Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wish it Would Stop Raining!

If it would stop raining every day all day I could go out and do better at getting some pictures of the Fall colors.  But I don't want the camera wet.  It's a DSLR. This is off my deck into my woods and one standing next to my driveway looking at the woods and deck and the privacy fence on my deck...out there in the rain but partially in shelter under the carport.

What do you all have?

Looking off my deck 10/28 & into my woods

Off my deck into my woods

My deck to the right & downward sloping backyard


  1. Hi Sis!
    what lovely home you are home work in now with Katie's it's good memories of family. you and I going to a good place along the river being a bottle of Black opal.. along the river..being a bottle of black opal. The in the evening you will grill you had Chicken...Just finished for the day it is so relaxing your blog as always makes your letacks in deck.
    Your exploration into photo grappy use the good your camela with your good fingers! I will be soon at next week time..
    Sis,Katie,miyuki and Victoria,

  2. I think the rain may have moved on out for a bit. We measured almost an inch in the rain gauge! Stay dry! xo

  3. Wow you have an incredible view of autumn colors! So beautiful. Trees around here are changing colors quickly. We have really beautiful orange colors at work, but leaves are falling fast because of the rain. I wish it would stop raining, too!

  4. Rain or shine, those photos are gorgeous examples of the natural beauty which surrounds you.

  5. Those are some beautiful photos, Carole, even with the rain! We had lots and lots of rain today, but I managed to get some good fall foliage shots last weekend.

    Hugs (and sunshine) to you and Katie!

  6. These are amazing photos , absolutely gorgeous! I could spend hours just sitting and looking into that awesome mishmash of color. We had rain all weekend. I mean it Rained all day Saturday and all day Sunday. I love rain, I was glad when it finally stopped.

  7. Pretty colours though!! You must have some wonderful avian activity! We have rain, but then we expect it ALL the time. That's why it's so green! However, there have also been some glorious sunny autumn days xx

  8. The trees look like jewels.
    my parents are enjoying Fall this year since they have been at Ashby Ponds for one year and last year was just busy, So, it is nice to relax and enjoy
    We had a lot of rain but I believe the majority of the heavy rains came right up your street.
    For us, the heaviest was last evening starting around 5. Before then we just had gentle rain.
    I am so happy to see the sun today. I hope you have sun too.
    My parents walk three times a day rain or shine. So we did sit under the porch at AP. They are 92 and really for certain the only consistent and reliable seekers of fresh air and exercise.
    It is a good example to live up to.
    I love you Carole, As my mom says daily "my life has so changed"
    Mine has too. I never thought I would be taking care of my parents, but I cannot even imagine the alternative. What if mom never had the stroke?
    I just feel blessed. Exhausted but very blessed.
    Today I am going to play with Sarah all afternoon.
    Love always, Rosemary

  9. Sis the trees look they are all one really pretty ones near me. Sure is a different fall this year. We may see flurries today too,. Fall is threatening to come faster than I want it to. Hope you continue to heal well. Hugs and Prayers,, XoXo,,<3

  10. Those are such pretty Fall pictures. I am so glad to see a sweet post from you. Hope you have a great day-xo Diana

  11. I have to admit that I sure appreciated the rain. It fell gradually for 36 hours, an inch overall. So perfect for the yard...