Friday, October 21, 2016

Hm....One Handed

Ladies, Gentlemen and Kitties and Woofies or two, I am thinking that I may be the only one left in the U.S. who drives with both hands on the steering wheel of a vehicle.  Nope, not speaking of texting here.  Just regular run of the mill driving.  Both hands on opposite sides of the steering wheel.   That's the name of my driving game. Maybe 9 and 3 position or 10 and 2 sometimes.  Most others that I glance have a knuckled fist up there on top...knuckles sticking up like pyramids from the grip on the steering wheel OR...a languid wrist draped ever so comfortably atop the wheel.

I have wondered how on earth you control the car with that wrist draped over the steering wheel.  That's worse than the one handed knuckle bearing grip on top of the wheel.  By the time you run over something and it comes to you that you may need to grip the wheel to prevent a disaster...seconds are lost in rearranging hands to hold the wheel.  Oh well.  At least I can say I hold on to the steering wheel.  This was not going to be a rant but durned if it didn't turn into one!

Its finally chilly here!  I may be under my fleece blankie tonight.  Of course some else may be as well.  IF she isn't draped over my forehead! These whiskers of hers feel like stiff nylon thread!  She comes down close to my eyes and nose and purrs extra loud.  Whiskers are very distracting!  Tickly and like little pin points!

Hope I get to walk tomorrow.  Have a small trip to make.

Fried chicken and saffron rice tonight!  Shall I set a plate for you?  Oh.  Green beans.  Buttered.


  1. Not having a car, I don't notice hands on the steering wheel unless I'm a passenger. I DO notice an awful lot of people still talking or texting on their phones while driving, though, which is illegal here and just plain stupid and dangerous.

    Katie looks great there. Queen of her Castle. I take she's okay now, doing well with the probiotics.

    Thanks for stopping by the Musings blog; the boys send purrs. I'd love to teleport over for supper, but alas, I'm having gall bladder troubles right now and fried chicken and buttered green beans wouldn't sit so well, as yummy as they would be! :-)

  2. Aww very cute post!! Thank you for sharing with us :)

  3. LOL- I am a two-handed driver, too. Always have been and I have avoided a few accidents because of that, I think.

    That Katie Kat looks like she owns the world. lol xo Diana

  4. I'm a firm grip driver. More of a 9 and 2. But definitely both hands gripping the steering wheel.

    I sometimes laugh when I read that most people think they are "better than average". I am! I keep my attention on the road, I watch my mirrors (and I have enhanced mirrors), and I keep aware of drivers around me.

    But not a single friend was. One liked to look around as he drove and and he always drifted in the direction of his gaze. Another routinely drove in the center of narrow country roads over high spots where he couldn't see past.

    And they were INSULTED when I pointed those things out to them. I don't ride in their cars anymore...

  5. I drive with my left hand. I hold a pot of yogurt in my right hand.
    I am a weirdo, but I drive slow too. I stay in the right lane
    Now if I am driving on the Hellway, that surrounds the cesspool, then I always use two hands.
    I am a very cautious driver. I do not want to mow anyone down. I do take my merry old time though.

    The wind this morning is annoying. Such a sunny day

  6. I will have to take note next time I drive!! Can't remember what I do lol. Mind you in the UK most cars are still what you call stick shift, so when I had one of those, I know I used to drive with one hand on wheel and one on gear stick!! Now I have auto I think probably both hands are on the wheel! :-) Katie you look sultry there! Austin has had to leave the room!! 8-)

  7. I mostly drive with both hands on steering wheel, but, sometimes one hand gets lazy! It's getting chilly here, too. Still, we can spend daytime in t-shirts. It's very pleasant this weekend :-) I with you and Katie san a beautiful weekend xoxo

  8. I drive with both hands on the wheel. And yes, I would love some fried chicken.

  9. Oh, we do wish we lived closer. Fried chicken and saffron rice sounds delicious, plus a visit with you and Katie would be awesome. :)

    Getting chillier here, too ... we put on the fleecy blanket last night. Gracie and Zoe love it.

  10. Just to let you know...I think you are beautifur and I am following you!
    Your Furend
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  11. Dearest Carole,
    Oh yes it is getting more chilly here as well.
    I got a near bladder infection, probably from biking against strong(er) winds in my shorts... Now I've cleaned my sandals and put them away and I'm into jeans and thin corduroy jeans with booties again. Hate the cold season, well it's not yet that far but we had some very chilly nights. I'd made the twin beds (we alternate between bedrooms...) with our cotton terry duvet cover over the summer down duvet. Felt so heavenly and even Speckie did sneak underneath with me, only for a brief moment as she likes to sleep on top, close to my face on the side. Barty is my halo on the 2nd European square pillow that he totally claims. He does tease my hair and also some acupuncture at times. All with love and loud, very loud purring! When it was cold I had also Bandido on one side from me. When I have to get up during the night I have to wriggle myself out... Funny at times but they love to claim their human!
    As for the driving I'm 100% with you on that. It is also the way we got taught in Europe when we got our diver's lessons. Only for long trips on the Interstate, I do let one arm rest at times when there are straight stretches and the traffic allows it. Like you said, IF a sudden reaction would be needed, it could mean death instead of maneuvering safe.
    Sending you hugs,

  12. Hi Sis!
    Miss kathryn lsbell had become a castonney ferllne clients who have tired of the in cessants. flashy box intrusions pawrents
    beware wooflas may apply as well Fees a non-negotiable she said some thing about snuggles..
    I just so fanny thinking of bladder infection. not good thinking of me. So much rain and not enough Sun.
    Sis.katie Miyuki and Victoria

  13. Hi there what a gorgeous Kitty , I know what you mean about those whiskers.
    I do drive to with two hands and never at the 12 postion. Yikes ! Wishing you well x