Friday, August 12, 2016

Things I am Suddenly Tired of + Reading the comments is a whole other blog and fun too.

Tain't much, that which I am tired of.  Just a few phrases that are over-used so much.  If words could ravel and turn ratty and worn, these several phrases would.

Come on media and TV talking heads...really now.  Can you change up  (that's one phrase right there I am "suddenly tired of" ) your phrases for a little refreshing change please?

What do I mean?  Well, the almost every other sentence from TV channel to channel (news) you hear "At the end of the day". Over-used by everyone including friends and local newspaper pundits.  Please.  Just say another phrase.  I know if you try there is one out there. As "later" "Finally"  nothing at all?

Then ya gots yer "going forward" thingy.  Please don't Announcers and Talking Heads. Please,  say something else.  What did you bunch of folks say before that phrase and the others I will mention here started up about ten years ago--- along with the "at the end of the day" horror.  I think the first time I heard that, it was a sports personality/coach, some such.  Oh, did it EVER catch on.

Lastly but not leastly...I just wanna not hear "Gone missing".  Got lost?  Disappeared?  Why use a British turn of phrase?  Sounds better?  More fancy?  To me, it sounds affected.  Get over yourselves media writers and speakers.  "Change it up" to another way instead of always saying the exact same set of words year in and year out.

I know what you're thinking.  Don't listen.  Usually I don't unless it is something I need to hear that will affect me.  But I will hear whatever talking they choose to say--- however they choose to say it--- with their key catch phrases, unfailingly.   These are the most often heard by me.  I know there have to be more. Just at the end of the day, going forward,
I would like to see medias change up their mode of speaking and writing or I will be gone missing from the telly, which usually I am except for Katie's baby shows she sleeps thorough in her recliner.


  1. I have my own list of words that irritate me, though not from the media as much as from the powers-that-be at work and from government in general. Buzz words come and go, so in a few years something else will have caught on no doubt.

    My current despised words are "accountability", "transparency," "strategic" anything, and I'm sure a few more that escape me at the moment. :-/

  2. Oh oh oh! I could write a dissertation on this subject! It absolutely infuriates me that everyone starts an answer to a question with "So"! E.g. What's your name? So, my name is Austin .....!!!!???? How has that happened?

    Another one is I "reached out" to so and so ..... Whatever is wrong with saying "I contacted so and so....?

    Yes and this going forward or moving forward!! GRrrrrr!

    BUT my biggest bug bear is not what they say but how they say, like the vocal fry! Young girls have to talk way back in their throat and gurgle! It sounds like an old woman who smokes 60 a day! :-/

    1. Oh boy! I'm with you on "reached out" and vocal fry. Add that to "up talking" and we've hit the trifecta. Just sayin' (yes, another one I dislike).

    2. OF COURSE! "reached out" makes me wanna reach out and punch the sayer!!! I have not had the "pleasure" of up talking. Sounds horrible! Katie will say "Just Sayin'" to be annoying. :-)

    3. I can't get that out of my mind..the young girls gargling like old ladies who smoke 60 a day. I have been laughing since!

    4. I am working on a dictionary of "Meaningless Drivel" and will add all these to it! I think it will be a hefty tome going forward..... :-)

  3. *I* am tired of "spokespersons" who lie and evade about what their boss said.

    I am tired candidates to say shocking things just because they hear calls from the audience and need to stay ahead of that crowd.

    I am tired of candidates and spokespeople who watch their own videos on cable news and then IN SPITE OF THAT, deny they said those things.

    And I have utterly no respect for those who kowtow to a demagogue and rationalize his moronic claims.

    Not that I'm taking sides of course...

  4. I'm in Mark's Mews Corner - tired of all the political crap and it's just starting. November is still a few months away - if I last that long. I must say I haven't heard the exact same example of words up here, but I'm sure our news people have their own set of repetitive words. I just don't watch the local news that intently that I catch them.

    1. IT's National News I'm afraid with copy cat local news copying them.

  5. Dearest Carole,
    Yes, there are stupid words like 'at the bottom of the hour' or 'at the top of the hour'...
    As if they forgot how a clock ticks and the dial shows us the correct time.
    There is so much fluff out there that one can only envy our felines; they just nap away and purr happily.
    The entire journalism has gone down and a lot down since the 80s.
    Politicians have lost their moral compass and the media wraps that up in their own way.

  6. Well, there are the "talking points" that are dictated by this administration. That is why we first heard
    "hubris" back in 08 then it was "evolved" "notion" "hope" "change" "racist"
    The "administration" has meetings daily with media, what things to talk about, what not to talk about.
    Ever watch Howard Kurtz?
    Hubbs and I stopped watching tv news.
    This election is a travesty. I have never seen so much liberal bias and some of it borderlines on criminal.
    Hillary Clinton will be the next president, bc the liberals know how to destroy people. They do it right out in the open.
    Conservatives are too meek to lower their standards to thuggish behavior
    I lose myself in my sewing world, Sarah, and my oldsters

    1. I love you Rosemary. You and the entire family. Truly. xox

  7. BREAKING NEWS.... what?? It is not important stuff that is BREAKING any more..get so used to that you don't even listen to it any more. I think they used to use BULLETIN or THIS JUST IN...anyway...yeah it's just too much these days..

  8. This reminds me of the time I went back to Japan. There were new words used so frequently and they were all over the magazine. Only, they were invented words that were new to me so I really had hard time understanding. It was a weird experience foe me...!

    1. Tamara, that is amazing! The last thing you would expect.

  9. "You heard it here first!!" and Breaking news! - huh?that dumb ole story you keep repeating?
    Oh ya, the valley-girl accent- where the heck did that Come from anyhow?

  10. Hi Sis!
    You change that's one phrase right in the newspaper pundits.
    As later nothing at all. What did you bunch of folks of the day.It was change another expect their daily with media not to talk about.more fancy another ...
    Have a good smile of both with us!
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki and Victoria.

  11. I agree with everything you wrote. Can we get rid of things going "viral" and "not a problem" too?

    1. HOW can I have forgotten the going viral thing! I hate that phrase.

  12. I am so with you here there are many sayings that piss me off and I am so tired of hearing

  13. There are many buzz words and phrases that are annoying. Words and phrases designed to make things sound more important than they really are. Though there are many the one that bugs me is "breaking news". Often it's not breaking or all that important. Everybody is busy puffing themselves up.
    Whoa! Breaking News! The phone is ringing! Details at six!

  14. We hate "conversating". You converse. You have conversations. We certainly don't conversate here! Even shows up on our automatic spelling error lists! We also hate "breaking news". Most of the time it is simply "in other news". Wait. Hate that, too. "Know what I mean"? The list is long!
    Former English major,

  15. Yes, yes, yes, you are so right! I totally agree with you, these words and phrases are over used. Most of these give me the "hee-bee-geebies" when I hear them now.

  16. I was just thinking about annoying phrases when I heard the misused "doubling down" and then I read this! Today's watch word seems to be "pivot" (heard that twice in one report this morning on NPR) and "medaling," referring to the Olympics. ARGH.

    I also hate, loathe and detest vocal fry. I will turn off the radio any time I hear it. (And then go off on a rant to the cats. OK, maybe to myself.)

  17. You are SO right, Carole. We notice such things at work, too ... so much jargon and "buzzy" words. Annoying, to say the least!