Friday, April 14, 2017


The pansies in the header are some I saw this morning on my walk.  I took the picture with my iPhone. I don't carry the DSLR around on walks, so glad I have a good camera in the phone.
Getting quite warm nowadays and I find I am much more likely do do all my daily steps if I start no later than 9 am for my walking.  I was going in the late afternoon but not now that it has gotten so warm.

I did get the DSLR out however and headed to several dogwood trees in town that aren't totally finished with the blossoms.  Mostly they are gone and those that are left are decaying.  Time for just leaves.  I took a photo of some pink ones and then I decided to go to the arboretum.  Not many flowers there either as has sadly been the thing for four years now.  There are columbine and some "stop overs" for the monarch butterflies.  I saw one there enjoying the plants.  Maybe there will be more as the season goes along but I won't hold my breath.

I put a bee visiting a flower in Flickr this afternoon.  It has been fairly popular.  I usually put my better ones in Flickr.  It took about 25 attempts to get the bee still so I could get him in a close-up.  I had to delete all the others.

It's Good Friday and soon to be Easter.  I will be here alone which is not unusual for Easter.  I won't cook as no kids will be here.  I had two invitations but turned them down in order to observe by myself here and get things accomplished that I must.

You all have a wonderful weekend.  I haven't had candy in 10 months!  Easter is when I could crack and eat till I busted wide open.  I love coconut eggs.  However, if none passes my lips, then I needn't worry.  I'm still "going straight". If I eat it, I can't be responsible for not continuing.  Best thing is not to buy it.  I do eat a heckuva bunch of graham crackers though.



  1. That header is just GORGEOUS! Wishing you Easter Joy.

  2. Hi Sis!
    I had a good camera in the phone. You said meanwhile to get up about doing the business of shopping and camera to ting you had smaile at the all the cameras This is a view of your deck with a privacy fence on the strect side.
    I love very much of your deck with I have so long with you on memory also BETH was tell you about wondarful memory with redneck in make a lot up noise with your friends!
    I will read of your new days one too!
    I love you!
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki and Victoria

  3. Lovely pansies, Carole.

    A very happy Easter to you and Katie!

  4. Happy Easter to you Carole!
    Very nice pics!

  5. LOVE your header, I do love these beautiful flowers. Happy Easter, Carole & Katie.

  6. Hi Sis!
    Happy Easter to you & Katie always your beautiful Flowers!
    And coconut eggs more are best things!
    Sis,katie,Miyuki and Vctoria

  7. Beautiful flower photos. I indulged in way too much chocolate today when Lent ended at noon. I admire your will power. Have a Happy Easter, I know Katie will love spending time with you. XO

  8. Gorgeous flower pictures! Dogwood trees around here are mostly dons blooming. It's getting greener but I still find pink and white when driving from work :-)
    Happy Sunday and happy Easter!🐇 🐣

  9. Those are such beautiful pansies, Carole! The dogwoods and magnolias are finally starting to bloom here, as are the cherry trees. Happy Easter to you and Katie. Hugs!

  10. I love the macro camera setting. When I think of the fancy lenses it took to take close-ups for my parents, I'm amazed.