Tuesday, February 23, 2016

And Then There Was the Time When

... today, after finding out from the cardiologist that I seemed very well indeed, I  left to check out.  I saw the Dr. I like so much and his nurse, a male nurse that I like a lot as well while standing there. Seeing them both walking out of their office, I made tiny (thank goodness silent) clapping motions  with my hands and grinned like an idiot at them!  Good part is, they grinned back just as much. That's how much I like them and how glad I was to see them both.  I see them when it's not the "Big Man" I need to see.  Like those guys and hey, handsome!  Whoo WHEE!  Got a hug for my trouble.  Heeee.  That wasn't the idea but I'll take it. :-)

Rain of course.  I found out that my town got 90 all sunny days last year.  There were 200 partly cloudy to fully cloudy skies and the rest, rain.  Told we get a lotta gloom around here.

See ya later alligator  After while crocodile.

(Did I ever tell you that I developed quite a liking for alligators while living in Florida?  Sure did like seeing them.  Still do, when the chance arises but that doesn't mean I want to snuggle up with them).

See the fog rising up from my valley?  Taken from the deck 0630 cold cold cold morning last week.


  1. Dear Carole, you are a lucky lucky girl. I am so happy that you are making epic recovery and history. No wonder your doctors love you, You are the best patient.
    I hope you have a happy day.
    Here, we are going to get poured on, rain.
    Sarah will arrive at noon and we will do some crawling around, and maybe some cruising on the coffee table to the couch, then hide and seek, then eat some stuff, then maybe a nap.
    I love you dear friend. Give Katieblossompants a kiss on the head. My little boys are busy looking out the windows at the huge blue jays (rascals) and robins plopping around in the front yard.
    "my life has so changed" I remember so many fun times in the past, the blogging, the long walks in the woods, the figure skating. Okay I will shut it up haha
    now I am trying to be a finisher.
    Love loads and always

  2. The doctor and nurse sound really nice. I have never experienced hug at doctor's office :-)
    I lived in Florida for a little while, too. I think alligators are kind of cute. Yep, kind of, and not in snuggly way :-)

  3. Hugs from docs and nurses? Yes! From alligators? Not so much. MOL!

    I am so very happy you continue to get a clean bill of health. You and your heart are dear to me and mine ♥

  4. Is that where the get Gatorade from? Just asking? :)

    Doing the happy dance that you got a hug! All I get from my doctor is sinusitis! ;) xxx

  5. I am glad your appointment went well. I am not an alligator fan, I figure they would eat a cat if they could so I don't like them.

  6. Being able to thank good doctors and nurses is always good. I remember a quote from some celebrity who said that waking up with a hangover was good because it meant he wasn't dead yet...

    So anytime you can leave a hospital upright is a good thing...

  7. Hi Sis!
    I saw the you are like the Doctor's and his nurse! thank goodness silents I always thinking of you Sis!
    There were 2000 party cloudy most of cloudy skies I remember of your photos too. some of 2000 party cloudy to fully cloudy skies and rain. then your latter alligator of after while crocodile ..You never told me before..before you are in Florida so much thing I miss from you Sis! The still cold morning pleas take care of you Sis!
    We has hot weather I don't like very much hot summer time.
    Yesterday was still hot days.
    Love you Sis!
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki.and Victoria.

  8. Alligators and crocs are fascinating critters. Florida truly has their share of them.

  9. Dearest Carole,
    So happy for you and I only once got a hug from one of my doctors and that was at the skin cancer clinic. Feels good and even better for a happy reason!
    Sending you hugs and keep it sunny indoors; gloomy days do pass too.

  10. Whew Carole! Aren't you charged up! Glad you're doing well.
    Alligators eh? That's a new one on me.

  11. So happy that your checkup made YOU so happy, Carole! :)