Monday, May 9, 2016

A Conundrum

What's a fella to do?  Nothing really, as the issue I will speak to is inevitable and never ending.

What issue, you ask with perhaps feigned interest?  Well, I have a Toyota Corolla.  It's a smaller car...certainly in comparison to SUV's and giant "muscle" pick up trucks.

Both they and I in my little car have equal rights (to coin a phrase), to be out, about and thus to park in a parking lot. That's where my trouble comes in.

I will have parked, say, in WallyWorld.  All is well with birds singing, sun shining and "Happy Days Are Here Again" being whistled somewhere in the world.

I go into the store... which ever store I am there to go into...and lo!  When I come back out my car is either sandwiched between two gigantic behemoth SUV's  (or trucks, or one of each!!!) and trying to back out of the space becomes a nightmare.  I inch out very slowly only to hear the blare of a horn as I dare trespass just beyond my parking slot to try creeping out each inch of the way hoping to finally be able to see if anyone is coming down the lane so I can back out, turn and leave.  I have to move backward for several feet before I can actually see to leave my parking space.  That seems to incense those who are cruising the lane behind me to find a spot for them to park.  Seeing someone (me) dare to back out  slowly and carefully, enables a feature built into their vehicles I guess.  The feature makes the vehicle blow its horn several times and perhaps have its owner scream at me for daring to try to leave without positioning spotters that I should have brought along for that
purpose when I should know that giant SUV's and trucks will be bedside me.  How dare I neglect that!

My bad.  Tune in tomorrow as another chapter unfolds of "Stuff Happens".

Look at that! A heart.  At least my BREAD loves me!


  1. Parking lots are dangerous places. And do not park next to a cart rack. Those are the unsafest areas! People.
    I am glad to see you are eating heart-healthy bread! Love you, Ma! ❤

  2. I drive small car, and it is scary to back up when huge vehicle is parked next to my car and blocking view. The same thing has happend to me, too!
    Heart in bread is so cute :-) Have a great day!

  3. Well, you need to keep with the trends, Carole.
    I thought for sure you would be driving an H2 Hummer, or at least the H3 which is the diminutive and dainty one. hahahahaha
    Parking lots are a hoot. Thankfully, I am not decrepit yet, so I can park out in Siberia no matter what store.... But then, people today, even parking in that secluded area, you get weirdos.
    I especially like the parking space you get into, and not notice when you get out that someone dumped their entire sticky drink right out your door.
    Oh, we could write books..... but who has time.
    Have a fun cinnamon bun day. I am going to frolic this morning then go check on the oldsters this afternoon. Another busy week, but it is good to roll out of bed at 8:30. I feel like a princess
    Love always sweetums. I know Katieflowerblossompants is enjoying the views outside.
    My boys, Miles and Pierro are enjoying my house which looks like an explosion took place.... hmmm what to do.

  4. katie....pleez ta tell yur mom de food servizz gurl drives a wee sonic...her haz had that same problem mor times than her can count ore rememburr; sew now her haz taken ta pullin up one spot if her can, sew when her leaves.... her just drives strait for werd ♥♥♥

  5. Well if you reversed into the parking spot you would have an easier time driving out, just saying, I rarely drive into a parking spot, that said. I damn know what you mean about these big ass cars squeezing those in little cars in big bully cars they are.

  6. Dearest Carole,
    Oh, their goes often a special character with those SUVs and other big bulldoze type vehicles that can really annoy us at parking places and on the road. Their behavior does not paralel ours.
    But as my husband Pieter always says when such an individual misbehaves by honking loudly or whatever: 'Aren't you glad you don't have to go home with such a person?!'
    So let's focus on hearts; even those that are baked into bread!

  7. Oh, I so know those feelings as I too drive a Toyota Corolla. However, I'm a bit more aggressive as I continue to back out. I figure they can see me well before I can see them. Of course I'd be at fault if there was a serious accident but again I figure I'm doing less than 10km per hour so it shouldn't be more than a fender bender. As for those who honk their horns and scream....I'm pretty good at that too.

    One time I had a guy jump out of his vehicle and start coming towards me. I got out of my car and told him to go ahead and hit me....he backed off in a big hurry.

  8. Oh yes!! And have you ever had them parked so close that you have to crawl in through the hatchback? Causes much merriment to the watching pigeons who settle down with burgers and popcorn for their afternoon's entertainment! ;) xx

  9. I have an SUV. I have it because I haul a boat, a utility trailer, on rare occasions another car. I pulled a car out of a ditch a few years ago, and pulled a fallen tree off to the side of the road after a windstorm. And I spent too many year commuting to work in the dark with bigger cars shinging their low headlights right into my eyes when I drove an Eagle Vision.

    But one thing I NEVER do is complain about cars backing out of parking spaces. I have my SUV for reasons, and that lays a responsibility on me to be aware of it's size.

    I give motorcyles and smaller cars more space. I don't crowd.

    I know other SUV drivers aren't so considerate. It bothers me too.

    Sometimes I find small vehicles "drafting" behind me for some theoretical gas mileage advantage. Are they nuts? Aven a small car behind me can't stop much faster than I can in an emergency (or at least the DRIVER can't react fast enough).

    It's not the car, it's the driver who is the problem.

  10. As I have mentioned, I drive a Toyota Highlander SUV. I haul stuff, which is the properuse of the things. But I do understand it is a big vehicle and I am careful with it.

    Some people aren't, and I don't like those drivers.

    You mentioned some people driving them who blow their horns loudly. Yeah, I don't like them either. Loud horns are loud regardless of that you are driving.

    I find the parking space stalkers the most annoying, They demand you move out of your space so they can save 20 steps to the next nearest one. And they spend 5 minutes waiting for a good space.

    They are so funny sometimes. They could walk clear across a big parking lot in the time they wait all annoyed...

    1. That is the truth of I ever READ it. SO many times that has happened to me.

  11. Well, we love you, too, Carole. :)

    I hear you loud and clear about parking lots and the preponderance of giant SUVs. We have Mazdas, so we encounter those issues. Maddening.

  12. The cars that are honking at you lack the "brain app."

  13. Hi Sis
    you better take care of how to waking don't steep over Sis!
    I will speak to you never happens anymore trouble when before you are coming home...some where in the world..the parking space to back out very carefully enables a feature built into their vehicles it is owner scream you try to leave with posting aked into baked break will be bedside you!
    I'm not going to see you for little ours ...
    Sis, Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,

  14. I have the same problem in almost all of the places I park (hospital, stores, bank). I too have a Corolla (how dare I!). I, frankly, loathe what I call UAV (Urban Assault Vehicles) for the same reasons you mention. I can't see you because my view is blocked by those of your kind? Give me a break. No, really. Put on your breaks while I feather mine so I can get home safely!

    BTW, it's not only your bread that loves ya.