Friday, May 5, 2017

WOW! It Sure Has Changed

Guys...Ladies, (and children of all ages?) I was going through a site where I found a lot of old or I could say vintage patterns for sale.  '50's, 60's and 70's.  LOOK at the sizing.

Pattern:  Vogue 4092 - Vogue Special Design
Description:  Lovely fitted suit with sleeveless blouse.  
Date:  1960

Size:  10 - Bust 31 - Hip 33   Now THIS sizing was 1960.  

That would be a so-called size 0 now.

 A  used -to -be size 12--- before the manufacturers started the "vanity sizing" for all the folks who had gained weight was 34- 23- 34. The manufacturers got together and started the revised vanity sizing so that a size 20 lady could pick a size 12 off the rack and it would fit since the dimensions had been greatly enlarged.  This was so they wouldn't be embarrassed to go pick a large sized dress off the rack.  A so-called size 12 in today's sizing is ginormous.  I know because I wear that size, and trust me...I could never fit into a "back in day"  size 12. 

Just was aghast at the difference.  I don't think I could diet to those measurements of the days of yore. 😩  


  1. Yeah... I'm right there with you. Most of us have definitely gotten bigger.

  2. I my 20s I worked in women's retail, business wear, and even from the mid-80s to early 90s sizes have increased. That's why I think it's so silly when that old internet thing about Marilyn Monroe being a size 14 gets circulated. Yeah, like that was a size 4 or size 6 by today's standards!

    1. Right. And look how small those measurements were for a 14.

  3. And this is why my mom could say "I was a size 12 all my life"
    That being said. I was very skinny in my 20s and could never find clothing to fit me. I had to go to the teen agers department and dress in skirts and blouses, or just buy clothing that was too big
    Happy week-end

  4. Portions and foods that are fattening such as fast foods really changed everything. I do agree things have sure changed.

  5. Well I really can't relate to the women's sizes however I do know that my waist has increased 2 inches in the last 10 years.

  6. Since I'm larger than a size 12 I'm sort of happy to have the measurements made a little larger Oh my, I wonder what size I would have worn back then?

    Actually sewing patterns haven't changed as much as retail. I was helping my niece make a dress and we used a size 16/18 and she would wear perhaps a 10-12 in retail sizes. It's all very confusing!

  7. Hi Sis!
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    Sis,Katie,Miyuki and Vitoria

  8. Your American sizes are different to ours, but I agree with you!! Also I have noticed that you can think you are a size 12, but that will not be the case across the makers! I range from a UK size 8 to 16 depending on the store I buy from!! It's ludicrous!!

  9. I'm not familiar with old sizing so it was interesting to know the difference! I always have hard time finding pants that fit me because I'm rather skinny but have an annoyingly giant bottom!

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    Sis. Katie, Miyuki and Victoria

  11. Dearest Carole,
    Yes, they have altered the sizing over time.
    For a reason of more accuracy I like the European sizing. A size 4 is their size 34 and it means a breast of 34 inch! Quite clear.
    My formal education has been fashion design and later, while living and working in Italy, I did drive home one day from still consulting my German company during vacation. On the radio was a very interesting program. They do take every decade or so, some 1,000 people and adjust measurements for a certain size. People have all grown taller in length and that affects everything else.
    It is an ever developing thing I guess but it still doesn't make sense they way a size 12 in the 1960s was configured versus a size 12 now.
    Sending you hugs,

  12. And here's me wishing that women's sizing would be like that of men's. At least a 34" bust or a 38" hip is unambiguous. No vanity size guessing needed.