Friday, July 8, 2016

Blackberries and Chiggers

I'm still whining on about those chiggers but here are some blackberries up in the header picture that we found in the wetlands too.    I'm still itching but not as badly.  Just behind my knees and the poison ivy still itches too.  One day it won't.  And the old saying holds true.  If this is the worst I have to complain about..hey...I have it made.

He would NOT turn so I could get his iridescent blue color! 

This week was mostly about me personally being up on the rack.  Wednesday was the most important one and I found that I am doing very well!  I had a video I had done while hot footing it around the park so that he could hear my footfalls (the cardiologist) and my voice with the sound of my breathing at that pace.  He was actually very happy for me.  That made ME very happy too of course. I had a new baseline echo and so, I'm good to go.  Wanna wrassle?

Today was my eye professional appointment and nothing unexpected there.  Very grateful.

Don't know what it was but I stopped to take its picture and probably take on a load of chiggers.

Guys, I wish you could be here July 17th with me.  That is the anniversary of my oh-my-goodness-surgery.  I would love to celebrate that anniversary with each one of you.  I wish we had us a great big room where we could meet, eat a great meal and talk loud and laugh and tell jokes! I'll think of you even if you aren't here because without that surgery last July 17th, I probably wouldn't  be hunting and pecking this right now.   And you are valuable to me as cyber friends.  Those cyber friends are as important to me as my here-with-me friends are.  Love is love,  don't you think?  Whether here near me or somewhere else in the world.



  1. So glad you ARE here, Carole. Purrs from the boys for healthy decades to come. Hugs.

  2. I think it is fair to complain about whatever ails you. Sure, chiggers and poison ivy are not exactly a broken leg or migraines, but they are what YOU have at the moment. And what YOU have at the moment is what is causing YOU grief.

    I have discovered poison ivy growing all through my flowerbeds and I dread digging the plants out. I KNOW I will make some slip and rub my skin while getting them out. I never had any problem with poison ivy until I was 50 and then OH BOY, it was all over we for 2 weeks of misery!

    So this time, I am wearing arm length rubber gloves and keeping a bucket of bleach at my side to dip the gloves into regulary.

    The twistwd right knees (from early April is FINALLY starting to get back to normal. I wish I was younger when that sort of thing healed after a couple weeks.

    I will share a virtual meal for your "Oh My Goodness Surgery". I'll offer Smoked Pork Butt and Beans. If it was later in the year, I could provide heirloom tomatores and bi-color corn.

    1. OH MY GOSH! What a delicious meal. I would embarrass myself if I allowed myself to think of embarrassment which I would't, throwing it all down into my stomach with delight as fast as I could. (I love a good meal like that). When it comes to good food, I am always hungry! :-)

  3. Dearest Carole,
    WOW, that is certainly great news and oh so important! Heart health is something so very precious and unlike a rash that will subdue with time.
    LOVE that hairy twin leaf and I have no idea either...
    Sending you hugs for a happy weekend. Today we biked again, got rid of my nasty cold and slowly catching up. Not nice when you come home sick from a lovely time in Florida but it does happen...
    Barty has nursed me back to good health; he has been sleeping since Tuesday evening so tight to my head and holding me with his softest paws. Pieter always smiles when he sees him love his Mami to death. They missed us and we missed them...

    1. Our babies always miss us terribly and show it. I am so glad you are becoming well again. xx

  4. Oh my. I am so happy to know you as an internets friend, Carole. congratulations of celebrating another year of being saved by the scalpel. And good surgeons.
    My sister and I just had a good whine fest on texting.
    We both have very valid reason to be cry babies, but also very grateful that we have each other and we are not dying from some big disease.
    Have a wonderful time on the 17th, I will have a cookie in your honor! and raise up a glass of calcium fortified Kefir haha
    I love you. Stay cool. It is really hot and I do not like it.

  5. I was thinking the anniversary must be soon!! So glad that reports are good. Those chiggers are a pesky bunch though! Cyber friends are so lifelike one almost thinks they are real!!! *moves quickly away from screen* Hehe! ;-)

  6. I hadn't connected with your blog a year ago (found it through Katie's). So grateful that your surgery a year ago went so well, and that your health is great. What a relief for you especially and your family too.

    It is amazing to me how the connections across the web. Just imagine not very many years ago this would not have been possible.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Would love to celebrate with you, in virtual fashion, since the miles separate us! So glad to have you as a cyber-friend! Best wishes and congrats on a momentous anniversary! Hugs!

  8. Your header and those photos are delightful! Such beauties!
    Happy anniversary of your surgery. I wish we could celebrate in a big room together :-) Sending cyber hugs to you xoxo

  9. Yeah you will get over the itch in time just saying and blackberries are something Little Leo likes

  10. That would be wonderful to celebrate your good health with you. I will be thinking of you. XO

  11. Happy that the surgery made it possible for you to be hunting and pecking right now. I agree, you are valuable to me as a cyber friend.Happy Sunday to you, my friend.

  12. Oh, I love that idea! I was trying to work out some way of coming in for a few hours and treating you to dinner but mostly to give you a hug. From my heart to yours, Sis, hunt and peck on!

  13. We will ABSOLUTELY be there in spirit on the 17th!!

  14. Hi Sis!
    You had itching your knees of still itches ..but not as bady now? Your eye professional appointment are very gratefulbut you stopped to take it picture on a lost of chiggers for that.You are valuable to me as your sweet feeling better!
    Sis,katieMiyuki,and Victoria