Thursday, January 21, 2016


Guys, it snowed to beat the band here.  Well, we got 5".  But we also got sleet.  And I live on a high hill and my property slants down all the way to the County line.  Dad used to say you needed toe claws (his words) to navigate the back yard.  And he was right.  Now add the sloping yard from the front all the way down to the end of the property, to the snow covering all the little hills and valleys that make up the yard and the flat river rocks and what with noting but lumpy snow'd be as foolish as I was to bundle up, put on my old combat boots and head out around the back of the house to get the snow shovel from the crawl space.   Had to though, or get sued of someone falls on my sidewalk.

So, booted and bundled I walked cautiously around the deck edge and of course the ground slanted so I fell straight down on my bottom.  Got to the door to under the house and unlocked it, walked in and got the snow shovel...came out and had a brain storm!  (yeah!) "I'll duck under the deck" says I.  That'll keep me away from where I suddenly sat down," says I.  "I won't fall again "I assured myself. "This'll do 'er" said I under my breath.

So I lowered my head, bent over at the waist and started through to the other side of the deck in safe footing.  BUT:  I cracked my head on one of the beams hanging down of course, that are supporting the deck.  Durned if I didn't fetch it another sharp rap when I raised  up (smart!!!) to rub my head.  I came on back around, got into the house and checked my punkin head for blood or swelling.   No blood thank goodness.  It's tender and still hurts but no noticeable swelling.  Not one of my brighter moments.  It'll hurt to wash my hair tomorrow.


But I got the walks cleared off


  1. We are speechless over here! Add "No head bonks" to the "No falls" rule. Now stay INSIDE!!

  2. Reading this has made my eyes water!!! Ouch ouch and again ouch! You have all my sympathy for the sore head. Perhaps Katie will administer floofy caresses! Gentle hugs from us to you ❤️❤️

  3. whew,glad you didnt fall, sorry about your head and i agree with Simba

  4. Dearest Carole,
    Oh my, it hurts me when I read this... and all that in a very cold environment!
    We even had some sleet when we got outside from Whole Foods in Atlanta after lunch. Than we had rain, not heavy thank goodness but I ended up for being one hour on I-285 due to traffic jam caused by an accident. Glad I made it back home in daylight; yes we can see a change already! That makes one happy but we still have to at least wait two more months for some warmer weather.

  5. Ouch!

    I don't know if you could actually buy ice-gripper pull-on thingies for your boots in your southerly area, but they're a life and back saver. I have several pairs of different design and they are much needed during our winters.

    Please do take good care and stay inside as much as you can, Carole, where it's safer!

  6. OH SIS..please please do be careful..would not want to mess up all the progress you have made healing up your heart and your sciatica. I sure hope that is ALL you get there. Thinking of you and Katie.. stay warm and BE SAFE!!

  7. You didn't tell me you got a double-thumping! I'll gladly pop for a round of snow removal if it keeps you safe and indoors.

  8. Carole, been there done that but not all on the same day....cranbereez az de tabbies say....hope your able to move about ok.... ♥♥

  9. Oh gosh, that hurts. I'm glad it didn't cause severe injury. Goro & Niko's dad slipped on icy snow and hit his head several years ago. He did bleed but he was OK. It was very scary. Please be careful. Stay warm and safe!

  10. OUCH You poor thing, Oh my gosh. BigHugs
    I hate when that happens. Don't go under the deck anymore.

    I have a huge bruise right below my left knee because I tried to kneel into the back of my car hatch. Gosh, that was painful too.

    Anyway, two clunks is always bad because the first clunk was bad enough
    Ice helps, and after 24 hours start putting heat on your head.
    You could just lay in the snow right now....

    We have three and a half inches so far, but we will get a pile more.
    I hope you are relaxing and vegging inside with KatieBlossomflowerpants.
    My boys are over the fridge at the heatvent. They live up there in winter. Pierro comes down for food, and Miles always looks squinty and dopey, He is a silly cat.

  11. oh my!!! Please be careful! I am in Michigan and that storm is totally passing us by. xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  12. That is awful. I hope you are OK. Don't go to sleep for a long time.

  13. This El Nino is really messing with the weather everywhere. We have not had a lot of snow, but we have had a wild mix of it! Stay safe and warm...please. XO

  14. Hi Sis!
    A guys snowed to beat the band there the snow covering all the lettle hills lumpy snow showing and your old combat boots and head the craw! You walked cautiously around the deck edge and coursie the ground slanted down your bottom the snow shoved.You won it fall again your asoured yoursel.
    Your came on back around got into the house and checked your pumkin head also checked your pumkin head for blood or swelling...but you got the walks cleared off!
    Thank goodnes no blood It's tender and still hurts not your brighter moments it'll hurt to wark your hair is ok now?
    Happy New Year Sis..Fine bloggvanner!
    Please take care of yourself Sis!
    I don't plaing golf for little weeks too not good weather HOT days and raining for ONLY few days. I had bad time in my back yard too.
    You will had a good eyes and right hands also left feet...
    Sis.KATIE.Miyuki.and Victoria.

  15. Your deck beam bumps made me wince in empathy. Seeking to shovel away the 2' of snow from around my heat pump outside unit yesterday, I tried to avoid the deepest snow on the way. Which meant ducking under the deck beams and stairs.

    I was so bundled up against the 45 mph wind in ski msk, hood, heavy jacket, boots gloves etc that external sensory perception was nearly non-esistant.

    You can guess I hit my head at every opportunity, there and back, several trips for tools. Fortunately, all that clothing also provided some padding, otherwise I would be completely addled.

    But padding or not, you still know when you are hitting things and it is embarrassing. It's not like I often crawl around under my deck.

    And all the trips were for naught...

  16. Carole, I am so glad you're ok and will stay safe

  17. Good job getting the walk cleared, but we are sorry you had some ouchies in the process!

  18. Ouch! sorry to hear you had a hard time clearing the path, Carole. Stay safe.