park here in town that I never thought of.  My DIL told me about it.  That part of town is her old stomping' grounds.  I required level ground and I think that is the only level ground in all of the city!  In a week or so I will go back to working out, but gradually.

Today my DIL and the grand baby came here to see me so I could push his carriage (he is 5 1/2 months old now) through the paths in the park.  I had a blast!  We came back here and I made lunch for us.  Perfect day.

Katie said to tell you who know her that the v-e-t tech came at noon and pilled her with the second of 14 antibiotic pills for her UTI.  That condition likely happened as she could not get an appointment with her regular vet, had to wait even longer despite she was sick with diarrhea.  So bacteria likely traveled to her urethra because I could not get her totally clean near the back door so to speak.  And couldn't get an appointment so she could be groomed.  Her regular Dr. was really mad that she was turned away when she had a fever and not eating or drinking much and had diarrhea.  So that's her update.

Me, I found for inexplicable reasons I have become somewhat sensitive to salt and I have had to be careful what I choose to eat. (water weight)   Grrrr.  There go the lower sodium (50% lower!!!) chips with my sandwich.  Oh well, it's worth it.

All of you...love and hugs for all the support through these months.  If you are a friend and can find my email, or know my phone number you may call me or write me but I am not up to telling everything on the internet.  But I do speak to friends.  And you're friends.  xo


  1. Hi Carole. I'm glad you're back to normal and feeling good. It seems today was indeed a perfect day for you. :-)

    I'd read Katie's update on her blog, we'd left a comment. Sure hope SHE'S better soon too!

    Purrs from the boys and peace and universal Light from me.

    1. Thanky. And you're certainly one of the friends. Nikki and Derry too.

  2. It's a great day to be alive, isn't it? The park perambulation sounds like fun. So glad you're back in the saddle, my dear friend. Much love to you and Miss Katie ♥

  3. Well, I guess I'm "in the dark" as to what's been going on. I certainly send you my sincere wishes for continued successful recovery. xo

  4. The cherry on the top of a beautiful day, to push that little guy in his stroller!

  5. I'm happy you are back to normal. And I hope Katie san will be back to normal soon as well. Her regular doctor sounds very caring. It was really upsetting she was turned away when she was so sick, but now that doctor found out, I'm sure it won't happen again :-)

  6. This is all good news! That is what I like to see for you two. Please take care. ❤

  7. This so lifts my spirits today to hear that you are so much better and feel more like yourself. It's been a long road. Katie is lucky she has you for her MOM because you stuck to it and helped her when the other VET did not. How sad that they did not help her when they SHOULD have. Sounds like a lot of antibiotics but then she is not able to understand what is going on and her system is different. So glad you are okay. My heart is happy for you and ME. <3 XOXO

  8. Carole, you make me happy. I am so glad to hear you are doing better.
    Yay for your baby. Isn't it the best being a gramma?
    I am so busy, I am always on the verge of a meltdown. Seriously.
    Pierro is not well, and I hope to bring him to the vet this afternoon.
    He has IBD and will only eat baby food (ham and chicken)
    Anyway, enjoy your day, be perky. I love you so much
    I was talking about you yesterday to my dad when we were at the heart doc. I told him you were amazing

    1. Oh, I have to first take mom to the eye doctor this afternoon, and tomorrow dad has another doc appointment.
      ...... every day is nuts

  9. Good news indeed!! I think Katie will be treated like the queen she is from now on at the v-e-t, as I reckon they feel bad!! I can't believe the little one is already 5 1/2 months old now!! xoxox

  10. it is fabulous to hear you sounding so chipper and I am so happy you are doing sooooooooo well!
    As for the salt, don't feel bad, that's the norm for me. Between my chronic kidney stones (salt is BAD) and my high blood pressure I am not supposed to have it.
    You CAN get "no salt" chips, they aren't as good at all, but you could put your own seasoning on them (no salt).
    Or....slice a baked potato wafer thin and bake it in the oven and put some olive oil or Mrs Dash or garlic or something like that on it and eat that instead of chips. Chips are crap anyway.

  11. Sounds like some good progress!

  12. How sweet that you got to spend time with your grandbaby. And I am glad the vet figured out the problem so Katie could get treated and feel better. XO

  13. Well, that most certainly does sound like a terrific day, Carole. :)

    Glad to hear you're healthy again, and that Katie is on her way back to being fighting fit, too.


  14. Dear Sis!
    Your v-e-t had great of treatment how test to treat you Katie..if every thing select of solution when Mommy paying $$$ for well your edicine was made you happy now. Your boh has bad time having a few month Mum katie was so sick that why water waight and the lower sodium 50% lower hips good for you when you had baby come to see you!
    I'm sorry for you and Katie poor Katie you had to suffer really bad time!
    I hope your sleep well tonight and me too!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,

  15. Carole....I'm happy to hear you are up and about and doing so well, and Katie told dai$y.... who told me...so that I might remind you.... that you made a slight error at the store yesterday, in that you did not bring home 98 cases of canned goods for her AND some toys AND some treats AND some real for sure cat "grazz" ♥♥♥

  16. I am so glad to hear that you are up&about and finally feeling better! ~ Mark