Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Well, THAT was nice!

Me, my daughter-in-law and the grand baby were all at the Children's Museum today.  I haven't been there since my own were of an age to want to go.  It was great fun and for a one year old, he did very well despite teething about four teeth at once including two MOLARS for pity sake!!

There were many things that t were interactive and he got to play with them all.  One thing was The Water Room.  It has a play ship, and a "river" with locks that the children can operate so they might learn the meaning of the word when spoken of in a maritime connotation.

He released the wooden boats several times though he wasn't aware of  the consequences or why of what he was doing.  No consequence, as he adored playing in the water.

We saw many hats in one of the play rooms where there were puzzles, desks and other items children love.  I commented on how creative (I assumed the next part of this sentence) the women who made Some of these things were.  I said that particular gene had passed me by and I have never been creative in the usual way we women can be and often are.  Oh...I draw, paint and do decorative sewing, or did once upon a time when I had time.  But crafts are beyond me.  I despaired of that on occasion but my daughter-in-law said "Oh, you have talent. You are a wordsmith." I was very flattered.  I asked how she knew--- and she said it was very easy to know  as she has read many thing including my blog here as well as Katie's blog along with a few short stories and excerpts I have sent her of some of my work.  I never knew she appreciated it and that she knew that was ME in therm.  But I do now and I feel very happy to have learned she feels that way.  Very complimented as to me that description of me IS a great compliment.

She has gone back through the blog here and read many of my Mother's day and Birthday blogs to my sons and as the words came straight from my inner being, she felt their strength and love.  She sees I love my human and my fur children.

Great day today.  And they did have some other fascinating things  there at the museum as well.  A big ol' Underwood old OLD typewriter. old OLD heavy black phones with those cords they used to have. All thick and black and looking like a boa constrictor on a diet!

Here's my little feller....


  1. Oh! You visited one of our favorite places! The grandchildren have loved going there! Cute little feller! xo

  2. What fun! And how sweet to learn that she has read and appreciated what you have written.

  3. Few things are as sweet as meeting someone who knows what you are good at and appreciates it!

    Though sometimes it works wrong. I met someone once who had an internet handle I knew and we started talking. Only to discover she wasn't that person... And we were both gardeners! Weird.

  4. Dearest Carole,
    That was a HUGE compliment and what a great way for learning about true love for a loved one that even meant in this scenario; themselves.
    You do write well and also with humor about Katie.

  5. That is a great compliment, not to be taken lightly. It is good that she will see to it that your words are remembered to your grandchildren.

  6. How sweet! And that last picture is just adorable.

  7. It's so wonderful your daughter-in-law reads and appreciates your blogs and what you have written. I do see lots of love from your writings. Sounds like you have really great relathionship with each other. Your grandson is so adorable. Glad he had fun at the museum :-)

  8. What a sweet picture!!! It's always gratifying when those we love notice and appreciate our talents!! xx

  9. Carole...your grandson is adorable; and the compliment from your DIL is true, and well deserved ! :) ♥♥♥

  10. Awwwww what a cutiepie.
    You are a wonderful gramma and I love you too

  11. Sounds like a great place and oh what a cutie, but you know that already

  12. That sounds like a wonderful day. He is such a cutie!
    Add you are a wordsmith.

  13. Hi Sis!
    Your Daughter-in-law and you have great baby were all fun and for a one years old he released the several times also he adored playing in the water too, My love Katie's blog also along with a few short stories and excerpts very happy to have learned she feels that way great compliment to you!
    I will waiting for both coming my home. it was very nice in my placed just coming to see me Admiral!
    Thinking about of tonight few cold days I hope you have hot day now?
    Sis,Katie,miyuki.and Victoria,

  14. Thanks fur coming to visit. Purrs to all and double for the young one

  15. Hi Sis!
    When you had sending to me a month ago send me your letter?
    but unfortunate not enough send me your mails?
    I really to need to now and though it like "Oh WOW" Yes I've always wanted to from you.
    Admiral was so busy these days just thinking of always looking for nice weather times!
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki.and Victoria.