Monday, February 6, 2017

What make a Day Significant?

Katie was commenting on a favorite kittie's blog, Nellie.  And Nellie had posted a wonderful saying for us.  The blog was about what we can appreciate and be glad of.

Katie answered with this:   Nellie, mommy found the truth to that statement you made for us all some time ago and it is so true. To be significant, an event does not have to be huge, big, or even life changing. It is the warmth of the sun on your furs or skin...the sound of loppers trimming and cutting bushes, the fragrance of grass, a kitty snoring, coffee making, a family member talking in the other room, a dearly loved pet walking or running up to you.  Newly turned earth, anticipation of a visit, a well cleaned home, a baby.  Cold water when you are really thirsty.   The simple act of waking to another day. All is valuable, and one day will be looked back on and we will smile at the memory.

I just added a little to it for here.  The sentences above are what makes me smile most often.  The fragrance of outside air as I walk along should have been included.  The feel of the sunshine on me as I walk should have been as well.  The changing-- however subtle--of the leaves and flowers and surroundings.  The possibility of seeing a friend or acquaintance while out.  The pleasure of finishing a task...the sudden unexpected feeling of joy that sometimes comes upon you as you are all unaware but then!  There it IS!

There are many more things that make us glad to be alive.  I do not want to focus on the opposite of that here today.

Friends, family and being of service even in tiny ways are all I need to be content and glad.


  1. This is a great post, Carole. All those little things...they ARE the "big" things in life, as so many have said. Some days it can be harder to appreciate them, if we're going through challenging times. For myself, the connection I feel with Nature sustains me. This is how I experience spirituality and my connection to that which people call "god" or the "divine". It might seem trivial to someone else, but it makes MY day significant.


  2. Oh, this is spot on and much needed. We seem polarized but it's things like this that bind us. Thank you.

    p.s. I love the smell of freshly mowed grass and earth after it's rained.

  3. Well said! The key is to pay attention, which you obviously do, I need to do so more often.

  4. What a heartwarming post, it makes me all warm inside. I love all of these things and more. I never go outside without looking up at the sky...are there any clouds today? Are they all white and fluffy? Or are the clouds mixed today...with white fluffy clouds and dark rain filled clouds seemingly sharing the same space?

    Oh, I'd better quit before I get lost in the clouds.

  5. What a great post and I agree, you don't need huge event to make a day significant! So many negative events going on in the world, post like this makes my day very significant :-)

  6. So very true! It is the little things that can bring the biggest smile. xxx

  7. All nice sentiments that ring even more true for me as I begin my retirement. Ooo look a couch!

  8. Hi Sis!
    A favorite Kitties Blog Nellie! Coffee waking a family member talking in member also looked back on you smile of the memory!
    The Changing subtle of the leaves and flowers and surroundings,
    I was very thought of you Sis!
    We has very hot weather not good my golfing!
    Sis. Katie.Miyuki and Victoria

  9. Sometimes the MAJOR EVENTS are forever memorable. But sometimes the minor events can be memorable too. I can forever remember a slight paw touch, a playful time seeing a cat whapping a toy, or even just a cat SO enthusiastically eating a meal. The big things mean a lot, but so do some small things.

  10. You are so, so right, Carole and Katie! Those "little" things are the significant, real-life living things, aren't they? :)


  11. Dearest Carole,
    That was a very meaningful, in depth post. About real life, pure and from the heart!
    Yes, it can be very little things that lift us up and also make our kitties happy.
    Our Barty has been having problems lately, he's over-grooming himself to the point that his skin got bare. Can't clip his nails as he wants to rip me apart. An otherwise sweet boy... But today he was playful and Pieter told me that he did run up a tree so his spirits must be up!
    I've been feeding him extra as I have the presumption that his youngest sister by adoption, our 'fat' Speckie girl is stealing some of his food. Barty, being sweet, will step back and walk away and let her have it...
    Not easy for keeping six kitties in check!

  12. Hi Sis!
    I understand we wont of our life that why our the body says slow down we can enjoy so much more other things us!
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki and victoria,