Sunday, August 21, 2016

And Then...

Guys, I loved all the additions you all put in, in the last blog.  One I may have forgotten...too lazy to go back and look right now--- is the phrase "change up".  Please.  Just say change.  WHY is the word "up" such a grand additions?  This awful phrase has been going on a good six years or more.   But who's counting, right?  The ol' "having said that" is right up there too!!

  I had included all my loathed words in the last paragraph of my last blog, trying to be funny.   *Whispers*... I don't think anyone noticed my feeble attempts.

Ennyhoo, I love reading your own "suddenly tired of" phrases and please use my blog to add them in any time you feel like it.  Doesn't matter the subject matter I may have posted about.  Tired phrases are always fun to read as we see we're not alone!

This just in  ;-)  Sitting here with my bottle of A&W diet root beer.  Slugging away at it and almost done.

Oh.  Meant to say...I started a diet about three weeks ago.  One thing I wound up doing from the git-go was cease any bread/sandwiches/baked goods.  Not sure why I did that.  They are not evil.  I think I was trying to cut the intake of carbs and that seemed to be a good way.  Simple carbs.  Not complex carbs though I have not had hardly any taters in those three weeks.  I love potatoes in any form except  potato soup. So it HAS been a little bit harder for me to avoid much of those however.  Sugary type things are easier to avoid because the craving goes away after several weeks of having none.  I do have fruit smoothies though and a banana to hold me when I am extra hungry.  I dislike bananas, but I will eat them when I am desperate.

It's lunch time and I believe I will head into the kitchen and have my strawberry smoothie.  I use a cup of skim milk, 2 T of Hersey's Lite chocolate syrup at 40 calories  for two T.,  a cup of cut up fresh strawberries (I have found some great ones in a local store that taste GOOD!  Not like the wooden tasting hard things in other places), a sweetener packet, some ice cubes and turn the blender on.  Um Um Good.

My usual mish mash of talking.  I feel as though I am sitting at the kitchen table with you.


  1. Ah, the sugar craving doesn't really leave me. If I abstain completely I'm okay, but as soon as I have one tiny piece of something (chocolate, a cookie, whatever) I'm doomed. So I gave up trying to exclude anything. My middle-aged tummy shows it, but I'm happier. :-)

    As for detested media words, I went back to read the comments.

    I don't watch a lot of news anymore, because it's all doom and gloom repeated ad nauseam, or even worse (and no offence) it's U.S. politics. I cannot, just cannot abide the sight or sound of your Republican candidate. Worst. Reality. TV. Ever.

    So my suggestion is to watch something other than the repetitive, irritating news! :-D

    1. Kim. Even worse. I have not watched local or National news in 8 years. Seriously.

  2. Funny you mentioned the "kitchen table" feeling. It's like that for me too when I pop around for a visit. When I was little, we'd come in the back just off the kitchen. The screen door was always open. Yes, even in Chicago, we left a door open. Different time and I miss it. That's what makes our visits special.

    I like the coffee and the company too ♥

  3. I agree with you that simple carb should be restricted. But that doesn't mean you can't have a sandwic once in a while.

    The key isn't eliminating some foods, its balance. My typical lunch is a half a sandwich of some little meat, a pile of sliced veggies, a slice of real cheese, and a half a pickle for some tang. Dinner is usually 3-4 oz of meat (my general preference is baked chicken, and I always have a large tossed salad with oil&vinegar dressing.

    I don't eat that way because it is healthy, I eat it it because I like that stuff. I can't stand the taste of fish, but I do eat shrimp frequently and take Omega-3 supplements every other day. There is almost no begetble I do not like, and basically, with the small meat and the large salad, I have 2 veggie sides each dinner. You name a veg (other than okra) and I probably eat it once a week. LOL!

    1. Now, thems good eatin'. Really. My kind of thing.

  4. I've tried twice to leave a comment! I think Blogger doesn't like me anymore!! Anyway, meant to say well done on your new eating regime, Carole! It seems to be working! I went back and read the comments on the last blog post and can see you tapped a rich seam! But "conversating"? That's a joke, surely!!! 8-/ You should henceforth keep a list of "Things I am suddenly tired of" and maybe there will be a lucrative book deal in your future! "In your future" could make the cut ;-) xx

  5. I am addicted to sugar.
    I really do need to stop.
    I stopped buying candy, but every now and then it finds its way back in.... sneaky.
    I used to eat more salad and vegetables. Now I just eat bagels, and cheese, hard boiled eggs.
    I eat crappy.
    I am loving peaches though.
    Clementines are good for your pipes.
    Calcium. I need to remember to consume that, but I do take a vitamin. I have been pretty horrible at self care lately.
    I love you Carole.
    There is a lot of good advice from your commenters ^^
    except the one about Trump. I am sick of the media disrespect. We know more about Trump than we did about Oblamer in 08.

  6. I'm in love with carbs and sugar, so it will require serious will power to avoid them. Though, I try to have them in moderation. Now I crave for strawberry smoothie :-)

  7. I feel like we are chatting in the kitchen too. I admire your efforts at dieting, I gave up long ago.

  8. Hi Sis!
    One I may forgotten too go back look light now Why is who's counting right? sight up there too..Last blog trying to be feel like it. Tired phrases are always fun to read as We see we're not aloned. You love potatoes in any form except potato soup,you have found some great ones in a local store that taste good! Not lie the wooden tasting hard turn blender on um um good.I feel as though I'am sitting at the Kitthin table with you!
    I thinking of you so much!
    We had still cold raining days not playing for our golf!
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki.and Victoria.

  9. What did we do before blenders, they making whipping up a delicious drink so easy, it is another coldish day here and I had a stressful start to my day but its all good more or less

  10. I enjoy your posts because it does feel as though we're sitting across the table, chatting and visiting.

    Good luck with you're diet! I've been trying to cut out sugars and carbs lately and do a little more exercising but instead of losing I've put on another 3 lbs. Yikes! I'm blaming on the stress in my life. Not a big fan of smoothies because I need texture in my food. So I tried swapping out carrots for potato chips....lasted through two bags of baby carrots then decided if I never see another carrot that will be too soon. WHY is it that the healthy food is never as satisfying as the bad stuff?

    Enjoy your week!

    1. It's salt a lot of times. I think so anyway. Salt and sugars in our food AND fat are what makes food taste so good. :-)

  11. Carbs are everywhere, aren't they? So hard to avoid (especially because we all love them so much, ha ha). That strawberry smoothie sure sounds yummy!

    Hugs to you and Katie!