Friday, January 8, 2016

Beware. Really.

Who has not taken their watch to either a jewelry shop or a big box store and had their watch battery changed?  Safe to say many of us have unless we are wearing analog watches still.

Nonetheless let me warn you to pay attention to something.  I have been burned by this ploy two times so far.  I won't ever let it happen again.

Yesterday I took four watches to a jewelry store for new batteries.  They were just fine when I took them out of the watch case.  I put the watches into a plastic bag and carried them to the jewelry store.  The girl took them out and told me my wait time.  I sat down.  Soon she came back waving my favorite watch and when I went over to her, she said the crystal was cracked.  Indeed it was and friends. I KNOW she did it as she took the back off.  The watches WERE in good shape when I brought them in.  She cracked the crystal and she was not decent enough to take responsibility.  I had the same thing happen at the W store (you know where I mean) and that person was so crafty after breaking it that she put it in a jeweler's slim envelope and sealed it .  Then she handed it back too me.  I never dreamed I needed to open it so I went on my way after paying and a few days later I took the watch out to find its crystal shattered!

Oh I was mad.  I went straight there to (the W store) and asked to speak to the Manager.  Of course she  claimed not to believe me.  I told her how the thing had been wrapped up and sealed to discourage me from looking and that it had not been damaged prior to that woman having it  as I took it off my wrist!  She pretended not to credit what I said and made the woman come over to the conversation.  I showed her the watch and asked if she broke it.  Of course she denied it.  I asked to no avail if they would pay to have the crystal replaced.  They declined.  So I  got stuck paying over 70.00 to a watch maker (no one else des it around here) and now, here we go again.  The woman was not there working later on but several months had passed so it likely was not due to her negligence and lying to me.

Here next is what I meant by my title.  Before you hand your watch over...LOOK at it carefully and say aloud that "there is no damage to this watch" and have them acknowledge it.  Then you'll have a leg to stand on.

I am out another 70-80 dollars for a simple plain crystal (not sapphire). Thanks to someone who values a lie over the truth.  I know she broke it.

Just saying'.


  1. Yikes! That's super-cruddy, Carole. Maybe it would come to standing there (before you hand it over) and snapping a pic of the watch, THEN handing it over. Might seem silly, but you'd certainly have proof.

    Probably it's a good thing my watches always have been less than $20.

  2. that is so annoying. my parents found a good jeweler down there...but I think not very close to you

  3. M here: That is horrible. Thanks for the advice. i plan to heed it

  4. That sucks but I'm totally not surprised. How annoying!

  5. How awful! Sounds like calling their attention to it, or even snapping a picture while they watch, are good ideas....I never would have thought.

  6. Thank you for the warning, I'm glad I learned this from you. You have a very nice post here, well done. I learned something today. Thank you for putting it together and for sharing it.

  7. I'm going to sound like a curmudgeon but I believe that taking pride in one's quality of work is no longer in fashion. I realize that times change and that big, anonymous chains prefer profits and give lip service to customer service.

    It's a shame that you've got to have photographic evidence before you are believed or treated with courtesy.

  8. It's sad that people feel the need to behave that way. It's getting so you have to take a picture of everything before you have work done to it. You would think changing a battery wouldn't need documentation before.

  9. Dearest Carole,
    That is just a criminal act!
    We have to drive almost 3 hours to bring our Rado watches to a certified watch repair man in Marietta. But reading this, it is worth it thought! They charge also like $ 40 for a battery which makes keeping such an elegant watch rather expensive over the years.
    I sure would take a photo of the watch, closeup that is, on the counter at the store while stating that it is in perfect shape. Maybe that helps and it sure proves as evidence if needed to complain!
    The moral of our world is in rapid decline... Sadly so!

  10. I would lay them on THEIR counter and take a photo before letting them go anywhere with them. People who work in these stores have no idea what they are doing and cause lots of problems. Happened to my sister with a very expensive Invicta watch. Learned her lesson.. she goes to a jewelry store now. As most people are now relying on their fitbit or their cell phones etc they wear less and less watches. Just a trend I guess. So sorry this happened to you... :-( xoxo

  11. Oh no, that is very, very upsetting! I'm sorry that happened to you, not once but twice :-(

  12. I am sad you suffered that problem. It is SO frustrating when you KNOW a business caused a problem and you can't prove it!

    I have a 50 year old digital Phasar watch that needs a new battery every 2 years. I bring it to a jewelry store because they do the work well and cheaply and right away.

    But I always show them the watch to inspect first. To be honest, I do that because they always want to turn the watch around on the strap, but it does have the useful effect of them seeing no damage to the watch.

    If my car dealership examines my car and records all exterior dings so they arent blamed for them, that is probably a good idea in many other areas.

    I know some people who take pictures of everything they hand over to others for just that reason. I haven't always been that careful, but I think I will be more careful about that in the future.

  13. How annoying. I hope you can somehow find a more trustworthy provider for your "battery needs"
    I have never had such a frustrating- no, infuriating experience as what you have had.
    Walmart, I never go there anymore. We have two near by, the one in Sterling is full of nuts. the one in Leesburg is a small, very old timey Virginia atmosphere. I do love that store, but it will close soon when the new mega store opens.
    Anyway, sorry for the drift there....
    We have a place in Leesburg called Batter Warehouse. It is a very old shop, very small. It is owned by a couple of really nice men. You walk in, and there are batteries all over. No shelves. They keep all the little batteries in their back room.
    So, you hand your watch to the nice guy, and he turns around and works on your watch on the big wooden table behind him and you can watch the entire procedure.
    we also have Kettermans Jewelers. They are a local company also and we use them for jewelry repairs as well. always reliable. I brought my dad's old self winding Seiko watch there for assessment and cleaning.
    The Battery Warehouse takes all old used batteries and old used lightbulbs as well, you know, those poison ones we have now.

    I read all of the comments above and agree with their advice and certainly their concern for your experience.
    It should not be that way. That is customer abuse. You could write a letter to Obama and perhaps he will set up a beer summit.
    Happy Sunday to you Carole.
    Oh and my last new watch I got from Target, it is a mens watch and I made my very own adorable watch band for it. I only paid $12. I am not wearing my dad's self winding Seiko anymore because it is a treasure. My other two watches I gave to Lizzie.
    Love always

  14. That's horrible! We are so sorry that happened to you, Carole. Some people are just flat-out rotten. :(

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