Saturday, March 4, 2017


The header picture is a little section of the University's arboretum where I like to go many times in the Spring and Summer to take pictures and walk.  It's just a mile or so away.   There are several stair step areas throughout and I never fail to be charmed.

It is another--- the third in a row--- sunny day.  I am so grateful!  It is always so overcast here and so rainy these past 5 years that I think I am affected by the seasonal whatever disorder.  I am situated in the woods with trees over 90 feet tall.  They effectively block light anyway and on a rainy cloudy day, all the lights are on in the house all day.  I am grateful to have a day to complain about, mind.

Last night, I woke to see what time it was and after having looked at the clock, I put it back. While on my back, I turned to face the other direction only to find myself  pressed forehead to forehead with Katie.  I had no idea of course that she was there.  Her head furs were as soft as eiderdown.  She waited politely to see if I would cease and desist but I did not.  She reluctantly crawled a few feet farther down and fell back to sleep.

I am about to head out.  I may take the camera and hope for something somewhere pretty.  We had another freeze last night at 27 degrees.  With the non-winter, many of the spring blooms are here already and being damaged by the two freezes we have had in a week.

See ya on the flip side.....


  1. When I wake up, it is a cat wanting to get under the blankets with me. When it is Marley, he curls up close but out of touch. When it is Ayla, she she comes at my chest and eventually the claws come out and that is not good. When it is IZA, she drapes over my hips. And she can be a bit clawy too.

    We manage. Marley is fine, Iza can be moved like a sleeping baby, and Ayla never wants to stay under the covers for long.

  2. oh dear steps! i would rather walk up a trail.
    it was in the teens last night and my cat was under the quilt with me for a while. My windows face north with zero sun down in this hole, I have to have lights on all day here too..Oh, i used to have a nightime wrist brace it was so comfortable and made all the difference.

    1. Here are miles, literally, of trails. The three or four long stairs going along are an anomaly.

  3. what a beautiful place to walk! At least those steps don't look very high, but there are TONS of them! catchatwithcarenandcody

  4. Header photo is beautiful! What a great place to go for a walk :-) It got very cold here, too. Flowers that were blooming are very confused!

  5. Wow looks like a awesome place to go for a walk

  6. I know what you mean about the cold Carole. It was around 0 this morning. Last Saturday it was 70, Yesterday it was 10. I too am itching to take some pictures.

  7. What a great new header photo, Carole. The plants here are confused, too ... these up down temps are crazy.

    I love the story of you and Katie forehead to forehead. So sweet. :)

  8. Hi Sis!
    The university's Ardoretum where you like to go many times.
    and take it's just a mile away all the lights on the home all day. I turned to face the only find pressed to forehead Katil's She reluclantly crawled a few farther to back to sleep. You cab had good to the pictures I looking for yours!
    I had another hot crazy hot my time I need fix my good situation.
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki and victoria

  9. Dearest Carole,
    Yes we too had some mean freezes here this week and still overcast and nippy weather. By Tuesday it will be high 80s again; weird weather and so tough on plants and flowers...
    What a beautiful arboretum you got at your hands! Would love to walk there too.
    Sending you hugs, typing this with Bandido boy in my arms... Oh, they felt so neglected while I crocheted for one week. Only Barty was with me as he was recovering from his allergies or whatever caused his bold spots and excessive grooming. He's fine after his steroid shot.
    Hugs and happy weekend!