Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sun, Fall Leaves and What can be Better?

The rose in the header and its visitors are in my front yard.

Oh what two beautiful days have passed to be enjoyed after practically a week (what else?) of rain and drizzle and gray skies.  It's been wonderful.  So nice not to have every light in the house turned on against the gloom.  I am surrounded by tall tall trees so it takes some strong sun to light the inside well.

It was a degree of 80 today and I had the heat on for one round this morning and the air on for one round late this afternoon.  It's that time of year again.  Roller coaster temperatures.

Didn't get to go over the mountains for Halloween as the sciatica flared up badly, but it is fading now so I hope to go before the snows flies in the mountains.

Anyone else having a problem with a disappearing cursor here on Blogger?  I sure am.  You never know where it is until you start typing.  Not sure how to "cure" that.

I bought me a few pounds of grapes today  Um Um good.  Won't be long and they will be soft and rubbery as the markets try to sell off the no longer fresh and ready -for- the -trash grapes.  I got some of the better ones today.

With the house as hot as it is (it is close to 80 in here) the thick fleece blanket on the bed and the closely woven thread count sheets are gonna roast me alive tonight, assuming I'm silly enough to pull them over me.

Oh!  A dear colleague texted me yesterday mid morning and said how 'about if I come over bringing lunch'!?  I said absolutely.  He's been asking me to have lunch 4 weeks now.  I was finally able to accept and had to cancel due to therapy times.  So lunch came to me and oh what a great lunch it was.  Wendy's chili.  I love that stuff. We got caught up on work talk and planning.  I was supposed to have been to the meeting at The Redneck Room today at 1100, but I had enough time to only go to the grocery so I missed my guys and all the shouting and fun we have.

Hope the week stays fine!  xxoo



  1. I always wonder why it's called chilli when it is so HOT!!???

    GO VOLS!! Errrr who are the VOLS? Is that like a small rodent? ;)

    1. :-) Volunteers. Our University Football team. xox

  2. Dearest Ramblingon,
    Well, as for your sciatica problem, the high humidity during rainy days never helps us. Hope you will stay free of that excruciating pain for the coming period and ongoing. No fun having to deal with it.
    Your deck area is showing some precious trees with color now. We don't have that many trees and not such pretty fall colors.
    Here the majority is pine trees, though not on our property.
    You sure are blessed with a sweet daughter-in-law; happy for you.
    Sending you hugs and blessings - stay well.

    The heavy rain stopped but still looking very dreary without sunshine...

  3. Glad to hear you're having a spell of nice weather, Carole! I hope that sciatica calms down, so that you can visit your son over the mountain. Hugs to you and Katie!

  4. THe shortening days re the hardest. I ca hardly wait for Winter Solstice for the days to gradually lengthen toward Spring and renewed plant life.

    The temperatures have stayed nicely above freezing longer than usual here. More time to catch up on yardwork. Some years give the time, some years don't.

    As far as fruits go, I found actually ripe Golden Delicious apples and bought 5 pounds of them. They will keep nicely in the basement refrigerator for months.

    I love Wendy's chili too. Regular real chili is too harsh. Wendy's is just right and I work at copying it. I'm getting close.

  5. Hi Carole.
    Well, it was a couple of nice days, enjoy the rest of them.
    Yesterday was incredible, a bit too warm actually but I had my shorts on

    I love fruit and will eat a lot of it every day, clementines, apples, grapes,
    i will miss so much a firm nectarines and peaches I do not like them mushy
    I am presently in withdrawals from those two gems.
    Bananas are good too.
    I hope you make it over the mountain before the big cold weather comes.
    I do not know anything about chili. We are not chili people, funny - we are out there shuffling around, just not doing the chili.
    I like pie, cookies cake potatoes and steak. hahahahaa
    Happy Thursday Carole. I hope you have a fun one. I am going to sew this morning and clean of course always cleaning, then off to the rents this afternoon for a walk and tea

  6. Very pretty rose. Katie makes a great cheerleader. I need to show that photo to Spooky :) I like Wendy's chilli too.

  7. How nice you've had beautiful days with warm temperature. It's been raining and gloomy here, and it still is. I hope sunshine will move in soon! I haven't had disappearing cursor issue myself. I hope you get to have it resolved.
    I love Wendy's chilli, too :-) Have a great day xoxo

  8. Sis hope you get to make your trip over the mountains. I do understand what that sciatica is all about. Very painful. Hope it fades for good. No trouble last time I posted at Blogger but then I don't do it as often as I used to. I must say I got some great tasting grapes this fall and I FROZE them in a zip lock bag and they are tasty.. they keep well and are a delightful dessert. Take and Katie... XOXO

  9. I do hope you are feeling better. Pain is sometimes hard to get through. Take care. Hug B

  10. A beautiful Rose's and Tree as well! Hi Mum and you had remember of bad syffere for awhile lying there again spitty. A temperratua again frlece blanket on the bed and closely woen count sheets was loast night.
    Your enough to pull over you and you come bring lanch.
    But asking to lunch 4 weeks/now after all accepit of cancel theapy time.
    All of them nice down at copying it all ways cleaning after that nice tea.
    I has thinking of you and Katie!