Friday, July 15, 2016

A Beautiful Day

My friends, look at these gorgeous beautiful fragrant roses that my dear friend and Sister sent me, Miss Karen.  She is far away in Chicago or she would be here for this truly momentous-to-me weekend to help me commemorate the one year anniversary of my life saving critical surgery.  Tomorrow will be the day of the anniversary.

I am grateful each moment of each day for the gift of life I have been given and vigor to enjoy it.

Dear Karen, and all of you who have been kind and loving as well and  having written me their dear wishes for me on this wonderful day to come tomorrow, thank you.  Every word  each of you have expressed to me last blog is like a gemstone to me.  I will always and ever be grateful for each of you.  You know it is true.

Love💗 You  Each


  1. Happy, happy day. I remember keping in touch throughout your journey. I am so glad it went this way for you. You are loved. ❤

  2. One year later! Wow. It seems like time flies, or it seems longer. I am just glad that you are better now.
    This makes me happy. You are having the best life ever!! Truly blessed

  3. It's a standout day for sure! Though I thought it was the 17th!!!! Well done on keeping on keeping on!! xxx

    1. It is, Austin. As mentioned in the bloggy, tomorrow ---which is now TODAY! YEA!!!

  4. Happy one year! How sweet of your friend Karen to send such beautiful flowers. They are very pretty and gorgeous!

  5. So much time has passed and things have occurred..I am so happy you have been here for all of them. It is a great anniversary for us all to have you still with us. I pray you will continue to be healthy and happy and enjoy that Grandson! <3 to you Sis..

  6. They are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! I am so happy that you are now doing well and sooooooo enjoying life! You deserve nothing but HAPPINESS!!!! xoxoxo

  7. Beautiful roses for a beautiful woman!

  8. Beautiful roses for my beautiful friend from a beautiful sister. So thankful that you are still here to spread your warmth and friendship. Happy anniversary!

  9. The flowers are lovely! Life is an amzing event and journey into the unknown. Every extra day is special.

  10. Such lovely flowers to celebrate a wonderful anniversary. We love you lots, and are glad that you are here, and going strong! :)

  11. Hi Sis!
    Thank you so much for your beautiful flowers I hope your lovely happy with going to Tennessee soon ..We are going with Kaite San too.Love you!
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki.and Victoria.