Saturday, August 27, 2016

How Could I Forget THIS One?

"Reach out"  The media always reaches out.  The can't possible just contact reach out.  EVERYone in media  uses that phrase.  Reach out implies you are feeling empathy, sympathy, concern, all the other terms that I will spare you from.  "Contacted" is more like it as far as the media's use of the word is concerned.  The false implication of concern  they don't even realize they are doing, is annoying.  Gosh I'm on a roll here with overused inappropriate phrasing in media!

Meanwhile, I am pruning back, or trying to, my use of exclamation marks from a constant THREE of them when I wanted to emphasize something to a mere one!  Now, if I could prune back my over-use of commas I think I would be cited for some writing awardie.  I am the comma QUEEN!

I have aways used ellipsis throughout my writing of anything.  Stories, blogs, you name it. They come in handy but I had to break myself from too many of them as well.  And no one can write in phrases more so than I.  I have no idea where or when I picked up that habit.  Wait.  I think I do know.  It was during  my career where a written documentation of all conversations, telephone particularly  or otherwise was of vital importance so I invented  my own shorthand out of necessity.

Here..have a cookie with that coffee and you over there, pull up a chair.  Plenty of room here at the table.

Whoops...carry on while I steam clean the bathroom floor.  WAY overdue for a good thorough cleaning.  Like Arnold, I'll be back.

See the heron?  I got him (along with the chiggers) in the wetlands.


  1. Commas and exclamation marks....they are a hallmark of my writing as well. I've never quite learned when, or where they are properly used. So I'll keep on as I have been!

    Love the photo from the wetlands. How lush and green!!

  2. Never underestimate !!!s or ...s. They have value when used properly.

    For example, I had a storm so strong right on top of me the other night, the lightening and thunderclap arrived AT THE SAME TIME!!!

    And you wouldn't believe what happened after that...

    And I am reminded of a Dilbert strip the pointy-headed boss said "who needs semicolons anyway; what are they good for"?


  3. With respect to commas, are you an Oxford Comma aficionado? I know I am. Mostly. My only break from the Oxford comma (see what I did there?) occurs when there is no need for disambiguation. Let's eat Rocky, Phinny and Karen. OR Let's eat, Rocky, Phinny, and Karen.

    The first one is not such a good idea. MOL!

  4. I am definitely not an Oxford comma aficionado unless the sentence demands it. I think I was taught that "and" was sufficient! Ellipses I do use ..... The exclamation mark key on my laptop is always the first to go! :-)

    I think I mentioned "reached out" as one of my main bugbears on your first foray into the grammar and syntax minefield MOL

    I have just recently started to hear people (many people) "This film is a 'reboot'" Whatever happened to 'remake"? How can you reboot a film? Ludicrous! ;-)

  5. I didn't think about that, but now, yes, they use "reach out" a lot!
    As English is not my mother language, I constantly learn new things, and I need to. For a very loooong time, I used comma and parentheses in a wrong way. I did so in many documents....very embarrassing!

  6. hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa
    I have been hiding inside most of summer, I can't stand the heat this year. It is killin' meh.

    You should mention "reach Out" to Greg Gutfield. He would love it, and I love when he says "I hate these people"
    Have a fun day. I have this very last day to hibernate inside and then next week and the week after will be full of doctor appointments and errands with either dad, mom, or Christina and Sarah.
    Stay cool, my precious Jewel.
    Love Blue Herons and YOU♥️

  7. Mercy...Sis I am the ... queen sometimes the >>> queen too! LOL

  8. I agree, reach out is annoying. Great photo.

  9. Hi Sis!
    Some thing happening today when I write to you I had break myself witting made mistakes that was you send me nice letter for me ..send back another writing in my place'Please
    OK to you!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki and Victoria

  10. Hi Sis!
    I was the time o thinking of our good fortune to to be living in peaceful time and enjoying life's simple peaceful!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria

  11. We think it's okay, as long as people don't reach out with an abundance of commas and exclamation points. ;)