Sunday, November 22, 2015

A blur

Sometimes it seems that life flies by in a blurred movement barely detectable to the eye.  I was going through the dashboard here before I came to write this blog and I see several old old friends I knew in MNS Live Spaces blog times.  Paul, if you knew Technogran,  she passed.  Gerry said so in his own blog.  It was a title  of his blog, so I saw that but I am not "invited" to read his blog.Hence there are no details I can glean.

  Boy am I ever doing better now.  I took a 4 mile walk in early October when I had a backache.  I will never do that again as walking on uneven surfaces with my back already aching resulted in sciatica for me.  That nerve pain is as bad as childbirth pain.  But with childbirth pain something good comes.  This...nothing but more pain and man, it was on the pain scale as a 10, same as childbirth pain.

I'm finally coming up out of it and I was about in despair that I would always be in agony. I'm about 70% better now.  I can walk and do my house work.  That's an accomplishment!

I am fully recovered  finally from the open heart surgery.  Nope, no bypasses.  My arteries looked good ---while they were in there, they looked.

First really cold cold night last night.  Will be in the higher 20's the next few nights but fairly mild days.  As soon as the sciatica is completely cleared up I will begin my walks and working out again.  Can hardly wait.

We are headed to my son's Mother-in-law's home for Thanksgiving day.  We did that last year too.  Now I have a grandson to enjoy seeing there as well.  One of my sons is coming up from Charlotte to be with us, staying with me, and the other one will be coming from where he lives only a half hour away, to join us all over at Mary's house.  I appreciate the invitation. I don't know yet what I will be asked to bring.  I think I will text her in a minute.

Guess that does me for now.  XXooXX

Saw this in a consignment ship...


  1. That must have been a really interesting consignment shop!

    I'm sorry about the passing of someone you knew, doesn't matter it was via cyberspace and not in person. If you need details for your peace of mind, I hope you will be able to get them somehow.

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving with your family!

  2. Good to hear that you are feeling better. I can't imagine tolerating that sort of pain for any period of time.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  3. I am so sorry you had so much pain! Years ago I had about 18 months of unrelenting pain and was in bed for almost a year. I know the agony of not being able to think of anything EXCEPT the pain. I am glad you are 70% is weird to just one day realize that you hurt less than you did a week ago, isn't it?

    So sorry you lost an old online friend.

    That was quite a find in the consignment shop---tell me--did you THINK about bringing him home? lol xo Diana

  4. Dearest Katie Isabella,
    So glad that you recovered this far from all that happened to you.
    It takes time since we are no longe age twenty-five... Glad your heart surgery went well and the sciatica was such an unwanted thing. I know by experience and I have to say, knock wood. Hope I never get it back since I can't take medication due my chronic kidney disease. Just tough it all out; makes one strong...
    Sending you hugs and blessings for a wonderful Thanksgiving. You cuddle with your grandchild and enjoy your sons and family. Sweet invitation from your son's Mother-in-law!

  5. Hi sis!
    Your back yeards are beautiful trees in cold of in the morning and with your eyes are wonderful open eart surgery are very will Sis!
    I had two my friends past way two days ago but I'm so happy with you. Glad your heart sugery went well, I had still my writting letter's so much with me, Your photos are beautiful photos I stial remember Nikon D40 are very good one and your lovely kids too.
    your exploration red lines to be the sunshine you all well I'am pleased you enjoyed in son's and family place and bissy cat with you!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki and Victoria,

  6. Happy Thanksgiving week, Carole! It seems there is much for you to be thankful for this year, but I'm sorry you have lost an old friend!

    That picture reminds me of an old boss!! He was hairy and sat around alot with his feet up! ;) xx

  7. Hi Carole. yes I knew Technogran and I am sorry to hear this. I had no idea of your surgery and I am glad you are on the mend. I was happy to see your comment. I have to say I miss the old crowd at Spaces. That was a lot of fun. I am glad to see you around and I hope you make it to 100% quickly.

  8. Hi Carole,
    My life is a blur too. Why?
    I did not know Technogran, she must have been a wonderful lady. So sad to see our friends go.
    I am positively thrilled that you are getting over that sciatica. They really should invent something for that. My sciatic pain comes when it feels like it, I never know the cause or what causes it to flare. My pain rating is only about 4 at the highest, but hey, one day.... I think surgeons should be able to fix that. I will do a search. There has to be something because it is horrid.
    Yes, what are those mother in laws of our children, I call Donna, my sister,
    and Libby, my other sister. "Anywho" I just get your blog updates late bc it just showed up in my inbox. So, for Google, I must be on the afterthought list lol
    I love you Carole. I am so happy you are doing better. I am so proud of you.
    I have never had surgery, so you are brave.
    I am never anywhere on the computer much any more. Just no time.
    I miss my old life, now I take care of mom and dad. Dad always thinks of more things I should do, more appointment for mom, etc.
    I think they are adorable and I am blessed to have them in the last years of their lives.
    And Sarah, she is the cutest baby in the world. It is a real growing experience in a woman to become a momma. I see my daughter grow up too.... but that Sarah, she is two steps ahead already.
    I hope you have a fun week. I have to shower and race over to my parents now to take dad to the doctor. whew.

  9. I am so sorry about the pain as well, but it appears you have some WONDERFUL things to look forward to this week! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  10. Glad you are continuing to heal and have less pain. Hoping your gathering at Thanksgiving goes well and YES we are so THANKFUL you are okay and on the mend. Blessings to you and Katie my dear SIS. XOXO

  11. So glad you are recovering well, Carole! I'm so sorry you had to go through all that. You have a beautiful Thanksgiving with your family! :)

  12. It's great to hear of your recovery but I'm sure sorry about your back.

  13. My life is often a blur at times I look at the day or week and can't remember a damn thing I have done during it, I feel your pain with back pain have it far too often for my liking

  14. Oh, my word! I love that old-timey wheelchair. If I had the right space, it would be a great conversation piece. The Yeti can stay in the shop.

    I am well chuffed that you're 70% better too. And your heart? I always knew you had a good heart, dear Sis.

  15. Indeed. A blur. My heart goes out to you, dear one. You know where my heart is.

  16. I am glad you are feeling better. Make sure you bring a kitty bag of turkey home for Katie.

  17. I am glad you can walk some. I can walk fine, but I get leg cramps when I lay in bed. No one is perfect as they age. I feel for you. Mom always said that growing older isn't for sissies. I'm beginning to learn what she meant.

    I should learn something from my cats. When they move, they trot everywhere; when they sleep, they sleep; and when they move, they move a lot. I'm not sure how to duplicate that, but it sure seems like a good idea.

  18. I am sorry you lost your friend, Carole. But I am happy that there are also many blessings in your life for which you are grateful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Katie, and your family!

  19. I'm so glad your sciatica is getting cleared up. It's so nice to be able to move around. I've had severe back pain that had restricted my mobility and it was so frustrating as well as painful!
    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgivimg Day :-)

  20. So sorry to hear to hear about your pain, I have to experianced years ago. No fun so I understand. Happy to hear you are doing well after Heart surgery and recovering very well.
    I to new Technogran she was a lovely lady, I had no iedea..though I did at times wonder where she had not wriiten a blog in a while.

    Lovely Thanksgiving hope you had a wonderful time. x

  21. So, WOW! Stuff has been happening to you!! So sorry I have been absent, but I'm very glad to hear you are healing! xox