Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Smallest Thing

The smallest thing can and often does make my day.

I was on a routine trip to Kroger and since it is the Kroger Marketplace, it is very large with many things in and around it.  One of the things is a jewelry store.  But first things first.

I had gone in to get lettuce which was easily seen and some Oscar Meyer bacon pieces.  I could not find them so I asked an employee who took me allllll the way over to where they were.  I was very grateful as I had done my mile in a manner of speaking, looking for them.   She was cheerful as well as helpful.  A credit to the store.  Then, as I had purposefully brought two watches with me; one needing a battery and one needing a crystal, I went to the jewelry store.   Remember when I said a dishonest person at another jewelry store while changing the battery, broke the crystal of my favorite watch and lied saying *I* had to have broken it.  I was mad but sad as well as it is one of my favorite watches.  And a crystal, just a plain every day one,  not sapphire, is 70 some dollars.  So I left it there at the new jewelry store I have just spoken of to be repaired and get a battery replaced in another favorite watch.  She held the one with a broken crystal a long time and admired every detail of the watch's face.  It is a Mercury dime.  Usually I dislike seeing US coinage used as jewelry as I am a very serious collector.  It is defacing the coin to use it for jewelry to me.  However, I sunk to a new level when I saw this watch.  Sterling silver, except the back piece and of course silver Mercury dime  inside.  Thick black watch band. Had to have it so about 18 years ago, I caved and bought it.   The employee held it the longest  time and said how awesome it is, the watch, and I agree every bit with that.  Made my heart glad that someone else appreciated it.  So, that was the second of two events that made my afternoon.  My experience there at the jewelry store and the Kroger employee made two events.  AND for new customers, the first watch battery is free!  Beat THAT with a stick, why don't 'cha?

Then, the owner of this one came over, and  engaged me in at least 10 minutes of the most fun conversation.  Made my afternoon,,,the Kroger associate and the jewelry store employee and owner.

Sure makes up for the bad clerk who shattered  my watch face and lied.  Different store of course and they said of that happens they will make it good.

Just enjoying my day after a few days of being a bit sad.  xoxo


  1. Sorry you're feeling down, Sister. Does it help to know that you are loved? I hope so.

    I'm so glad you met some great people today. Like you say, sometimes it's the little things that have the greatest impact.

  2. Took me a few thoughts to realize what a watch "crystal" was. My watch is a 50 year old digital and breaking the cover never even ocurred to me.

    But as cheap as my watch is, after 50 years it has become precious to me. No fancy strap, just a double velcro band called a "shark leash". I need a battery replacement every year. But I wouldn't trade it for a Rolex. I will mourn the day when it does not come back to life with a new battery...

  3. How nice you came across those nice people. Small things can make a really good day! I like going to my local Publix as people there are so nice :-)

  4. WOW, what a great visit you had. All is well that "ends well." Sounds like a lovely watch by the way.

  5. Nice people can make an entire day! Just know that there are fewer of those where we live.

  6. I am glad you had a nice day. Being kind is so easy yet some people just won't do it like that other worker.

  7. I'm so glad to hear you had such a great experience (three, actually) at that store, Carole. What a nice spirit lifter after those sads.

  8. Hey! You blogged! I've missed you Carole. I know all about taking somebody around the store to find a particular item. They tell us to do it and then if you're gone for more than 3 minutes they page you and want to know where you are. Hey it's a big store and often on your way back to your allotted post you get stopped by somebody else. But that, the supermarket biz. My company, the original one was very innovative from meats first wrapped in cellophane, 401k's for there workers, part and fulltime, a conveyor belt to carry your groceries to a central location to have them loaded in your car to now when there pioneering having a staff with no actual employee's. Ahem. I sorry we're not employees, we're associates.

  9. Hi Sis!
    You are nice trip in the Kroger market you likes of Jewelry stores ..I remember to thinking of you Are you still looking of them? so many of already Sis! It was so many years ago you having a so bad your feet ...I well thinking of yours???
    I had bad face and feet in to the tree in my golf course and it's alright for few days...the raining are not a golfing with me...
    I hope you has enjoyed watch sports on Fox I had most of every day!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki and Victoria